Realistic Muscle Suit With Anal Hole And Front Hole

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$699.00 $668.21

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • High elasticity and stretchable
  • The fastest way to build a perfect figure
  • Enhanced chest muscles and perfect bellyline
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Weight 11.57 kg

Black, Caucasian, Natural, Tan, Dark


With Chest Hair, Without Chest Hair


Careful Crafting Service, None

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  1. Anonymous

    Great look and feel. Extremely difficult to get on and off – lube essential. Very heavy (11kg or so) but that’s probably what such muscles would weigh! Pretty unique product.

  2. Anonymous

    I am never taking it off

  3. SashimiBoi

    It fits me pretty well and I am pretty much a twink lol
    The reviewer who suggested the water based lube over powder is a life saver.
    I am rating 4/5 stars right now because the suit did not come with the genital and butt hole cap/covers.
    The presentation of the box was also just a black beaten up cardboard box with a Smitizen logo — not quite like the website says.
    But, overall, I love this product. It exceeded my expectations overall

  4. Anonymous

    I got this for my cosplays and I don’t regret buying! It fits quite well!

  5. Anonymous

    It’s amazing. I highly recommend it! It’s as awkward to put on and take off as expected, lol. But definitely worth it for the outcome 🙂

    It’s true to size and very comfortable.

  6. Anonymous

    super realistic and definitely caught my parents and grandma off guard. bought this for more realistic cosplays (and to see if it would help relieve some of my dysphoria) and it was totally worth it.

  7. Anonymous

    It’s surprisingly comfortable once on correctly. I can’t wait to use it!

  8. Anonymous

    I am wearing it for the second time today. Had it on for 15 hours so far. Don’t want to take it off.

  9. Kael (verified owner)

    1. First of all, i am really really happy that I caught it at the discounted price, which appears every now and then-look out for it guys!
    2. Fast processing and shipping-got it in 10 days
    3. No shipping fees-which saves you quite a lot, as the suit is heavy
    4. Discrete packaging and labeling as “Cosplay Product”
    5. The suit is heavy-what do you expect, with all the silicone muscles? I weighed it-11.6kg! But once you get it on, the weight is distributed and you don’t feel it
    6. Was hard to get into the first time doing it alone with talcum powder-gave up halfway. Tried again with help and using water-based lubricant-no problem getting the suit on. Taking it off was no problem, after some help getting the neck opening past the first shoulder
    7. The suit fits me like a second skin, with no creases or loose areas, hugs me tightly all over and feels fantastic. My stats: Ht 174cm, Wt 78kg, chest 100cm, waist 90cm
    8. The pecs, deltoids, biceps and abs muscles look realistic, nice size that really make you look muscular and feel fantastic to touch.

  10. Erik (verified owner)

    Great item. Realistic defined muscle

  11. Anonymous

    This is just amazing! Love to wear it. Its like second skin ?

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