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Enter the fascinating world of male muscle and animal suits and turn your ultimate fantasy into reality!


An Introduction to Male Muscle and Animals Suits



Smitizen is an experienced manufacturer of male muscle, animal suits, and many more to cater to their client’s interests. It consistently produces high-quality silicone products, with special attention to muscle suits. Smitizen focuses on comfort, durability, and next-level realism, where customers can add their specifications through custom works.


An Introduction to Male Muscle and Animals Suits


These products offer instant aesthetic gratification. They are usually used in cosplaying for public exhibitions or private fantasy role-play.


So, if you’re ready to take your fantasy game to the next level, read on!


Personal Expression and Self-Confidence


Above visual and tactile appeal, muscle suits are favored as a means for individuals to express themselves better.


Muscle and animal suits are effective mediums to court courage, letting wearers live out their fantasies alone or with a partner.


ntroduction to Male Muscle and Animals Suits


Society and Beauty Standards


Our society has strict standards on the concept of beauty.


Because of this, many of us are held back by the notion that only people who fit these standards are allowed to live out their wishes.


Imagination hinges on “perfection.” This is why it’s not surprising that whenever we imagine ourselves in a fantasy role, we go for “default perfection.”


What is “Default Perfection”?


Let’s do a quick exercise, shall we? Close your eyes. Imagine you’re in paradise. In front of you is a big mirror where you can see your whole body.


You’re the most beautiful creature in the land. Describe what you see and share every detail from head to toe. Open your eyes.


Smitizen Male Muscle and Animals Suits


What did you see in your imagination? What popped into your mind when you read the word “paradise”? How did you describe yourself as the “most beautiful creature”?


Every one of us pictured different things, for sure. After all, nothing is impossible when it’s not grounded in reality.


Here’s the kicker: We imagined similar things. Did you imagine a “paradise” that’s bright, peaceful, and bountiful?


Did you imagine yourself as someone physically fit with rows of abs, perhaps tall, and with great hair for the “most beautiful creature”?


I did. This is the “default perfection” most of our mind’s eyes go to — all influenced by society’s definition of beauty.


Male Muscle and Animal Suits: Road to Reality


Imagination is a double-edged sword. It encourages creativity and pushes the boundaries of the natural road.


At the same time, imagination can easily be broken. For some, this distinction doesn’t matter at all.


However, some gradually start to detest themselves once they realize their imagination is far from reality.


Smitizen Male Muscle and Animals Suits


How to solve this? How can we bring the realm of imagination and fantasy into the real world? How can we make intangible imagery tangible?


That’s what muscle suits and animal suits provide: a marriage of imagination and reality.


Through this matrimony, anyone can live a fantasy coexisting in his imagination and the real world.


The result? Instant confidence boost, limitless self-expression, and happiness.


When an individual is unrestricted by the caps of what’s reflected in the mirror, self-acceptance and self-love follow.


In a way, we can say wearing male muscle and animal suits is therapeutic and a way to build a positive self-concept.


Crafting Romantic Atmospheres


After understanding how male muscle and animal suits help the self, we can now be more assertive in sharing our fantasies with others.


In this area, male muscle and animal suits are often employed within intimate settings.


This includes BDSM or kinks where muscles or strength (as muscles are symbols for power) take center stage.


Smitizen Male Muscle and Animals Suits


Common fantasies that include male muscles are as follows:



Meanwhile, common fantasies for animal suits involve:




Ideal Outfits for Muscle Suits


Well, to be honest, there is an endless choice of outfits you can wear when you have a muscle suit on.


This doesn’t matter if you have a male muscle or an animal muscle suit, as both can make you look extra dashing.


You just have to be more wary of the other parts the animal suit will have. (Think about it — does your pants have an extra hole to put the tail through?)


Smitizen Male Muscle and Animals Suits


Here’s a list of my favorite outfits that always work for male muscle and animal suits:


  • The classic combo of tight tank top and sweatpants
  • Figure-hugging workout clothes, the very fitted ones
  • Lingerie, especially babydolls, and bodystockings
  • Any uniform from men who hold power or authority (police, firefighters, etc.)
  • Collars, leashes, or chains — yes, just those
  • Sheer something or, better yet, nothing


Feel free to get inspiration from my list! To get the best fit, consider the following factors:


  • The first step for dressing up your muscle suit is to cater to your personal taste. If your goal is to attract your partner, then you can also consider their partiality.


If you’re thinking of roleplaying as a Greek god for a muscle worship session, a simple cloak (himation) will suffice.


Smitizen Male Muscle and Animals Suits


  • The next factor to think about is what you expect to happen when wearing the muscle suit. For instance, if you plan to use the muscle suit for a messy BDSM play, I highly discourage you from buying an expensive tux and tailored pants.


Instead, you should buy a cheap but still well-fitting tuxedo you (or your partner) can tear up to rile you up during the sexual play.


  • Accessories can make or break your muscle suit outfit, too. My tip is not to go overboard. You should highlight your bulging muscles. Why would you want any distractions anyway? Go for simple belts, jewelry, and or cool gloves.


Themes and Role-Play Ideas


To help you in your male muscle and animal suit exploration, I will flesh out the themes and role-play ideas mentioned in the previous sections.


Greek God and Worshiper


Wear your male muscle suit, barely cover yourself with a thin fabric fashioned like an ancient Greek tunic or cloak, and let your sub worship you.


Smitizen Male Muscle and Animals Suits


You can even stand on a pedestal and pose if you want. Or, you can sit down on a grand chair and let your partner touch you in exchange for favors.



Puppy and Doting Owner


A doting owner doesn’t mean you don’t punish your puppy whenever he misbehaves.


Smitizen Male Muscle and Animals Suits


Let your puppy wear the animal suit or a puppyman mask, put a collar or leash around his neck, and care for him like you would a beloved pet.


Be reminded that puppy play can be sexual or not, so ensure to discuss the scene’s parameters before starting it.


Officer and Thief or Caught Spy


There are thousands of porn videos with this plot line, so why not make one for yourself?


To stir things up, the “spy” should wear a muscle suit, and the officer (either in uniform or not) can tie him up — bondage style.


Mythical Dragon and Tamer


Imagine being a hero who can domesticate any mythical creature you come against. No one knows how to tame them, but the dragon you’ll face soon finds out.


Smitizen Male Muscle and Animals Suits


You can don on a male muscle suit while your sub wears a dragon mask. Then, tame your sub with your charms and sensual cleverness.


Bonus if you add other props, such as a fake sword and shield and old English conversation, for the play to be extra immersive.


Open-Minded Approach to Incorporating Muscle Suits


Not every partner you’ll have will be enthusiastic about muscle suits.


That’s okay! But if you want to urge them to change tunes, share with them the appeal of muscle suits for you.


You can tell them:


Smitizen Male Muscle and Animals Suits


  • It makes me feel powerful, confident, and attractive.
  • It helps me draw out my masculinity.
  • It assists me in exploring my whole identity.
  • It’s a great way to express myself (through fashion, cosplay, etc.)


For extra persuasion points, add how it can make your relationship prosper. Here are some ideas:


  • To increase intimacy
  • To explore or try muscle kinks or fetishes
  • To be more sexually compatible
  • To deepen trust (as it is critical to BDSM play)
  • To revive or make your sexual life more exciting
  • To lower stress and everyday pressure
  • To improve mental health, boost the immune system, and sleep better


It’s still important to remember that you and your partner should be in mutual agreement when using muscle suits.


You must be certain that they also desire your fantasy, with no hint of being forced or pressured.


Smitizen new!!


Another real concern is where you recreate your fantasy — the bedroom is okay, but are the walls thick enough that your next-door neighbor won’t hear you barking during pet play?


Are the windows properly covered so that no peeping Toms can see your partner licking your bulging muscles?


If you plan to do a wild play, a hotel may better suffice.


Just take extra cautionary steps before making your fantasies a reality to avoid issues or misunderstandings in the future.




That concludes our discussion about male muscle and animal suits!


What we talked about is just an introduction. Mainly, you can incorporate these products into your life and bring your fantasy into the real world.


male muscle and animal suits are not just for visual attraction or interest.


They also improve individuals’ psychological health by shattering unattainable beauty standards.




Through these suits, “perfection” is within anyone’s grasp.


Aside from their benefits to individuals, they also pose advantages to those in relationships.


They make sex more exciting, let the couple explore together, and, most especially, they help deepen the bond between partners.


With male muscle and animal suits, you can be your very own Fairy Godmother!