Do you want to embody your favorite superhero? Or maybe you want to create your powerful lionheart? You don’t have to dream of a future where you finally have the time and energy to exercise. Have your picture-perfect body right now! Muscle suits are clothing items that help you have large, toned arms and legs. Continue reading below for all things muscle suit!

What Is a Muscle Suit?

Muscle suit is a unique in-demand product that will instantly make you look super swoll once you wear them. They are also known as muscle costumes and are stretchable clothing items with large sculpted muscles and complete details. Actors and cosplayers often use these products to create a better and more significant body shape to fit their roles.

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It’s made of high-quality materials. Because of this, the suits are:

Safe and Skin-Friendly

Using silicone gives users more options. These suits are made with top-grade medical silicone that minimizes friction so you can use them for long periods. This will help prevent rashes and other skin conditions.


These costumes are made to feel like a second skin. They weave around your body tightly to hide every bump and curve. The muscle lines, chiseled collar bones, and veins are more realistic than polyester costumes usually worn for Halloween.

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Easy to Wear

These are often lightweight, and some suits come with a back zipper for breezy donning and removal. There’s no need to ask for help from anyone to assist you in putting it on or taking it off.

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Some costumes also have a honeycomb breathable interior to let air circulate freely. Aside from avoiding the unpleasant, humid feeling while wearing the product, it’s soft to the touch too.

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Highly Elastic

You don’t have to worry about the costume tearing when you move about. They are made of elastic materials that let you stretch and bend as naturally as possible.

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Easy to Wash

High-grade silicone costumes can withstand alcohol-based cleaners and even non-scented cleaning sprays like Lysol. The safest way to wash the products is with lukewarm water and mild soap.

What Are the Benefits of Muscle Suits?

Here are other benefits and fun facts about these products:

  • They immediately turn your body into a workout warrior.
  • If you’re a BDSM enthusiast, these costumes make for a perfect, more powerful dom.
  • Muscle suits make it easy to do disguises.
  • Cosplayers love these costumes because it helps them sell the idea that they’re the live version of the character they’re portraying.
  • Instantly get perfect pictures for your Instagram or other social media posts.

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What Types of Muscle Suits Are Available?

Many types of muscle suits exist, and you can get one that’ll fit whatever your goal is. Whether you want to create a new you by having massive and defined muscles, a lean physique, or a giant beer belly, you can’t go wrong with a wide range of muscle suit options.

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These items are available in all skin tones and additional details like chest hair and prominent veins. The product is available in one size that will fit anybody because it can stretch up to six times its original size.

Upper Body Suit

Upper body suits are ideal if you want a complete upper body transformation or something light to wear for summer.

With Long Arms

It is a one-piece design suit with abs and enhanced chest and arm muscles. This suit is the second skin you can wear with or without a tank top or fitted shirt. If you’re searching for some brawny arms, get yourself Smitizen’s Upper Body Muscle Suit With Arms.

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With Short arms

If you’re familiar with the old sleeveless muscle suit, this upgraded version has short sleeves, defined biceps, and triceps. It’s not noticeable under your clothes but enough to make you look sexy and ripped. Check out Smitizen’s Upgraded Muscle Suit with Short Sleeves if you want to have those sple

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Brands like Smitizen are selling belly-less muscle suits that instantly allow you to have a perfect upper body while keeping your sexy, hard-earned abs.

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Are you planning a complete metamorphosis? Get sexy and show off the perfect body with bodysuits. If this is precisely what you’re looking for, Smitizen has two options: A full body suit with well-defined front, back, arm, and leg muscles and dick and anal holes, or a muscle suit with a dildo and plump hip.

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muscle pants

Muscle pant is a great and fast way to get strong leg muscles and a sexy butt. However, some products don’t have a dick and anal holes for other functions. Have you always craved those solid and long legs? Make your dreams come true with muscle pants with realistic blood vessels.

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How To Wear Muscle Suits

Follow these steps:

  1. Be sure to wash the product first, as most come from the manufacturing factory.
  2. Wipe with a clean, soft towel.
  3. Put on a heavy-duty hanger and let dry.
  4. Set it with powder.
  5. To use it, slowly slip your arms and slink into the suit. If it has a zipper, zip it up.

Don’t worry about finding it challenging the first time you put muscle suits on and off. Once you’ve done it correctly, these products are comfortable enough that you don’t want to take them off altogether.

How to Style With a Muscle Suit

Here are top-notch products best to style your muscle suit:

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Latex Clothing

Regarded as the most sensual fabric, latex is a figure-hugging piece of clothing even A-list celebrities are fond of. It’s a type of fitted rubber clothing that screams seduction. Because it’s tight and shows off your new muscle suits underneath, latex is excellent for BDSM play.

Here are some tips when you want to wear latex:

  • You should be clean, dry, and without any creams or oils on your body. These materials will degrade the latex and shorten its lifespan. The only thing you can put on your skin is silicone lube.
  • Patience is the key when putting on latex. Because it clings to skin, it can result in friction. To avoid this, understand that you’ll need to have some assistance when dressing in the form of silicone oils and aluminum-free powders, except if it’s transparent latex.
  • Put on latex the way one will put on pantyhose. Slowly roll it with your hands between the skin and the material to adjust or remove it.
  • Wash the latex clothing with warm water only. Wipe off the water, then dry on a flat surface. Store it with powder.
  • If you have long nails, wear cotton gloves as latex can easily be torn with holes.

Silicone Mask and gloves

This is a realistic mask used by anyone who wants to look like someone else. Smitizen has a variety of high-quality silicone masks and realistic silicone male gloves that you can use to complete your whole disguise.

Masks add an aura of mystery to your ensemble. It’s best to plan to mask roleplay characters in the bedroom.

Body Harness

A provocative fashion item designed primarily for bondage. Even if you’re not into bondage, you can use it over your muscle suit or dress to frame and show off your body. These sex toys are comfortable to wear, with adjustable straps you can tighten. It also comes in many styles and even has customizable straps. Top-tier body harnesses are made of genuine leather and steel.

Other hot products to style a muscle suit:

  • Cosplay Costume
  • Leather Boots and Stompers Shoes
  • Overalls
  • Kinky Sex Toys (blindfolds, collars, chockers, gags, whips, rope, yokes, and chastity toys)

Where to Purchase Muscle Suits?

Since it’s in demand, it’s easy to find a store selling a muscle suit. In brands like Smitizen, you can order by simply making an account on their website, browsing, and adding the products to your cart.


The company will ship your order in two ways: regular shipping, which usually takes 1 to 10 days, and express shipping. Both are free of charge. If you want to add more details, change an item, or cancel your order, you have 48 hours to email their customer service.

Muscle Suits are Worth It

Expensive muscle suits are priced the way they are because they are of the highest quality. Makers at Smitizen ensure their products are crafted with great details, painstakingly including realistic veins and wrinkles.

Smitizen has been a top manufacturer and specialist in silicone clothing for over twenty years. The brand ensures every product they produce is made with top-grade raw materials that are durable, skin-friendly, and can be used in every environment. 

If you want to be sure of the product’s quality, check previous customers’ reviews and comments.