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Want to be more like a puppy and enjoy it! Puppy play is a great way to get in touch with your inner puppy, have fun, and move around a bit. This article discusses how you can enjoy puppy play more and move more like a puppy. We’ll also provide tips on getting started if you’re new to the scene. So please put on your puppy ears, and let’s get moving!

Is puppy play new?

Puppy play is becoming increasingly popular the more people explore their sexual identity. If you are familiar with sexual fetishes such as dominance, submission, and role play, then you have probably heard of puppy play or know someone from the puppy play community. But what exactly is puppy play?

puppy play

Puppy play is a practice where the participant acts like a puppy or a puppy handler. Think of puppy play as a way for people to pursue sexual pleasure, express themselves, a form of therapy, escape from self, or a way to build a community of like-minded people. Puppy play sessions involve one or more individuals who take on the persona of a pup while the other participant(s) take on the role of the puppy owner.

As a participant, the more you embody a pup’s body language, behavior, and attributes, the more pleasure you can derive from pup play. While the puppy play participant takes the persona of puppies or adult dogs, he remains in his human form with all the sensibilities of a fully cognitive adult man.

Do I have to dress a certain way?

puppy play

Pup play derives its motivation from the broad BDSM spectrum. If you understand the allure of BDSM or role-play, then you know the value of wearing the right clothes when seeking sexual pleasure or when you want to escape from yourself. How you dress as a puppy is central to achieving maximum sexual satisfaction for you and your handler.

Dressing as a puppy allows you to get to pup space mentally, where you can enjoy yourself. While wearing puppy play gear such as paw pads, puppy hoods, collar, knee pads, or a tail is unnecessary, it can spice up your experience. The kit can help you get into a pup headspace that allows you to fall into a pup role.

What to wear as a pup?

So, you have finally found the courage to live out your puppy play fantasies, but there is one challenge. What do you wear? Do you cruise your local dog park and copy the little balls of fur running around impressing their owners? Not a poor strategy considering you want to imitate the little canines.

puppy play

Here are some items to help you immerse yourself into the puppy play role:

Dog collar and tag

A dog collar or a tag can help establish power dynamics between you and your partner. You can wear a leash, dog tag, or collar to show people you have a handler. Wearing a mark of ownership such as a leash or tag symbolizes that you are submissive and derive pleasure from partial or total submission to a dominant partner or handler.

puppy play

Skin tight clothing

It’s common to see young puppies strutting around in skin-tight clothes. You can wear leather-themed pants, shorts, vests, or a tight harness to engage in a typical puppy or aggressive play session. If you are a new pup, start with regular pup play before venturing into the aggressive play sessions. As you delve deeper into role-playing, you will learn what works for you and gives you more pleasure, sexual or otherwise.

Dog hood

Since it’s unlikely you will grow dog ears, nose, eyes, and mouth, grab a dog hood or dog mask to enhance your puppy play experience. A dog hood can transform your human face into an adorable puppy, giving you an animal look that can trigger your mental transformation from a man to a pup.

puppy play

Wearing a dog mask inhibits your senses, allowing you to embrace your puppy person. You can get a realistic-looking dog mask made from silicone material to enhance your dog’s appearance. A mask gives you realistic-looking dog ears, a dog snout, and an ultimate dog mouth to make you the envy of other dogs in your puppy community.


Are you a pup without a tail to wag? A dog tail makes your dog persona more realistic. You can attach your dog tail to a butt plug, muscle suit, or kinky underwear.

Muscle suit

Puppy play involves exposing a lot of skin, especially if you participate in public puppy play sessions. Being confident with the way you look can affect your role-playing experience. You can get intimated watching other puppies show off their toned physiques and beautiful bodies.

puppy play

You can enhance your appearance by wearing a realistic muscle suit to increase your muscle size. A muscle suit can help you gain a masculine physique, which can boost your confidence, enabling you to properly socialize in the puppy play community.

Knee pads and hand protection

If you are on your knees and hands for extended periods, consider getting protective gear to protect yourself from hard surfaces. You can get puppy play mitts for your hands and knee pads for your knees. You can also get knee support sleeves to enhance your puppy play experience.

Why does a puppy man wear a dog collar and tag?

Wearing a dog collar or tag says you are embracing the role of the submissive partner in the relationship. You wear the collar around your neck like a dog leash to symbolize your Position as a puppy man with an owner or handler.

puppy play

Contrary to popular belief, the collared pup isn’t always the less masculine. So long as you can derive pleasure from wearing a collar, it doesn’t matter how you identify in the gay subculture. You can wear a tag whether you are a twink, bear, wolf, jock, or otter.

How to move like a puppy?

With a bit of schooling at the puppy class and a lot of practice, you can get a dog gait that can put other pups to shame. So, how do you move like a pup?

puppy play

Here are different puppy movements you can perfect:

Puppy walk

Is there a better animal to impersonate than a man’s best friend? Puppies are majestic creatures and have the most inspiring walk.

puppy play

To walk like a dog:

  • Get down on your knees and hands
  • Start by moving your left leg forward. Usually, a dog starts moving with a rear leg.
  • Move the left hand forward.
  • Move your right foot forward, followed by your right hand.
  • Feel free to wag your tail as you walk around. You can ask your handler to put you on a leash and walk you around the house or a puppy play party.


A dog’s amble is slightly faster than a walk, and most dogs use the amble to transition from a walk to a trot. The steps for an amble are like a dog’s walk but at a faster pace.

puppy play


A trot is arguably the best canine gait you can imitate in puppy play. A trot is playful, sexy, and shows off your kinky side. To trot:

  • Position yourself on fours
  • Start by moving your right hand and left leg forward. The goal is to engage a diagonal front and rear movement, followed by the other diagonal front and rear, giving you a model-like gait.

Can you incorporate other kinks into puppy play?

The great thing about the puppy play subculture is its versatility and inclusivity. Puppy play is more diverse than just walking around wearing a dog hood and a leash. You can explore different kinky elements that can enhance your role-playing experience. Whether you are into chew toys, oral fixations, watersports, disciplining a bad puppy, or housebreaking a new pup, where you can don kinky stuff, you cice up your relationship.

puppy play

While puppy play aims to cater to people with distinct sexual behavior, it in no way compromises their dignity or safety. Before engaging in any form of puppy play, building a safe environment for you and your partner(s) is essential. Ensure they understand that the practice is consensual and can stop anytime. Both parties can create a safe word to control the experience if it becomes too risky.

If you are the dominant or more experienced partner in the relationship, avoid practices that can spoil the experience for your partner. For instance, don’t put actual dog food on the play bowl because it’s dehumanizing. You can get human treats that look like dog food, which you can incorporate into your pup’s play. Keep your puppy play gear clean. Since role-play equipment will be in contact with human skin, ensure that you maintain the highest hygiene levels when cleaning them.


Puppy play has become increasingly popular in the last few years. As people explore their sexual identity, they are becoming more open to using non-traditional methods to seek pleasure. You can engage in puppy play for several reasons, such as a platform to interact with like-minded people, for sexual pleasure, as a form of therapy, or to escape from your reality.