Muscle Pant – Long Version

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  • Strong leg muscles instantly
  • Highly Stretchy Edge
  • Muscular Legs
  • Realistic Blood Vessels
  • Caucasian
  • Natural
  • Tan
  • Dark
  • Careful Crafting Service
  • None
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Weight 6.7 kg
  • Caucasian
  • Natural
  • Tan
  • Dark
  • Careful Crafting Service
  • None

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  1. Bob

    These muscle pants are perfect, they allow me to have an authentic feeling leg musculature without having to work out. They are ridiculously comfortable and the extended fit is perfect for my body shape. Likes!

  2. Thomas

    These workout pants have just the right fit, the fabric feels great against the skin, they are comfortable to wear and look realistic!

  3. Paul

    Finally I have found muscle pants that are both good looking and practical. The long version of the muscle pants is both stylish and practical, fits true to size, is comfortable to wear and doesn’t sweat much. Totally satisfied!

  4. Brooke

    These muscle pants are literally the apple of my eye! The long length fits my leg length perfectly and doesn’t restrict my movement. They don’t look weird in outer pants either.

  5. John

    I’m really happy with these muscle pants and love them! It’s great quality and it’s very durable and basically hasn’t gotten out of shape. Highly recommended!

  6. Anonymous

    Tried it on twice. The effect is really great! While as being too tired, I will upload some pictures later. Haha

  7. Anonymous

    I received the muscular legs in anticipation. The details are done great. The circumference is large enough. It is as expected. I wore them on the same day I received it, and a few muscular men looked envious when they saw my legs propped up by trousers. I bought an upgraded muscle suit, and it is still in transit. Looking forward to the effect of wearing it.

  8. Anonymous

    Muscle pants are very easy to put on and take off! It is a bit big for me to wear it, while the rest is fine.

  9. OL.

    The color of the new muscle pants are more realistic and it is very easy and convenient to put on and take it off. Much for the advantages, here are two suggestions for this: 1 honeycomb area: It will stick to the skin if you sweat after wearing it for a long time or doing activity, as the honeycomb will sink inside

    Muscle Pant - Long Version
    Muscle Pant - Long Version
  10. JAACK

    Though the muscle pants from this store is more expensive than the others, the silicone they are using to make the product are all with very high quality. I took one of the store’s muscle suit before and keep it for about one year, the material of the suit still remain very solid. You will know that silicone in poor quality will be very vulnerable to be torn apart. The material they put on the product are more than enough. From the product, it is almost the unique one which you can not get this kind of products outside the store. This kind of products used to be custom-made by special effects team who was paid with high offer when shoot TV series or films. They make this become common. It is great.

  11. L.N.

    Amazing product. The detail is unique, it looks extremely sexy. Also Smitizen’s customer service is the best I have seen, thank you for such enjoyable products!

  12. Douglas Tippie

    Great product- perfect fit! One complaint, though, is that there is not a cock or butt hole to allow other functions.

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