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Pup and Handler_ All about Puppy play and Sub


Pup and Handler_ All about Puppy play and SubIf you’ve recently heard the phrases Puppy play, Pet play, and references to pups in a sexual context and you just don’t quite get it yet then this article is for you. Pup play is a common fetish interest within the gay community. But not to say it is not open to all other genders and orientations. Whether you’re straight, queer, or gay the pup space does not discriminate. There’s a community of fetish lovers waiting for you to join in the fun. This article aims to cover details about puppy play gear, the different roles of a pup and his handler, how the BDSM dynamic comes into play, and the pleasures that come with pup play.



What is puppy play?

Pup and Handler_ All about Puppy play and SubPuppy play is a type of pet play that allows its participants to engage in animal roleplay as a form of kink or Fetish. As the reference is to gay men, you’ll find that in puppy play scenes some men take on the role of a puppy or Dog as the case may be while others take on a more dominant role as a handler. The Handler is the man who directs the mood of the scene in most settings. The handler is the man who is in charge of a pup setting of one or many.  Pups are gay men who embody the role of the puppy as implied by the name. It can be a fun experience especially when the handler plays the role correctly. The puppy play kink can be expressed in two ways. It can go in the direction of being a sexual fetish or nonsexual kink. Depending on what is agreed on, pleasures can come from sexual acts or a sense of intimate bonding through role play.

What to wear during pup play sex scenes

Pup and Handler_ All about Puppy play and SubWe have never come across a puppy play lover who doesn’t love hoods. That is always on the top of the list for puppy play outfits and gear. It is often the custom piece that seals the deal. Pup hoods when worn are a show and expression of passion for puppy play lovers. They can be worn in scenes involving their handlers, in solo scenes, and when amid other pups. This can be in a sex party, a sex scene, or intimate gathering, or with a lover. Another popular custom piece is the leather collar. Collars are playful and they also serve to the wearer’s sense of bondage. And it plays well when pups are being led by their handlers. Other custom pieces include harnesses, butt plugs with tail extensions, Monster dog masks, jockstraps, and full-body leather outfits. All of these make statements when worn and can be additional turn-ons for either of the men playing the pup or the handler roles.

The power dynamics between a pup and his handler

Pup and Handler_ All about Puppy play and SubThe role of the dominance goes to the handler in this relationship. The relationship can easily be likened to the common dynamic seen at play in the Dom/Sub and Master/Slave relationships. The Dom or master takes the lead and so does the handler. While puppy play often doesn’t require extremities as you would experience in some BDSM scenes the theory still applies. The power dynamic in puppy play operates on a reward-style system. Be a good boy and your handler rewards you for that. The handler cares for his pup and the pup obeys and worships his handler. And when you’ve been bad you expect to be punished as a pup. It is always a fun and pleasurable experience for both parties. Dominance needs to be asserted and submission needs to be shown. That power dynamic allows the pup to surrender to his handler’s commands. Pups are often defined to please and seek attention and by design a handler rewards and expects to be pleased.

Mask use, pups, and the BDSM power dynamic

Pup and HandlerMost pups feel their best and take on their role actively with a puppy mask on. It could be a monster pup headgear, a pup hood, or a custom-made half mask. Many even have a collection to switch through according to moods and scenes. Wearing a mask sometimes can be restrictive and that’s where the fun lies. An interference with sensory feeling can make all the difference and take bondage play to the next level. BDSM and pup play are often intertwined. Often the puppy play fetish comes alive with the introduction of bondage play.

Beta Pups and Alpha Pups

Pup and HandlerQuite easily when you think of the word Alpha as it relates to any scene what should come to mind is the boss, leader… and synonyms in that manner. The description of who an Alpha pup is isn’t far off. An Alpha is a Pup that is a Dominant player in the puppy play role. He takes charge when the right scene presents itself. While still submissive to his handler, an Alpha pup will always be the dominant player among other pups. They take on the role of teacher and leader when required especially among other subs. And if by chance they find themselves among newbies you’ll be sure to leave it to the Alpha pup to direct the situation. On the other hand, and coming in close in ranks are the Beta pups. And they are quite easy to identify. If he’s not an alpha pup and he’s not the most submissive pup during puppy play scenes then he is a beta pup.

Finding who to play with

Pup and HandlerThe key thing is to put yourself out there. Join pup spaces, go to puppy play-themed parties, and find groups on social media and fetish platforms. All of this can aid your search process. This way you’ll find puppy play lovers into the same kinds of things you’d like to explore.  Join communities that are inclusive of all kinds of fetish interests. You might get lucky and get a chance to include other fetish interests into puppy play or create a whole new aspect of inter-pet play

Safe practices and injury prevention

Pup and HandlerWhile taking on a pup role, remember you’re still human. Being on all fours for prolonged periods can lead to bruises when not wearing proper gear. Not wearing the right fit for harnesses, collars, and hoods can cause discomfort and harm in extreme cases. The key words during any form of play should be safety. The fetish can be quite fun to explore but maximum pleasure should only be anticipated when all is done correctly. Whether it be sexual or non-sexual, acts that would involve the incorporation of impact, bondage, teasing, and BDSM should be properly done to avoid harm that wasn’t negotiated. In a situation where you play with a new partner, both parties should communicate on everything from venue to expectation, gear, and boundaries. When all of that is done, then it is time to play.


Pup and HandlerPuppy play scenes can range from mildly pleasurable to extremely intense. Both are often enjoyable according to each gay man’s wants. Aftercare can refer to emotional responses and physical care given to each other if the impact takes a toll on a pup’s body. A simple cuddle time and bandage in extreme cases do the trick. Grab a drink and talk about the experience and what should be done better to enhance the next time. Aftercare allows you and your gay partner in the scene to be vulnerable so that is what you should do.


Pup and HandlerWe hope this helps you in the best way. Hopefully, this covers all you need to know and have been curious about puppy play. A whole world of kinks and fetishes exists out there waiting for you and other members of the gay community to explore. And we are always here to help you with all you need. From gears, guides, and customization requests for fetish items. We have you covered. Check out our website smitizen.com for fetish items such as monster masks, hoods, harnesses, and other BDSM kit items for pups and handlers.