Muscle Pant – Long Version

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$380.00 $339.60

  • Strong leg muscles instantly
  • Highly Stretchy Edge
  • Muscular Legs
  • Realistic Blood Vessels
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Weight 6.7 kg

Black, Caucasian, Dark, Natural, Tan


Careful Crafting Service, None

4 reviews for Muscle Pant – Long Version

  1. OL.

    The color of the new muscle pants are more realistic and it is very easy and convenient to put on and take it off. Much for the advantages, here are two suggestions for this: 1 honeycomb area: It will stick to the skin if you sweat after wearing it for a long time or doing activity, as the honeycomb will sink inside

  2. JAACK

    Though the muscle pants from this store is more expensive than the others, the silicone they are using to make the product are all with very high quality. I took one of the store’s muscle suit before and keep it for about one year, the material of the suit still remain very solid. You will know that silicone in poor quality will be very vulnerable to be torn apart. The material they put on the product are more than enough. From the product, it is almost the unique one which you can not get this kind of products outside the store. This kind of products used to be custom-made by special effects team who was paid with high offer when shoot TV series or films. They make this become common. It is great.

    Muscle Pant - Long Version
    Muscle Pant - Long Version
  3. L.N.

    Amazing product. The detail is unique, it looks extremely sexy. Also Smitizen’s customer service is the best I have seen, thank you for such enjoyable products!

  4. Douglas Tippie

    Great product- perfect fit! One complaint, though, is that there is not a cock or butt hole to allow other functions.

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