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Men in Jockstrap_ Everything You Need to Know about men underwearMen’s jockstraps are the perfect underwear choice for athletic men and fashion-forward/kinky gay men. They are designed in ways that ensure all-round support for the male genitalia and they come in all sizes to cover every possible need. If you’re a gym bro or simply a guy looking for some comfortable yet stylish underwear then a jockstrap might just be the perfect answer to what you seek. This blog post aims to fill you in on all you need to know about men’s jockstraps from anatomy, purpose, benefits, sizing, and how to choose the right one.



What are Jockstraps?

A jockstrap is an underwear designed for men. It was originally designed for sporty individuals to keep things in place down there without any form of restriction as can be experienced with boxer shorts. The design shows the inclusion of elastic waistbands that go around the thighs. This unique design is intended to give men all the support they would find in a brief or boxer brief. The Jockstraps come with enough space to perform their intended job with no material excesses. The perfect design eliminates the occasional discomfort that men face when their underwear rides up their thighs creating layers and folds. The Jockstrap was invented to give you the maximum amount of support you would need while going about your day’s activities.

History of Menswear Jockstrap

Charles Bennett who is the founder of Chicago-based sporting goods company, Sharp & Smith, invented the now-famous men’s wear jockstrap. It was invented in 1874. The design showcased the use of elastic waistbands that go around the thighs and two side belts leaving the butt of its wearers exposed. It also consists of a front pocket allowance that cups the male private area when worn.

Jockstraps were first created more than 140 years ago to assist bicycle messengers in Boston who were traveling uneven roads. Understandably all that bump and jump would affect their male parts. The design came in just when it was needed and it featured two side belts that exposed the users’ buttocks and elastic waistbands that wrapped around the thighs to act as supports. Additionally, it had a front pocket allowance that, when worn, cups the male intimate area as a form of protection. The jockstrap has gained popularity throughout time as the preferred protective undergarment for men of all ages.


Why Men Should Wear Jockstraps

To fully understand “the why” we’ll have to take a look at some of the main characteristics of men’s jockstrap underwear that make it a functional and fashionable undergarment for men:

● Design

A typical jockstrap has a perfect fit and curved pouch to protect and hold the male private area. When worn under shorts or trousers or any other type of garment it helps its wearer hold their genitals up in an upright position and sometimes imitates a growing hard-on. Some designs allow for a more sexually suggestive look as the male private will appear more held together and enhanced.

● Purpose

The ultimate goal is to have comfort, protection, and style. Jockstrap underwear is recommended for any contact sports, activity, or event. It is important to note that though Jockstraps were initially created to aid sportsmanship, that’s not the case anymore. More men are making them a part of their everyday outfit routine.

Benefits of Wearing Jockstraps

A jockstrap is a great option for sports and other high-impact activities including sex play/ roleplay since they offer great support to the male genital build. In addition to reducing discomfort and chafing which is common for regular underwear but eliminated with jockstraps, they are also available in a range of fabrics to accommodate individual preferences.

Choosing the right Jockstrap

There are a few things to take into account when selecting the perfect jockstrap for you. Consider your level of activity first. You know Men in Jockstrap_ Everything You Need to Know about men underwearyourself best. If you play high-impact sports or are an athlete, you should look for a perfect-fit jockstrap with a supporting pouch and a strong waistline. A looser fit can be appropriate if you’re wearing a jockstrap for comfort or support daily or even to make a fashion statement like we have seen on runways.

Secondly, thought should be given to several different types of materials for jockstraps, including spandex, cotton, and mesh. Because of its softness and breathability, cotton is a great option to keep things cool and cozy down there but mesh and spandex are better since they wick away more sweat, which makes them perfect for athletic use.

Types of Men’s Jockstraps

Jockstraps come in a variety of styles including traditional, athletic, and stylish or fashion versions. A strong waistline, a supporting pouch, and leg straps are characteristics of traditional jockstraps. Because athletic jockstraps are made with more padding or protection, they are ideal for sporting activities to any degree. Fashion jockstraps are a popular choice for daily wear because they come in a variety of colors and styles with distinctive patterns and motifs.

Where to buy men’s jockstrap?

We welcome your curiosity if you have read this far. Visit Smitizen.com to see our recent collection of jockstraps available. If you want to impress your date and sexually tease and please in all the right positions then you leave us no choice but to leave a jockstrap fit in your name. Our consumer base boasts of men who keep things fun and fashionable within the gay community and in their sex lives. At Smitizen, being both comfortable and sexually appealing is what we want you to keep going for. SMITIZEN specializes in the sexy wear category for gay men

How to Wear a Jockstrap Properly

Step 1

Carefully select your size. Choosing a jockstrap a few sizes smaller than the real deal could irritate your private area, which could cause it to itch or even cause bumps. This is not ideal for genital health especially if you intend to use it regularly. Ensure that the waist and the jockstrap measurements are the same.

Step 2

If you choose to use a cup, pick your protective cup wisely. Wearing a cup is typically frowned upon by most men due to it being uncomfortable so it is only worn when necessary; nonetheless, it is an excellent tool for protecting your prized possession.

Men in Jockstrap_ Everything You Need to Know about men underwearSelect a cup that fits well over it without being too tight.

Step 3

Wear with confidence. What’s the joy of carrying all of that sexiness down below if you won’t wear it in style and with confidence? Embrace the difference!


Styling a Jockstrap

Smitizen men underwearUnder the gay community’s influence jockstraps have become less about sports and more about body positivity and gay sexiness. You can easily consider it as an equivalent to the female G-string. They have become a staple sex symbol among gay men. They can be implemented during BDSM, roleplay, and other forms of sex play. And they can easily be paired with fetish items like masks, leather straps, and discreet sex symbols like chokers and fetish costumes when in public. And when in private jockstraps can compliment the gay sub and Dom BDSM dynamic. Jockstraps are generally considered provocative and can serve as an invitation to an amazing sexual experience.


Choosing the Right Jockstrap

Choose a pair of stylish yet incredibly comfy jockstraps while making your selection. Select a jockstrap with eye-catching colors and unique designs if you want to flaunt your stuff. Aim for the ideal fit. Some jockstraps fit snugly and contain open, see-through pockets, which adds to their appeal as a fashion item. Also choosing premium materials such as cotton, nylon, polyester, and so forth is key as that will make you feel spoiled and luxurious. Whatever your choice may be, you’ll find jockstraps for men at Smitizen that will not only appeal to your fetish needs but also provide the functionality at the most affordable prices.



smitizen men underwearMen’s jockstraps are multipurpose underwear that offer superior comfort and support for a variety of activities. Before making a purchase consider factors like material, style, and its intended purpose. Even if wearing a daily jock could feel a little strange at first, we’re sure you’ll be loving it after a few tries; just like anal sex but without the pain. At Smitizen.com, we want you to always feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. To help you boost your confidence game and join in on the jockstrap trend, we’ve focused on giving you the most luxurious sets of everyday jockstraps.

FAQs about Men’s Jockstraps

What is the purpose of a jockstrap?

Jockstraps were originally designed for sports. However, you can now utilize this for fashion and fetish purposes. Whether you’re hitting the gym or not, a perfect-fit jockstrap will increase your confidence while also lifting your mood and of course your ass!

How tight should a jockstrap be?

Jockstraps should fit snugly but also feel comfortable enough. A generally acceptable method to ensure a good fit is to measure your waist and compare it to a sizing chart. From there, pay particular attention to cup size. You don’t want sagginess, but you also want to ensure that the lads can breathe down there. Don’t make it too tight or too loose.

Can jockstraps be worn daily?

Fashion jockstraps are increasingly being worn as an alternative to regular underwear so yes, it is completely acceptable for men to wear jockstraps regularly.