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Unlike common bonds, a dominant and submissive relationship needs to be cultivated. BDSM practitioners need training and adequate knowledge about dominance and submission. As the master, whether your sub is new to BDSM or has experience in submission, you will need to train them to make them comfortable with you and your wants. You can successfully combine different techniques with play and skill training exercises.

slave training

Nowadays, finding a website that offers manuals on slave training are easy. However, you have to pay for the site, or the guide is challenging to understand.

What Is Slave Training?

The first thing to understand in slave training is that a master and slave have a unique,  intimate, powerful relationship. The sub will address the dominant with full authority as master or mistress. Meanwhile, depending on their agreement, a dom cares for, pleasures, and respects the sub’s boundaries.

The training process is not just about commanding your submissive to change their entire personality. The main point of slave training is to help them fulfill their role as a slave and enjoy the type of BDSM relationship they assented to.

Slave Training

It is a learning process for both dominant and submissive to identify the wrong and correct things to do in a master and slave relationship. In most cases, the master or mistress will teach the slave how to speak to them during or outside play. It can be akin to a personal maid at the beck and call of the master. Depending on how the dominant feel about the sub executing their orders, they can get a reward or punishment.

The Period of Training

A few days or weeks are insufficient to complete an entire training process. You cannot rush training since it’s tailored to the unique connection between the enslaver and slave. Every time your slave is wrong, you must correct them and guide them until they go entirely into submission. Slave training must have a contract of at least three months. Dominants should also provide homework to allow slaves to practice what the dominants teach them.

Slave Training

What Does Slave Training Involve?

Dominance and submission practitioners say that slave training involves a consensual power exchange. So, before starting the training process, you should ensure that both parties agree to the relationship and stick to the ongoing agreement. There are four crucial P’s that must be maintained, taught, and updated at all times, and they are:


These are your core ethical values ​​and principles that your slave must understand to be better prepared to handle different situations.


These physical rules, greetings, and rituals control the submissive’s behavior and attitude.


These are your likes and dislikes.


It’s about the slave’s insight into you as their master and their status in your relationship. Different types of submissive training in power exchange also involve the master and slave relationship. Use these exercises to train your slaves and match them with the proper techniques to achieve your goals successfully.

Slave Training

Play Training

The primary purpose of play training is for the dominant and submissive to have a hot and fun time by doing a roleplay exercise. While it’s all about both participants just enjoying yourselves, the practice of playing is an essential part of the power exchange. As the master, you must show your submissive that you enjoy training them as a maid and want them to do it every week until they master the tasks without your supervision.

Slave Training

Preference Training

As the name suggests, it’s a practice of specific protocol, ritual, etiquette, and other preferences you want your servant to follow.

Most dominants wish to train a slave based on their preferences and get disappointed when someone does it for them. For example, your submissive may have been trained  to wait for their master’s permission to eat or do something. You must train your slave to adapt to what you want to change this learned behavior.

Slave Training

Skill Training

Acquiring new skills from skill training is advisable to ensure your slave can provide a good service. These include domestic and sexual skills such as cooking, messaging, gardening, sex positions, blowjob techniques, roleplaying, and more. Some subs like to take the initiative rather than wait for you to teach or enroll them in different classes and learn on their own to show their commitment to submission.

Slave Training

Insight Training

Insight is the best type of submissive training. It helps slaves become better at submitting. Subs usually have to state their boundaries and darkest desires, remain respectful, obey dominants, and be transparent.

However, these things are difficult for them to do. Therefore, as their dominant, you must train them to know themselves, manage their emotions, and communicate closely with you.

Slave Training

Aversion Training

Some extreme master and slave BDSM relationships involve aversion training. It includes slapping, using physical restraint, or clamping the slave’s body to encourage and give them a specific reason to obey.

Aversion training is a challenge for dominants, especially if the slave is a masochist and enjoys every punishment and treats it as a reward. When this happens, dominants look for other ways to punish slaves when they fail their tasks.

Training Process for a Full Slave?

Before we tackle the different techniques to use in slave training, a discussion between the dominant and the sub is necessary.

Here are essential things to establish before starting the training process:

  1. You and your partners want and want to get into BDSM.
  2. The limits set by your submissive.
  3. Safe words to use as a unique signal to end BDSM play.
  4. Decide if you and you’re submissive want to wear BDSM masks, muscle suits, latex costumes, and others.
  5. Tell your sub how you want them to address you and talk to others.
  6. Talk about the services you expect them to perform for you.
  7. Define how you want your sub to behave regularly and during play.
  8. Give or ask your sub what playful activities the two of you are willing to do in roleplaying and sexual games.

After your discussion, it’s now time for the actual training. Here are the four techniques that you can use.

Classical Conditioning

The main point of this technique is to make your slave consistently react and quickly respond to you. A well-known example of this is Pavlov’s dog, who uses a bell to signal that the food is ready.

To use this technique, you must pair a stimulus, object, or action with your response. Some dominants place a hand on their sub’s cheeks to say, “You did good,” “I love you,” or “Everything is okay.” Others, on the other hand, snap their fingers or clap to signal that there will be punishment. Another vital use of classical conditioning is quickly getting the submissive wet and ready for sex.

Slave Training

Operant Conditioning

It is a method that uses a reward and punishment system during training. Operant conditioning is an excellent way for dominants to enhance and maintain desired behavior and prevent unwanted conduct.

If you want to keep the good behavior, you can choose between giving positive reinforcement or offering something the sub likes. Consequently, show negative support when you take away something they like. Remember that as a master, you must be consistent and fair in using the reward and punishment system.


This technique ignores the slaves’ unwanted behavior and is very effective if they misbehave to get your attention.

When the submissive understand that a particular behavior will not give them what they want, there are huge chance that they will stop the wrong behavior.


This technique is more complex because you will show the step-by-step way of doing such tasks. It’s beneficial for kinesthetic learners that dominants expect to copy something they have done. Dominants use physical and verbal cues to help their subs initially and correct their mistakes throughout the training process, especially if they tend to forget things.

Differential Reinforcement

Differential reinforcement is a method where you give your server positive reinforcement whenever there is a decrease in unwanted behavior. You are rewarding your submissives for their excellent progress. This technique also allows you to encourage your slave to do more, act better, and think wisely to achieve a specific goal.

Tips on How To Train a Good Slave for Submission

Now that we tackled all about slave training, you are now ready to train your sub to be a good and obedient slave.

To achieve more successful results, check out our tips below:

  1. Ensure you know your server’s experience level to determine the level of training you will give them.
  2. Be consistent in your actions to help them understand their master and vice versa.
  3. Use the reward and punishment system correctly.
  4. Visit relevant sites for dominants and ask for advice on training.
  5. Never drink alcohol or use illegal drugs before and during the training.
  6. Always keep everything safe and consensual.
  7. Don’t force your submissive to change immediately.

Let them submit to you at their own pace.