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The Ultimate guide to exploring your latex Fetish


Latex has come to make an iconic stay as a top gay community subculture.

The times have changed and so have the interests.

We have found that many people now find a fetish interest in rubber/latex.

Latex can draw the right attention to you when worn.

As a gay man out to explore your kinky interest, it is important to know that the latex fetish has use beyond nightlife fashion,

on-screen shows, and magazines. It has become a key factor in spicing up your sex life.

We’re going to be letting you in on all you need to know about latex fetish.

What it is and why is there a sexual attraction to it?

We’ll also discuss ways you can spice up your bdsm experience with your latex fetish interest.

What is latex and why does it arouse people?

The gay community has been known to house a good number of fetish interests that a particular group may share

The Ultimate guide to exploring your latex FetishFrom leather to rope and now down to latex. These subcultures are simply more ways for gay people to feel seen and to express their sexuality.

Latex is a material often used to make fetish wear. It is that way because of its shiny aesthetic look, form-fitting ability, and sensory appeal.

It is considered sexually stimulating because of how it feels, how it looks, and how it smells.

Wearing latex in itself is a subtle signal for your kinky approach to sex.

And deep in the culture, you’ll find that BDSM and the latex fetish can be easily intertwined.

The arousal comes from how it feels (it is a very sensual material) but it also comes from what it represents.

When a gay man (or any member of the queer community) wears any form of latex,

you can easily tell that he is confident and very much sending an invitation for a good time.

It’s skin tight, it’s shiny, and it accentuates the body when worn.

History of latex culture

The rise in interest in the latex fetish began in the early 1960s.

The Ultimate guide to exploring your latex FetishBefore becoming a full-blown fetish interest you could see the movement gradually gaining ground among TV

series actors. 1972 came with a BDSM magazine representation which further popularised the interest.

You would see movie stars and musicians wearing latex and encouraging the subculture.

While this was a thing for all gender identities it was more of a big deal within the LGBT and specifically the gay community.

In 1980, latex became a big statement for clubgoers and it became more and more an identification for a nonconventional approach to sex.

The Latex Flag

The Latex flag wasn’t initially meant to represent sexuality or gender identities but with

its prominent association with the gay community, it is more or less now a gay or queer people symbol.

It is a flag of Black, Red, and Yellow. Which respectively represents desire, passion, and love for intense latex sex play.

Types of latex fetishism

 The Ultimate guide to exploring your latex FetishThe level of interest and desire for expression of the love of latex varies from gay man to gay man.

While one might have just a mild liking for it another might have it more intense.

While one man might like to see it instead worn by other people as a form

of fetish another might like it more when he wears the gear himself.

In all ways, we cannot take away the fact that sexual pleasure will be derived from the latex fabric itself.


1. Touch Fetish

When latex is worn, it changes how your sense of touch reacts. Depending on how thin the

layer of the latex is, it can ultimately feel like a second skin. You feel everything just like you regularly would or you feel nothing at all

which can be a form of bondage. This in itself is where the fetish lies. And wearing latex only speaks of a confident man.


2. Sight fetish

The Ultimate guide to exploring your latex FetishSome gay men find it very attractive to see their partners in latex outfits.

From boots, gloves, pants, and even latex underwear.

It is a big turn-on. It can be the extra spice in sex scenes or a very seducing element and invitation for sex.


3. Smell Fetish

The sense of smell is a distinctive sense organ and it plays a very important role in latex fetishism.

Many gay men derive sexual satisfaction from the smell of latex alone.

And that in itself adds an extra activity to the list of BDSM acts they can enjoy.

Ways to incorporate latex into BDSM

Latex clothes are often body-fitted to the wearers and that often is the first line in the chain of BDSM order.

It already serves as Bondage gear before it is added to other forms of latex fetish play.

Here are a few ways to step up your latex fetish game in the bedroom or with a sexual group.


  1. Medical Play Using Latex

 The Ultimate guide to exploring your latex FetishRole-play and cosplay are major kinks with gay men and it is always a positive experience when done correctly.

It is not surprising that Latex would be a big part of medical BDSM play scenes.

Here, the parties involved can use full-on latex outfits from  Belts, buckles, thigh-high latex stockings,

latex underwear, latex boots, latex harnesses, latex hoods, latex gloves, and other specific medical-themed gear.


  1. Latex Dildos and Sex Toys

The dildos or sex toys come in handy during anal torture in BDSM or anal tease from a Dom to his Sub.

With the very much human feel of latex, it can be a very satisfying feeling.


  1. Latex Paddles, Whips, Floggers

These are all impact play elements and what is BDSM without a little bit of torture.

You can use latex-themed gear for the ultimate spanking/sexual torture experience.

Tips for buying Latex clothing/gear 

Whether you choose to buy online or in a walk-in store, it has no impact on the

where to buyquality of your purchase as long as you’re buying from a reputable brand.

When getting your gear it is always important to have your detailed body measurement handy if it will be gear that will be worn.

And if it is bdsm gear like dildos and other sex toys you should always choose sizes that will be just right.

Wherever you purchase from it is always best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines.

There should be aides to help your selection process like charts, sizing guidelines, pictures, and a free consultation call if required.

Also, stick to customization options that are true to you. Always aim for a standard thickness of around 0.4mm,

a well-treated latex, and lastly, one without a zip attachment as that is always a first point for damage.

You can check out our latex section on our website to buy your latex gear but also you can buy in places like Etsy or Amazon.

Check out the reviews of the brand, reputation, and product rating before any purchase, and remember that cheaper is rarely better.

Maintaining your latex gear

 The Ultimate guide to exploring your latex FetishLatex is generally of two types. The treated and the untreated latex material.

The treated latex is often very sleek looking and it has a permanent shine while that of the untreated requires

some form of lubricant for it to be worn and it is often polished to shine for every use.

When new latex gear is purchased it comes with instructions on how to wear, wash, and store.

To Wear it, the simple step of applying baby powder inside it is done similar to how a silicone body suit is worn.

While baby powder is the standard recommendation, substances like oils, creams, and lotions should be

avoided as they can degrade the quality and lead to hastened damage. Steps to clean and store include:

Washing by hand in mild soapy water after every use.

  1. Applying shining product in rinse water
  2. And then finally hanging to dry

To store, never fold. Following this simple procedure will have you admiring your latex wear for the next use.

Store it in a cold dark place and avoid storing the light colours next to the dark ones.

Note that light-colored latex is more likely to stain, so be careful how you handle it.


 The Ultimate guide to exploring your latex FetishHaving a thing for latex fetish can mean a lot as there are different sides to it.

There is more than one way to indulge your latex fetish interest.

Although many people still don’t understand the different sides of the various sexual orientations that

exist and they can be judgemental, there’s nothing wrong with being into latex fetishism.

You are the only one who knows and decides on your identity and how you choose to express yourself.

Subcultures in the gay community are an important element of what it means to be who

you want to be and to express sexuality freely. So, fly your latex flag high and proud.