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Are you looking for more play ideas to try with your partner in the bedroom? Read along as we discuss the different impact scenes and toys you can try, including several tips on how to play while prioritizing safety.

Impact Play

Impact Play: What is it and Why Gay Men Do It?

Impact play is a power exchange sensation play that capitalizes on delivering and receiving painful yet pleasurable blows from a dominant partner to the submissive one. The pain varies from gentle to harsh, depending on the object used and how hard the Dom delivered the blow.

Impact Play

Most gay men participate in impact play because they find sensation in pain and satisfaction in supposed punishment. They enjoy experimenting with different sex toys and pushing themselves to determine their pain threshold while still getting gratification.

Others view it as an interesting and fun way of playing with their fetishes on controlling (Dom) and being controlled (Sub).

Types of Impact Play You Must Try

The types of impact play are characterized by the toy objects and body parts involved. Every example’s sensations differ, from dull and gentle to sting and intense feelings. So, it is crucial to note what best fits your feelings and preferences before agreeing to try one.


Impact Play

This is the most familiar impact play involving a palm or a toy striking your partner’s buttocks. Most gays love to be spanked as a punishment during bed scenes. If you’re a submissive, familiarize yourself with other parts of your body you want to receive spanking, such as the thighs and legs.

Also, if you’re a beginner, try using your hands first with your mate before buying different toys to experiment with.



Flogging is accompanied by different equipment with multiple straps. But for starters, try exploring with a crop first because you can safely experiment with it. You can tease or tickle your mate with floggers and offer them sensations like intimate touching and light sting, but the braided ones are more for hard-core impact play.



A slap on your partner’s cheeks and the chest is also considered an impact play. Like in spanking, try using your hands first before using toys. This play may sound straightforward, but gays enjoy this, especially during slave plays and daddy-to-baby sexual encounters. As gays would say, slapping is better practiced in bed than said.


Impact Play

Hold on a minute; you might be thinking about the paddle used to move boats in the water, but it’s not. Paddling in bed scenes uses a small rounded toy with a flat surface. Dominants like to paddle their submissive’ butts and thighs, and this usually works during a punishment impact play.



Yes, you’ve read it right! Some gays allow punching during an impact play because it’s one of their fetishes. It’s a higher level of play, typically involving muscular men who want to test their muscle strength with their mates.

Only this time in bed, it pleasures them and gives them the gratification they need. It’s important to note that you only do this with consent and proper knowledge of how to handle the punches.


Impact Play

The plays mentioned above are only the recommended practice for beginners to intermediate impact players. Others involve serious equipment, such as knives and lethal weapons, that require expertise.

Impact Play Toys for BDSM and Kink Lovers

Here are the toys you can use to level up your experience with your other half in bedroom scenes:


Impact Play

A whip is made of leather or rubber strips combined with a single grip holder. It has different types, including bullwhips, paddles, floggers, and riding crops. You can try testing to select your desired toy that matches your desired play intensity.


Impact Play

If you want a suspenseful play, then this one’s for you! Wearing blindfolds can restrict you from expecting a blow from your dominant, leaving you a space of intense waiting and a shocking reaction when the impact is delivered.


Impact Play

Have you watched Fifty Shades of Gray? Notice how the man in the movie handcuffs his girl to keep her from resisting the tickles and sensations? Well, imagine doing with your mate with more intense plays of spanking and slapping. It’s thrilling and satisfying, isn’t it? That’s what handcuffs are for!


Impact Play

Ever tried playing with muscle suits, masks, and other sexy accessories? You should try one because you will not only feel your dominant or submissive role when wearing it, but it will also elevate the sexual desires you have with your man. These accessories are a real deal in bed!

If you want to purchase suits and masks, we have them at SMITIZEN! Visit our page and check out our latest products made with high-quality silicone.

 Punching gloves

Impact Play

Obviously, this toy is for punching impact play. Instead of buying normal and dull ones, try looking for punching gloves with designs that match your personality in bed. Whether you want to play soft and gentle or hard and strong, we’re sure there’s one for you in the market.

 Muscle Suits and Masks

muscle mask impact play

Props create the atmosphere of the play and elevate the partner’s immersion. With muscle suits and masks, you can make your fantasies a reality. Choose only high-grade materials, like those from SMITIZEN.

Impact Play

How To Do Impact Play Safely

When joining an impact play, expect bruises and redness on your skin, especially on parts that received a hard blow. To help you play safely in bed, here are several tips to remember:

 Know yourself and your sensations.

The best way to start for beginners is by knowing the sensitive parts of their bodies and tracking where they want to receive an impact. Maybe you’ve once tried being spanked on your buttocks and want to do it in your thighs or upper shoulder the second time.

You must know whether you’ll feel satisfied if these parts get spanked. Because if not, you may have no other reason to enjoy your impact play.

Impact Play

Secondly, body parts, such as the stomach, head, and private parts, are off-limits from spanking. It would be best if you did not hit or get hit on these to avoid damage to nerves, bones, and organs. Ensure you know your body well and the fleshy parts for safe play.

 Ask for consent and establish boundaries.

Since you’re dealing with body pain and bruises, asking for consent is necessary. Discuss with your man the soft and hard limits, and negotiate for the marks on the body, whether it’s okay to leave bruises.

Impact Play

You can also ask about the pacing of every blow. If you’re a submissive, suggest the build-up of every strike, from slow to heavy hits. Do not agree on anything you’re not comfortable doing. Remember, you’re joining an impact play because you want to feel pleasure from pain, not pain alone.

 Practice on your own first

Don’t screw your play with your partner! It is important to be ready not to fall short of achieving satisfaction. To do this, try hitting your butt or thigh occasionally. Try this when you’re in the bathroom or bed alone. This will give you an idea of what hitting your body feels like.

Practice Play

If you’re dominant, try practicing with a pillow. Start with gentle massaging and stroking until you elevate your mood to deliver heavy blows. One vital key you must practice is your control. Know how much power you can deliver in one blow and learn how to control your hits to give your mate the right blows without causing him much pain.

 Read about impact play.

Impact plays and BDSM may have received negative views on many social platforms, but nothing could be further from the truth. Research what impact play is all about and read blogs or stories sharing their experiences with it. You can encourage your man to do it together and have extra fun while discussing your options.

hit me baby play

Another way to know about impact play is to ask your gay friends and let them share their stories with you. Or better yet, join the discussions in the BDSM and kink communities in your place. Don’t forget to keep an open mind when conversing with strangers in forums and chats so you can collect as much information as you need to understand what you’re about to enter fully.

 Watch videos on how to use your impact play toys properly.

As mentioned above, there are several toys and implements used in impact plays. Other impact toys may be safe to use without proper knowledge. Still, implements such as floggers, bullwhips, and crops need practice before officially using them to hit someone.

So, check on videos via the internet to familiarize yourself with these toys. It’s better to purchase them in advance so you can have experience handling them.

 Don’t forget the aftercare.

You and your mate’s body need a rest after the play to help the affected parts feel at ease. You can either agree to put creams on each other’s body parts, spend some time cuddling and being intimate, or eat together to regain strength. Whatever you decide, aftercare should be done to cool down.

Impact Play Final Thoughts

impct kink

It’s no secret that most of the gay population has already escaped from vanilla sex and is now much more interested in partaking in erotic and powerful impact plays. It is only then important to provide a guide to gays, especially to beginners, on the different types of scenes and toys to use, including the health preventive measures to take into account.