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Nowadays, muscle suit is going to become more and more popular. Not only can it instantly transform you into a male, but also the final effect is very realistic. If you put it together with a gel coat, that will be perfect. But wearing a muscle suit is also a big problem for many people, so today I will teach you to wear steps with pictures; I hope it can help you!

Step1. Wash and clean the product

Step2. Apply the baby powder

Step3. Put on the hair net

Step4. Use the back of your hands to push up the suit

Step5. Wear from the neck

Step6. Get left arm from the cuff

Step7. Get the right arm from the cuff

Step8. Final effect

The above are the wearing steps for Silicone Muscle Vest Tights. The steps are quite simple. That will be easier for you to wear it by following the above steps, and you will become the most handsome man.

Now, have you learned about wearing a muscle suit on your own?