Silicone Dragon Mask

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Our new silicone monster mask is a Black Dragon Mask. The Silicone Black Dragon Mask looks like an anthropomorphic dragon. It has a snout structured to assimilate a lizard-like nose with slightly side-facing elongated nostrils.

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Silicone Black Dragon Mask

Featuring an all-black surface, the Silicone Black Dragon Mask looks like an anthropomorphic dragon. It has a snout structured to assimilate a lizard-like nose with slightly side-facing elongated nostrils. The snout and open mouth pull back into a set of full cheeks.

The mouth of the mask features a full set of sharp, white teeth and a pink tongue. Depending on the viewpoint or angle, the open mouth can look like it is smiling or angry.

Attached to the sides of the mask at ear level is a pair of spiny “ears” protruding backward and outward. A closer look shows three thick and pointed bone-like structures extending out of the skin with thinner web-like silicone connecting them

The Black Dragon Mask also features strong-set eyebrows, bulging to create a crease in the middle for a fierce draconic look. Finally, it has a pair of horns protruding at the top of the head, giving the mask a more dragon-like identity. The horns also balance out the softness of the human-like features with a reptilian look.

If you’re a Scalie, you’ll enjoy the Silicone Black Dragon Mask immensely. Its size and structure add a sense of realism to your fantasies. On top of that, anyone will look good when wearing it.

The material used to create this silicone mask is high-quality silicone. Because of its quality silicone grade, you can stretch the mask enough to fit you comfortably. The silicone won’t rip easily, thanks to the technology used to create it.

With proper maintenance and storage, you can expect that its color won’t fade quickly. The pigment used is long-lasting, so you can still enjoy the mask even after many uses.

Are you worried about getting skin irritations when you wear this mask? SMITIZEN silicone products are always gentle and friendly to the skin, no matter your skin type.

On the note of enjoyment, you can use the black dragon silicone mask to satisfy your cravings for pet play or other roleplaying scenarios. Other uses for the dragon mask include photo shoots for fantasy roleplay events, cosplay, Halloween, and other opportunities to wear costumes. Use it to create an online persona that keeps people interested in you without revealing your identity. You can even use it at home for domestic work or bedroom fun.

The dragon silicone mask matches other black SMITIZEN products, too. These include the SMITIZEN Black Muscle Suit with Anal Hole & Front Hole. When you pair the dragon mask with the full-body muscle suit, you transform into a muscular and fierce black dragon.

You can also buy our upgraded upper body muscle suit in black to pair with the mask. The materials and colors used are very similar, so you don’t need to worry about donning silicone products that don’t have matching colors.

Silicone Ice Dragon Mask

Product Introduction

The Silicone Ice Dragon Mask features a stunning blue-purple gradient that radiates from the center to the edges, adding depth and dimension to the dragon's majestic form. The lightning-shaped patterns symbolize power, while the gemstone structure above the brow serves as a source of power injection, enhancing the wearer's strength and vitality.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this mask is a true work of art designed to evoke a sense of power and mystique in those who wear it. Its unique color gradient and intricate patterns will turn heads and make a bold statement. Experience the power and beauty of the Ice Dragon with this exquisite mask.

Product Description

The Silicone Ice Dragon Mask has two cone-shaped horns protruding diagonally upward and backward, resembling the sharp embedded horns of a real dragon. The ears also comprise three smaller horn cores combined with thin curved fins.

The nose is intrinsically joined with the upper mouth crafted with huge holes to resemble a dragon’s nose as a chimney when its mouth emits fire. It was deliberately designed to leave the eyes out so you can see through when wearing it. You don’t need to worry about whether the eyes’ holes are too small or too large for you because we made it to fit an average-sized eye.

The neck and chest parts of the mask catch all the details that an actual human body has. The muscular triangle at the neck center is contained by two semi-diagonal regions. You can immediately see the collar bones and a muscled chest with darker shades of blue and purple in the middle to establish depth and dimensions.

The rear portion is plainly molded to flawlessly fit from the top of your head, with a lighter blue shading most of the top back skull, down to the neck and upper shoulder. Even the backbone structure is modeled like a realistic upper shoulder showing the spinal column and connecting bones. You can see that the overall mask is full of connecting veins in different blue and purple shades to establish a power running through the face down to the neck.

Material and Product Use

Advanced machined produces the Smitizen Ice Dragon Mask from a high-quality silicone material. The mask was designed to stretch it through while fitting it in your face with a smooth texture to avoid skin allergies and irritation.

You’ll have fun wearing these in-scene roleplays, cosplays, or a striking addition to your collections. Its cold vibes can bring hotness and sexiness as you intend to flirt with your bed partner. Whether you’re muscular, hunk, or fit, our mask can perfectly blend with your body type!

2. Silicone Candy Dragon Mask

Product Introduction

The Candy Dragon Mask features a cute, cartoonish design with a pastel color scheme reminiscent of macarons. The main body is a delicate blend of pink and cream, creating a soft and soothing appearance. The dragon's protruding horns are also cream-colored, matching the patterns on the body and adding a touch of liveliness and cuteness to the overall look. The simple geometric patterns further emphasize the cartoonish style, making this mask a perfect addition to any fun and playful outfit.

The deeper shade of red around the eye sockets and face creates a visual focal point, enhancing the 3D effect of the mask and making it stand out even more. With its charming design and attention to detail, this Candy Dragon Mask is the perfect accessory for anyone looking to add a touch of whimsy and fantasy to their look.

Whether for a costume party or just for fun, this mask will turn heads and make a bold statement. Get ready to unleash your inner dragon and let your imagination run wild with this adorable and playful mask.

Product Description

Upon looking at the mask, you’ll notice the distinction of colors emphasizing the upper and lower extremities of the facial and chest body parts. For instance, the outer side of the nose is colored pink cream, while the inner parts are in light to dark red to establish the shallower and deeper parts of the nose. The dirty white stripes in the chest extended diagonally through the edges are matched with dark red contours underneath to make the crate more realistic.

The dark shades of red surrounding the two eyes were placed smartly to resemble a dragon’s fire ability. The color extends through the channels between eyebrows with numerous stripes symbolizing a splash of fire. The shade is distributed throughout the body to show that the mask’s power and strength are drawn in multi-dimensions.

Dragons are known to have sharp teeth. That is why we made sure that our Silicone Candy Dragon Mask has fine-edged teeth in white with two fangs at the upper portion to demonstrate power and dominance.

Material and Product Use

The Candy Dragon Mask is made of authentic silicone material tested for durability, elastomer stability, stain resistance, and temperature tolerance. You can expect that this mask is high quality, which you can use in costume plays or BDSM foreplays where you can become sweet like a candy yet powerful as a dragon-dominant partner.

The design and macaron colors of the Silicone Candy Dragon Mask blend well with other Smitizen products, such as the Realistic Muscle Vest with Red Dragon Tattoo. When you pair these two products, you’ll embody a robust and sexy personality that pleases your comrade.

3. Silicone Snow Dragon Mask

Product Introduction

Flex your pure inner self with our new addition of Silicone Snow Dragon Mask made with all-white surfaces. Cold as snow yet hot as a dragon, this mask has distinct features of cone-shaped horns and ears, an enlarged nose and eyebrows, a complete set of sharp teeth, and a pinkish tongue. The contours and edges are crafted in detail to make all facial parts distinguishable.

Product Description

The mask radiates different emotions as you view it from different angles. Flashing it through in front view, the snow mask looks like a happy dragon. But when viewed in left or ride side views, it gives off an emotion full of rage and fury. Viewing the mask on the top front, the dragon looks calm with a hidden agenda waiting for its prey to attack.

Upon looking at the neck, you’ll notice the two semi-diagonal border lines surrounding the anterior triangle. The overall neck and the regions connecting to the upper shoulder and jaw lines are molded to personify a muscular-built man. A canal is built between the collar bones protruding downward to the bottom edge of the mask to form a chest that flawlessly suits your body.

The two horns are placed right at the top and slightly backward head position. As you can notice, the horns are not directly connected to the skull. Instead, they are embedded in cylindrical craters as if the horns are planted to fit them. It is the same with the design of the ears, except that each ear is made of three horns combined with a thin layer of fins.

The rear portion of the mask is covered with thinner sheets fitting perfectly in your skull and neck down to the upper back shoulders.

Material and Product Use

If you’re into pure products with an imperative mood, you’ll enjoy wearing our Silicone Snow Dragon Mask. You don’t need to worry about skin irritation and unease. Our product in Smitizen is tested with comfort to anyone using it, passing the standards against skin allergies. Made with high-quality silicone, you can use this mask as often as possible without fearing tearing it fast.

Whether you’re into live-action BDSM role plays or character plays, like the Dungeons & Dragons, our Silicone Snow Dragon Mask will not disappoint you. Level up your game and showcase your blending dragon-like emotions. With its default white color, you can match it with any of our Muscle Suits and other Smitizen accessories.

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Dragon Color
  • Black Dragon
  • Snow Dragon
  • Candy Dragon
  • Ice Dragon
  • Careful Crafting Service
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