Realistic Silicone Male Gloves

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  • Imported Silicone
  • High stretchability
  • Thin edge
  • Technology Upgrade
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Do you want to transform your hands into something that looks more masculine and stronger? These realistic silicone male gloves are what you’ve been looking for. These gloves can transform your small or feminine hands by giving them thicker and strong-looking fingers. You’ll also see your palms thicken while looking natural and realistic. The hands connect to a sturdy wrist and thick and muscled forearms.


The Realistic Details


They also include details like realistic veins, creases, and wrinkles. Like real veins, the veins sculpted on the gloves have a different hue than the surrounding skin. Upon closer inspection, you’ll also see that the realistic silicone gloves have every part and crevice marked naturally to look realistic. Even the skin between the fingers has skin creases and lines. The gloves run the length of the upper arm to the fingers, so you can wear a long-sleeve or regular-sleeve shirt. The gloves can also give you the look of having stubby little arms by making your hands wider and your arms larger than their natural size.


It’s Comfortable


The product is made of silicone, making it easy to clean, store, and use. The silicone used is high-quality and skin-friendly material. Our gloves ensure that you are free of skin irritations. Because they consist of silicone, the gloves are stretchable and flexible while also skin-tight. They easily and comfortably conform to the skin, so it will feel like you’re wearing a second skin instead.


They are the perfect options for those who want to crossdress, cosplay, or wear costumes. You can also use them for photo shoots, films, and shows like drag queen live shows. You can even buy them as props for your Halloween-themed event or medical office décor. If you have hand or arm scars you want to hide from others, wearing these realistic silicone male gloves is an excellent solution. They can help you avoid unwanted questions and unnecessary discrimination as well as feel confident and normal. The same applies if you don’t have scars but want to wear scars on your arms. Or, you can use the gloves for fun.


Get Customized Service


Note that the male gloves get mold lines at the sides during the production process. These lines aren’t obvious at a casual glance, but they may bother those who keep a close eye on detail. If you want to have these mold lines removed, you can use our mold line removal service for an additional fee. We have mold specialists who will remove the mold lines carefully. The gloves have four colors: Tan, Caucasian, Natural, or Dark. You can choose any one of the colors to fit your skin.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg

Black, Caucasian, Natural, Tan, Dark


Careful Crafting Service, None