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Perhaps a fun way to have an idea about muscle worship is through this clip from the reality show Judge Rinder. He said it’s where clients pay a muscular trainer to work out and flex their muscles in front of them. It’s for the clients to know how they will look after completing the training.

Now, let’s delve into another definition—this time, from a more relatable perspective. Based on a flex-broker, muscle worship is a phenomenon where men and women enjoy the feeling of muscle.

muscle worship

Where and how did muscle worship start? In this article, you’ll know the basics and understand why gay men and other men with large body sizes enjoy muscle worship. It also includes different ways to instantly get those large biceps, abs, and thigh muscles.

What Is Muscle Worship?

Kissing a man’s pecs and stroking his biceps are the most common examples of muscle worship among gay men, but it’s not just about that. It’s a form of body worship, also called sthenolagnia, in which a person gets aroused by feeling and touching the hardness and strength of another person’s muscles.

There are at least two participants in muscle worship.

muscle worship

One of them is the worshiper, who touches the dominant’s muscles. Besides touching, the other ways to worship muscle are:

● Caressing

● Massaging

● Kissing

● Licking

● Lifting and carrying

● Petting

● Stroking and

● Other methods of wrestling

Worshipers often have thinner or smaller builds, but it’s not always the case. Some also have bulky bodies. Although there are no specific body types subs need to have, doms should have a large body size and a high level of visible muscle mass. They can be bodybuilders, fitness trainers, or wrestlers. Usually, dominants are also called a “Greek God” or “Muscle God.”

Where Did Muscle Worship Come From?

Currently, no one knows the history or origin of muscle worship, but many believe it originated in Greece. People say it was normal to worship muscle in the early 300 BCE, also known as the Hellenistic age. Some of their proofs to support this claim are:

muscle worship

1. The normalization and legalization of homosexuality in the country.

2. The prevalent imitation of the appearance of a Greek God as a tribute.

3. The scantily clad depictions of various Greek Gods show their strong, muscular, and beautiful forms in paintings, engravings, and sculptures.

4. The notion that Hercules is bisexual with an extraordinarily muscular and well-defined body.

Since the history of muscle worship is uncertain, it is easier to know where and how it is happening today.

Muscle Worship in the Gay Community

Muscle worship is prevalent in the gay male community, where gay men worship and are attracted to other men whom they commonly call great jocks, wolves, daddies, and bears. Group muscle worship also occurs in gay nightclubs where a muscular male performs on stage while displaying his muscles.

muscle worship

Gay For Pay

On the other hand, “Gay for Pay” is where gay men worship straight men. These straight men also allow the worshippers to touch their bodies in exchange for money.

Note that in this environment, touching has boundaries such as:

● No touching any private parts.

● No kissing, but caressing is okay.

● No self-pleasuring while the performance is ongoing.

There are situations where heterosexual males allow these things. But it will depend on the person, their relationship with the worshipper, and their trust level.

Where To Look For Your Greek God?

Usually, gay men look for their Greek Gods in:

● Hook up applications

● Craig’s list

● Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram

● Kink, fetish, and BDSM websites

muscle worship

Displaying Power Through Muscles

There was a time in the Olympics when muscular and lean athletes would compete against each other naked. At that time, muscles were the basis of a participant’s strength, fortitude, and power. Now, men with muscular bodies use this to look more powerful and dominate women and other men.

Before you continue reading, remember that even if you want to dominate or be submissive to your partner ultimately, you still need to prioritize safety. Discuss consent, safe words, and other additional information that you need to know before the play.

muscular men

Worshiping Large Body Size and Strength 

Muscle worship can also be associated with a fetish or part of BDSM practices. Dominants like to use their large body size and strength to pin more minor participants and force them to touch and worship their muscles. Some participants find these sessions sexually arousing, but most bodybuilders only display and allow worshippers to feel their muscles for money or gifts and nothing more.

muscle worship

Gaining Muscles As A Fetish

Gaining is a fetish in which the gainer finds sexual pleasures by gaining weight, visible muscle mass, or both and proudly displays it. People who also get sexually aroused by witnessing these body changes in a person are called encouragers. It’s a type of relationship where both parties like growing bellies, biceps, butts, love handles, muscles, and pecs, with emotional, financial, psychological, and sexual satisfaction that often occurs on Twitter and Instagram.

A Fantasy of Masculinity

During the time of the ancient Greeks, muscle worship was powerful foreplay, where men would spend hours stimulating their muscles until they released the powerful fluid or the “white gold.” The worshiper then drinks the liquid, which they believed to be effective in transferring the muscle god’s stamina, strength, and power.

The meaning of masculinity has changed over the past years, and males nowadays enhance their muscles to become “alpha males.” A body that exudes dominance, physical strength, and power are just some qualities that most people fantasize about.Idealized masculinity is not immediately attainable by a man, but one way to motivate them is through muscle worship, where they see and feel their ideal body in other people.

Muscle Worship in Advertising and Modeling

Muscle worship is also common on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Scroll through your feed, and you’ll see a muscular person in one way or another. This is because advertising and measurement services companies often hire people with beautiful bodies to promote their products. Some brands also employ famous male or female bodybuilders to market their commodities by giving fans a chance to meet and touch the muscles of their idols.

Muscle Suit: The Secret to Gaining Muscle Fast

Muscle suits are one of the most unique and in-demand products to try that can instantly turn your out-of-shape body into a ripped and perfectly sculpted one. Even muscle suits with specific features that fit any customer’s tastes. Some brands also offer more options.

kinky sex

Usually, actors, cosplayers, and people who are into BDSM and posting adult content use muscle suits. However, you can get a muscle suit no matter your reason. It’s perfectly valid to wear muscle suits to feel hotter.

Smitizen: Home of Professionally-Made Silicone Muscle Suits, Masks, and More

Silicone muscle suits differ from the polyester body suits mainly used at parties or Halloweens.

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Muscle Suits in Muscle Worship

Not everyone can look like a bodybuilder in the blink of an eye. It’s maybe because of the person’s physical, practical, or health condition.

If spending hours, days, and weeks working out in a gym is not for you, but you want to explore the world of muscle worship, then wearing a muscle suit is your best (and fastest!) answer.

The Smitizen muscle and body suits can give you fake muscles like what a real Adonis has, such as: 

● Brawny arms

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● Muscular thighs

● Perfect belly line with 6 to 8-pack abs

● Plump hips and sexy butt

● Sexy back muscles

Muscle suits are available in all skin types and are accessible in size. You can choose upper, lower, or whole-body suits to change your appearance completely.

Wearing muscle suits may seem like you are deceiving the worshiper because these muscles are fake, but you can use them as you build your body. If lift and carry are not on the muscle worship activity you’ll do, it’s okay to wear a muscle suit.

Here are the upgraded and best muscle suits of Smitizen that you can try:

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