Realistic Muscle Suit with Arms – Without Belly

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  • One piece design
  • High elasticity and stretchable
  • The fastest way to build a perfect figure
  • Enhanced chest muscles and brawny arms
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The long-sleeved upper body muscle suit without a belly is ideal if you want to immediately get the perfect upper body figure. The product enables you to get realistic-looking arm and chest muscles to enhance your appearance. This muscle suit is ideal for men that want to accentuate their upper body features by toning quickly. 



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Realistic appearance


The long-sleeved upper body muscle suit without a belly is the fastest way to gain a perfect, realistic figure. The product includes realistic blood vessels, enhanced chest muscles, ripped arms, and realistic-looking nipples. The muscle suit is made from skin-friendly silicone material, which imitates features of your natural skin. 


The realistic muscle suit is a one-piece design in various colors, including natural, tan, Caucasian, and dark skin tones. Because the muscle suit comes in an assortment of colors, you can get a costume that compliments your skin color, giving you a realistic-looking muscle tone-up. 


The product is highly elastic.


The upper body muscle suit is highly elastic, making it comfortable for people of various body sizes to wear. Because of the high elasticity feature of the material, you can comfortably wear the muscle suit without worrying that you will tear the product or pull the seams. The product readily stretches to accommodate your edges around the chest, upper back, shoulders, and arms while ensuring every inch of the muscle suit is tightly snug against your skin. 


Lightweight product


This muscle suit is suitable for guys who want to instantly gain a perfect upper body figure. The product is a costume ideal for someone weighing between 121.3lb and 209.4lb (55-95kg) and a height range of 62.99in(160cm) to 70.87in(180 cm). Even if you are lean or slim, you can wear the muscle suit for an extended period without overexerting yourself because it's lightweight. You can wear the muscle suit at the beach during summer, school, or work all day because the costume carries a comfortable weight.


Suitable for people


Whether you are looking for a product to enhance your chest and arms for a role-play, a photo shoot, a Halloween costume, or as part of your daily wear, our long-sleeved upper body muscle suit without a belly is ideal.


To enhance your muscle suit's visual effect, you can get a custom-made costume with chest hair and removed mold lines for a small fee. The product is also exceptionally packaged to protect your privacy. 







Additional information

Weight 5 kg

Caucasian, Natural, Tan, Dark


With Chest Hair, Without Chest Hair


Careful Crafting Service, None

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  1. Anonymous

    Personally I don’t have much trouble removing it by myself. I grab the bottom edge and pull it up over my head as I would a t-shirt (so it ends inside out). I can also lift my arms up with no problem. Some movements create unnatural ‘folds’ but that would be the case with any bodysuit anyway.

    Haven’t tried using make up on it for more realism but even without it I think it looks really good.

  2. A (verified owner)

    Great quality and look. Alittle uncomfortable and heavy to use all the time but still a great buy!

  3. m**y

    I’m super happy with it!

  4. Smitizen

    Thank you very much for your support, I am happy that you like the product, and we will always give the best quality and service for you.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I was completely blown away by the detail and craftmanship of this product! Will be buying again. Fast delivery and great care in packaging too. Superb quality in every way along with great pricing for what you get in return.

  6. Grayson (verified owner)

    I love the details and textures

  7. GraysonE

    This is great. I love the realistic and fleshy details.

  8. Anonymous

    This is just amazing! Love to wear it. Its like second skin

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