1.How can I wear silicone masks?

Silicone masks are easy and comfortable to wear, but it’s important follow the instructions for a correct use:

  • DO NOT wear earrings or piercing
  • Attention to long nails, rings or bracelets that can ruin the silicone
  • Put on the hairnetprevent hair from contaminating the mask
  • Apply baby powder
  • DO NOT pull the silicone, in particular in the thinner parts like nostrils, eyes and mouth.
  • Adjust the mask on the face with the palms of the hands, with gentle and slow movements
2.Cleaning and storage

Use wet wipes to clean the inside of the mask and dry it with a hairdryer. Put some powder and some soft material (ex: foam rubber) to keep your mask. Store it in a box, away from heath and light. Your mask is ready to be worn again!
If the product is worn and stored correctly following our instructions, it can be worn many times and last over time and years.

3.Can I use makeup on the mask?

Yes, you can use cream or powder make-up like eyeshadows, lipstick or lipgloss and blush. We suggest to don’t use use any product that can ruin the silicone, like rigid pencils and kajal.

4.How can I remove the makeup added?

To remove the cosmetic makeup, use a cleansing milk or wet wipes. Be kind: aggressive movements can ruin the painting of your mask.

5.Do you have items in stock?

The Instock section of the store is the only section that has items that are stocked and ready for shipment.

6.Will your silicone masks fit my head?How do I measure?

All our masks are made of high-quality silicone, which is a very flexible material that feels like real skin. All of our masks are sculpted on a standard sized head form. Our masks fit most without any problem and can be called “one size fits most” and do in fact fit most people. Keep in mind that beyond head size, face shape also plays a key role in an optimal fit.

To find our mask will fit you use a seamstress’ tape to measure the circumference of your head (start between your eyebrows, go over your ears the way like sunglasses do, and around the back of your head back to your forehead),Please check the head measurement of the mask you want to buy. Normally that is no problem to wear if it is 3cm (1.18in) more than your head measurement.

7.How long will my silicone mask really last?

The most accurate answer is Many Years. Silicone rubber has been rated for chemical and physical stability for over 20 years without dry rot, discoloration, or loss of elasticity. However, we know that your mask won’t be sitting on a shelf used as display, so the only thing that will put wear on your mask is continual use and harsh treatment. In short, treat your Immortal Silicone Mask well, follow directions, use common sense, and it will last years.

8.Why Are silicone masks so expensive?

One of the main reasons hyperrealistic masks are so expensive is that they are handmade,real skin texture, thinner edges, softer and more realistic.Mouth can be opened for talking, eating and drinking. Slight permanent makeup on the face makes your transformation easier. You can also apply makeup onto the mask as you like.

9.How to order?

Directly on our online Shop! Choose your favorite model and pay by paypal.

10.Can I cancel the order?

If you want to change the model or you want to add somenthing to your mask, send us an e-mail, we will help you to modify the order if possible. Due production reasons, you can cancel your order and get a refund, only sending us an e-mail within 48h from the order.

11.Why was my order undeliverable?

Occasionally packages are returned to us as undeliverable. When the carrier returns an undeliverable package to us, we issue a refund (minus 10% restocking fee up to cost of carrier return charges, and the initial shipping charges).

We are unable to re-ship orders that are returned to us as undeliverable. If you would still like to purchase items that were undeliverable, you are welcome to place a new order on our Web site. It is important to make sure your address information is correct when placing your order and to monitor tracking your number for delivery.

If you suspect your order cannot be delivered as addressed and you have not received confirmation of its return or refund after 4 weeks from the estimated delivery date, please contact us.

12.When is my credit card charged for my order?

At the time you place your order we authorize your card for the amount of the purchase. The transaction is usually settled within 24 to 48 hours which is when your account is actually charged. If in the rare occasion all or part of your order cannot be fulfilled, we will contact you to issue a refund.

13.How will I know when my product ships?

You will receive an email from our shipping company with your tracking number.

14.When should I expect my order to arrive?

It’s important to consider item availability and the shipping option selected.If there are any problems processing your order you will be notified as soon as possible by our staff. If your order MUST arrive by a specific day, choose the shipping method accordingly!

15.Our carriers may deem a package undeliverable for one of the following reasons:

Incorrect Address. If the address is incorrect or outdated, the package is typically returned to us by the carrier or the unintended recipient. Please double-check your address carefully when placing an order.

16.Express Shipping

To speed up your delivery, you can choose an alternate method such as UPS 2nd Day Air. Once we have received a tracking number from the carrier, an email is sent to the customer containing a link so that you may track your package. If you have any questions regarding your order please contact us.

17.Total time for delivery

Total time is based on the amount of time it takes to get payment authorization, order processing, and the transit time from the carrier. This can range from 24 hours to 10 days for in-stock items. Total time equals processing plus shipping time.

18.Duty, Taxes, and Customs

Duty, taxes, and customs are the responsibility of the consumer and must be paid upon receipt of the shipment. These rules vary by country and your local government determines duty and customs charges. Louisiana residents will be charged 9% sales tax.

19.What are your shipping rates?

Free shipping

20.I need to repair my mask. What can I use?

We are usual to provide you all the instructions to use and store your mask properly but don’t worry, if accidentally you damaged your mask you can repair it!

If you should find a tear in your mask, it can easily be repaired by using a product called silpoxy. First, wash the area well with alcohol to remove any dust or oil. Then, glue the area with your silpoxy in a way that can be held in place for at least 15 mins. The mask can be handled after 30 mins, but is best not to be used for an hour. Alternatively, you can send the mask back to us and we will do our best to repair it.

21.What if I get my order, but something is wrong with my product?

When you receive your order, please check the contents carefully. Check for things such as wrong color, style, damage, cuts or tears. If you find something wrong, please contact us within 24 to 48 hours of receipt.

22.Can I return it?

Unused products can be returned within 7 days of purchase. Contact customer support for instructions. Customers are responsible for return shipping. Refunds will be issued upon receipt of the returned product.

23. I have an idea for a mask, do you guys care?

We will take any and all the input we can get. Through our email service@smitizen.com Contact us for advice.