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So, you’ve decided to explore Prostate Play. That’s great! This is a hot and sexy activity that many men enjoy. However, there are a few things you need to know before getting started. This blog post will introduce you to Prostate Play and discuss what you need to look out for. We’ll also provide some tips for beginners who are just getting started. So, read on and learn all about Prostate Play!

What is prostate play?

Prostate Play

Have you ever had an orgasm so powerful it felt like you had an out-of-body experience? If you have never used your backdoor as a gateway to orgasmic pleasure, you are truly missing out. Penile orgasms are incredible, but they are nothing compared to the full-body pleasurable sensation you can derive from a prostate orgasm. Every cisgender man has a male equivalent of a female G-spot that triggers orgasms. The prostate, also known as the P-spot, is an awesome gland you can massage or stimulate to cause explosive organisms in the male body. Unfortunately, many men are unaware of prostate orgasms because of the taboo surrounding anal penetration and the limited information about prostate play. So, what exactly is prostate play?

Prostate Play

Prostate play is any time of sexual activity involving the prostate gland that can help you experience a prostate orgasm.

How to Find Your Prostate?

The pressure to find your prostate gland can be immense once you understand the level of pleasure you can derive from prostate stimulation. So, where is the prostate gland gem located, and how can you find it?

Your anal passage is a sensitive pathway filled with nerves and soft tissue, so you can’t just stumble recklessly looking for the elusive gland. A prostate is a tiny, delicate, muscular gland producing seminal fluid that combines with sperm to form semen. The P-spot is located inside your derriere, between the base of your penis and the rectum.

The prostate gland is situated about two inches inside the rectum and becomes more prominent with age, making it easy to locate as you age. If you want to find your prostate, you can insert a lubricated finger inside your anal hole, push it towards the front wall, and you can feel a slight bulge as you move your finger.

You can also stimulate the prostate externally by massaging the perineum-the area between your genitals and anus.

How to perform a prostate massage

If you have a male reproductive system, you have the most vital organ to stimulate your first and hopefully not the last prostate orgasm. Once you know where your p-spot is, sex will never be the same. While massaging the prostate, also known as prostate milking, is not difficult, you may need a few guiding instructions to help you get a prostate orgasm. So what exactly is a prostate massage?

Prostate Play

A prostate massage stimulates the prostate gland by applying pressure until it produces a prostate fluid that comes out through the penis. Other than sexual pressure, prostate stimulation provides multiple health benefits, such as helping to clear a fluid blockage in the reproductive system and reducing the chances of developing erectile dysfunction.

Here is a simple guide to help you in prostate milking:

Try different techniques to see what works for you.

If it’s your first time milking the prostate, approach the activity with an open mind to see what works for you. Common techniques include:

Prostate Play

Internal prostate massage using sex toys

Using sex toys in anal sex can help you reach pleasurable depths that might not be possible with a finger or penis. You can try different-sized prostate toys to determine how much your body can take. 

A sex toy has settings that can help you set up different vibrations to maximize your pleasure. You can manipulate the toy’s speed to enhance sensations that bring you closer to a prostate orgasm.

Prostate Play

Internal prostate massage with your fingers

Some people prefer using their fingers in anal play, whether receiving or giving pleasure. The come hither motion is the quickest and easiest way to build happiness in anal penetration with your fingers. Start by lubricating your finger, then try to insert it into the anus slowly. Relax to give the body adequate time to adjust to the finger in the anus. Remember, the anus does not self-lubricate, so be generous with the lube. Move your finger upwards towards the belly button, creating a slow rhythm you can increase the closer he gets to orgasm.

While internal prostate stimulation can sound intimidating, it’s effortless, explosive, and pleasurable once you find what works.

Massage your prostate externally with your fingers

Prostate Play

What if you want to experience prostate orgasms but are uncomfortable with anal play? Does it mean you should forget about sharing the pure joy of prostate orgasms? Certainly not! The beauty of the male reproductive system is that it’s built for pleasure. You can stimulate the prostate gland externally by massaging the area between the penis bulb and the anus.

For external prostate stimulation, you can use the following steps:

  • Apply a reasonable amount of lube to your fingers
  • Slather the lube on your fingers on the area between your penis and anus. You can also apply the lube on the genitals if you want to mix anal play with masturbation.
  • Use your fingers to massage the prostate from the outside gently. Position the soft pads of your fingers, and put a lit bit of pressure on your perineum.
  • Press your fingers inwards and curl them upwards, targeting the area that feels harder than the surrounding tissue.
  • Maintain the gentle motion of your hand until the need to pee turns into sexual pleasure. You can start massaging your balls and stroking your penis to push you over the edge until you climax.

Getting in the correct position matters.

Whether performing a prostate play solo or with a partner, knowing the best positions to pose can make prostate massaging easier. There are different milking positions you can take, including:

Standing up

If you are the one receiving a prostate massage, you can stand up while your partner kneels or sits in front of you to give them easy access to your prostate gland.

Prostate Play

Doggy style

The dog style is ideal in solo play when you want to milk your prostate, and getting on your hands and knees makes it easier to position your hand on the perineum to massage the prostate externally. The doggy position is also ideal for prostate milking with a partner because it gives them easy access to your bottom for anal penetration to get to your prostate.

Steps on how to do a prostate massage

1. Groom your fingers. 

Ensure you have trimmed and washed your hands to prevent scratches and maintain the highest hygiene level during prostate play.

2. Douche your anal canal with clean water to have a clean passage to the rectum.

3. Apply a generous amount of lube around your anal hole and fingers.

4. Insert a lubricated finger into your anus and start an upwards motion towards the belly button. If you encounter muscle resistance, remove the finger and reapply the lube.

5. Find a walnut-sized lump near the rectum and gently massage it until you start getting turned on. Keep massaging the prostate until you climax.

Tips to enhance your prostate play experience

Prostate stimulation can be fun, liberating, and make your sex life adventurous if you have the correct information when you explore prostate pleasure.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when practicing prostate play:

Make lube your best friend.

A lubricant is a must-have sexual play item, especially for internal prostate stimulation. Whether using your fingers, anal toys, or prostate massagers, ensure you have gathered enough lube to ease the discomfort during insertion.

Take your time: Don’t rush.

Like any other sexual act, prostate stimulation is a process, not a destination, so don’t rush. If you have a partner, engage them in foreplay and create a romantic atmosphere where you can both surrender and enjoy the experience. Don’t rush to get your prostate massaged or rush to your partner’s prostate gland before they get accustomed to the feel of a foreign body in their anus. After penetration, relax for a few minutes to allow the muscle to relax to reduce discomfort and prevent pain.

prostate play

Communicate with your partner

If it’s your first time doing a prostate play, ask your partner to talk you through what is happening throughout the process. Open communication can give you the confidence to verbalize what pleases or causes you pain. Talking during sex can also help create a strong bond in your relationship because it teaches you to open up to each other.


While most sexually active men have experienced a penile orgasm, sadly, only a liberal amount of males have experienced the pure joy and ecstasy of a prostate orgasm. Fortunately, prostrate play is slowly gaining popularity as more men approach sex with an open mindset. As a gay man, practicing prostate play is liberating because it creates a strong bond with your partner, allows you to explore your body, and provides a pleasurable activity to celebrate your queerness.