Upper Body Muscle Suit With Arms

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$468.00 $436.97

  • One piece design
  • High elasticity and stretchable
  • The fastest way to build a perfect figure
  • Enhanced chest muscles and brawny arms
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Weight 7.72 kg
Muscle Color6

Red, Black, Caucasian, Natural, Tan, Dark


With Chest Hair, Without Chest Hair


Careful Crafting Service, None

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  1. Anonymous

    I really have no resistance to the black muscle suit. The effect after wearing it is beyond my imagination. It is so explosive! The new black series looks good, so I can cosplay Batman. Maybe because of the black, I feel the wrapping feeling stronger, Haha. It fits very well, and when I match the clothes and expose my abdominal muscles, it is just phenomenal.

  2. Anonymous

    Very realistic, not suitable for daily wear, but suitable for comic exhibition filming;

  3. Anonymous

    Finally, I have eight-pack abs. The effect is too real. I became a muscular man seconds after wearing it. It is very natural, and the texture is good. it has a bit of weight;

  4. Anonymous

    Very impressive. Bigger than my coach’s

  5. Anonymous

    The first time wearing is very hard to wear, but after applying the oil onto my body, it is very easy to wear it, it is natural and not exaggerate

  6. Anonymous

    The abdominal muscle is very obvious, so cool

  7. Anonymous

    The color is very natural, the muscle and veins are realistic, I took selfie while wearing it, it is awesome!

  8. Anonymous

    It looks great! ! Just be sure to use lubricating oil! ! ! Otherwise,  it’s really hard to get rid of!

  9. Twitter@inrubberbc

    The black muscle suit is truly so sexy!

    Upper Body Muscle Suit With Arms
  10. Twitter@prince_rubber

    I’ve been really enjoying the stuff.

    Upper Body Muscle Suit With Arms
  11. Anonymous

    Very real, my first muscle suit. I will be your loyal customer

    Upper Body Muscle Suit With Arms
    Upper Body Muscle Suit With Arms
  12. Anonymous

    I’m super happy with it! I probably shouldn’t have gotten one with the arms though for my first chest plate bc it is SO much harder to put on with the arms, I definitely needed help putting it on and taking it off. I’ll need to trim the arms and neck a bit bc I’m short (and wash it before wearing it but I’m impatient and wanted to try it on rn), but it fit my broad back and chest without issue. The silicone on the arms really made pulling it over my head difficult and I wish the nipples weren’t so low since I’m of short stature, but those are really my only gripes. It looks realistic (has fake veins, good skin tone, REALLY good muscle work & anatomy understanding) and not uncomfortable, feels like a second skin. I definitely recommend, but think you should start with a sleeve/ armless option if this is your first muscle chest purchase.

    Upper Body Muscle Suit With Arms
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