Silicone Puppyman Mask

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Our new silicone monster mask is a dog head mask. Instantly become your favorite pet.

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The mask is all black with ears erect, both pointing up and outwards like an alert dog. It has a long forward-facing snout to give off a more realistic-looking puppy mask.



The mouth of the puppy features a full set of teeth, including two pairs of long canines. The mask features a strong brow bone, creating intense lines on the forehead. It has a texture that imitates the fur of a dog, complete with intricate lines of fur etched onto the mask. Even the nose has tiny details on it that make it look lifelike.



The mask will be an exciting new prop for your pet play. It fits all kinds of people and will look good on everyone. It also has a more realistic look to make both the pet and owner feel like they’re living the perfect pet play fantasy.



The mask can help both participants enjoy the game more and feel more connected in the moment. Because the mask also looks like a real dog head with a few anthropomorphic features, it makes it easier for the pet to show his loyalty to his owner. At the same time, the owner can feel his pet’s loyalty more deeply. This is thanks to the eye holes on the mask that make the pet express their feelings freely through eye contact.



Aside from pet play, you can also use the mask for other occasions and events. It makes a great werewolf or were-puppy Halloween costume, for example. Cosplayers may also enjoy it for its flexibility and possibilities, like cosplaying Nasus from League of Legends or Doghead from the Ghost Rider comics. You can also use it beyond costuming, like for photography. Use the mask to express your creativity or to remain anonymous in an interesting way, especially if you’re doing nude photography but with a mask.


This mask uses high-quality silicone. Because it is of top-notch material quality, the silicone is skin-friendly and doesn’t cause any irritation. You don’t need to worry about allergies. The silicone material used for the mask is also elastic, giving your head and face a snug fit. The fit is snug enough to allow for easy and unobstructed breathing, yet it’s also fitted enough to stay firmly fixed on your head. On top of that, the material is easy to clean and maintain. You don’t need any fancy cleaning solutions or harsh chemicals to clean the mask. All you need is soap and water. Storing the mask is easy, too. You only need to keep it free of sunlight, dampness, and sharp objects when you put it in storage while you wait for the next kink party or fetish parade.


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  1. Anonymous

    Feeling thick, I did not expect to be so heavy after arriving. Nose part is solid, wear it only after the mouth breathing

  2. Anonymous

    Mask detail realism full of points, is only able to use the mouth to breathe, slightly uncomfortable

  3. Anonymous

    I have received your wonderful masks and I want to express my great gratitude to you and your logistics for this order.
    My friend and I really liked your masks, they are wonderful!  We are glad that you agreed to ship two different ones. They don’t just differ in design, masks give us different characters. We don’t look alike.
    Despite the delay in shipping, you rightfully deserve a five-star review!
    Wait for posts in Twi. I will definitely mention you.
    Thank you very much!

  4. Anonymous

    Purchased the dog hood and I love it. Love it. It’s amazing how it feels and molds to my face. I wear it with a double mouth guard and that makes the dog drool. Love that.
    I also recently purchased a muscle upper body with short sleeves. I’ve yet to have time to really try it on. Excited to try. Love the weight of ur stuff.
    Keep up the fun work.

  5. Twitter@Pup_Echo

    Wruff just a dumb rubber dog here

    Silicone Puppyman Mask
  6. Twitter@PupStampy

    The dog mask and motorcycle gear are quite a good match!

    Silicone Puppyman Mask
  7. Twitter@prince_rubber

    The hood is great and really fits well along with being comfortable to wear. A great design too.

    puppy hood
  8. lokiKINK

    Yay I got a delivery today!!! I love him sooo much.

    Silicone Puppyman Mask
  9. K

    The muzzles and brows are solid but have a very nice weight and squish to them, very comfortable, and the thickness of the silicone itself is on the thinner side so its very easy to put on and it holds temperature very well

    Silicone Puppyman Mask
    Silicone Puppyman Mask
  10. Anonymous

    I really love this gear so darn much! It fits perfectly on my face like a real puppy.

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