Upgraded Upper Body Muscle Suit With Arms

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  • The interior is made of honeycomb, much more convenient,breathable, and comfortable
  • One piece design
  • High elasticity and stretchable
  • The fastest way to build a perfect figure
  • Enhanced chest muscles and brawny arms
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Weight 9.23 kg

caucasian, natural, tan, dark


without chest hair, with chest hair


none, Careful crafting service

12 reviews for Upgraded Upper Body Muscle Suit With Arms

  1. L.L.

    Amazing product. The quality and detail is awesome. Also it is beautifully packed, no strange smell as other products on the market, honestly it is amazing!!!! Worth every penny…

  2. T.J.

    This item is mind-blowing. I ordered “tan” skin tone, with chest hair and “careful crafting service”. The blood vessels and skin texture are ultra-lifelike. It’s heavy, it’s sweaty, and wriggling in and out of it alone can be a bit alarming, but plenty of talcum/baby powder inside the suit and arms (and on myself) cuts the tone down to about 30-45 seconds to put on and take off. No photos, but here’s a YouTube video:

  3. Arvy

    This is by far the best muscle suit on the market. I am about 1.75 tall, it’s a good fit, maybe a little little too big. Even in a strong light environment it looks incredibly real. Some body postures are problematic, because the suit wrinkles, but overall it’s perfect for my first three characters (pity, only one picture is allowed).

    Upgraded Upper Body Muscle Suit With Arms
  4. Anonymous

    The big surprise was that I didn’t use a binder under this, but it didn’t matter. The shape of this thing is amazing!
    Plus, the realism is great.

  5. Anonymous

    His thing is seriously great. I have pretty big boobs, so I went with the large. Its actually somewhat comfortable and it doesn’t make me wanna die as much when I wear it.

    Seriously, best purchase I’ve made in awhile. This is a must-have for any cosplayers or drag kings out there.

  6. M***r

    Great. Fits very well. I am 1,88m tall and wear

  7. Anonymous

    Huge thank you!!! Quickly came, qualitatively, what you need to actively sweat without high temperatures

  8. Anonymous

    very heavy, tight, hot, a lot of sweat,but SEXY !!!!

  9. Anonymous

    It is very comfortable despite it weighing 9kilos. I didn’t want to take it off and I am keen to wear it again soon.

  10. Smitizen

    Thank you very much for your support, I am happy that you like the product, and we will always give the best quality and service for you.

  11. Jack

    Amazing suit! Very high quality

  12. Sebastian M

    Great suit! Bought it back then for ~309,-€ and it’s worth every penny.

    You can put the suit on and off by yourself (but it’s quite hard). You need a good technique and you shouldn’t skimp on baby powder. Sprinkle generously on the inside AND outside. You can turn it inside out.

    However, as already mentioned, it is advisable to have a second person with you:

    1. Especially when fine-tuning the suit so that it doesn’t wrinkle when you move. He likes to do this on the shoulders. With a bit of fiddling you can pluck the second skin so that it doesn’t happen again.

    2. And if you intend to wear other clothes over it. The silicone adheres very well to clothing and you should keep in mind that you need 1-2 sizes larger because of the large muscles.

    I am 1.80-1.85m tall and weigh 95kg. The suit fits me very well. At photo shoots I just have to pull in my belly a little. 😉
    The neck area and wrists can be trimmed and shortened.
    You can stretch your arms horizontally to the side without any creases.

    The “Natural” skin tone does not match the color of my real skin 100%ly. But it is not possible to release hundreds of different skin colors so that there is something for everyone.
    I rub my hands with some make-up and then it fits.

    The silicone is very stable and you can stretch it quite well. Very loving quality!

    Greetings from Germany!

    (( I attached some photos. If you want to share the pictures, please censor my face. Thank you! ))

  13. Name

    Awesome suit. Love it!!

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