Are you ready to spice up your bedroom play? Check out our list of top monster costume ideas, including where to buy your props!

Before we start… What is Roleplay?

Roleplaying using monster costume simply means taking on a character, specifically a monther’s, personality. It’s an interactive storytelling where you can craft a unique narrative that follows a sequence of events. Or not. 

What is Roleplaying01

It’s like giving your imagination a turbo boost. The mundane rules of the real world do not limit you. In roleplay, magic, monsters, and mayhem are all fair game. Plus, there’s no script or lines to memorize. All in all, think of it as a mini-vacation for your mind. You get to escape the daily grind and let your creativity ramble.

The Best Monster Costume Ideas of 2023

Prepare to be amazed as we delve deeper into the hottest monster costume ideas of 2023. These tantalizing creatures are more than just eye candy; they’re ready to ignite your bedroom escapades like never before.


A rugged, hirsute hunk with piercing eyes, sharp fangs, and rippling muscles. The transformation from a sophisticated human to a primal beast is a sight. Legends of these shape-shifting creatures date back centuries, originating in European folklore and finding their way into modern cinema.


The primal nature of the werewolf persona taps into BDSM’s core dynamics of D/S. The idea of a dominant werewolf and a very willing, submissive partner can lead to a howling good time in the bedroom. Get tied up, wait for his transformation, or tie your werewolf up and get a good ride.

Where to buy costume: 

· Latex Wolf Petsuit BS-PSW01


Dragons exude power with their majestic wings, gleaming scales, and fiery breath. A dragon costume can be as elaborate or minimalistic as you desire. These mythical beasts have been featured in countless tales, from ancient Chinese legends to contemporary fantasy novels and movies.

monster costumes dragon

Dragons symbolize dominance and protection, making them perfect for BDSM plays.

A dragon-themed costume can ignite a fiery passion between partners, exploring roles of control and surrender with a touch of mythical flair.

Where to buy costume: 


Zombie costumes typically involve disheveled clothing and makeup to create a decaying, undead look.

They’ve gained popularity through horror films, TV series, and video games and are still famous today.

monster costumes Zombies

Zombies introduce an element of fear and submission into BDSM play.

The roles of relentless zombie hunters and the hunted can lead to thrilling and suspenseful encounters in the bedroom, adding excitement to power dynamics and escape fantasies.

For instance, you can be a zombie with your lover or have a human participant, like in the 2013 movie Warm Bodies.”

Where to buy costume: 

Demon Dog

A demon dog costume often includes red eyes, sharp claws, and a sinister demeanor, embodying malevolence.

Demons and hellhounds have appeared in various mythologies and religious texts, representing dark and evil forces.

That just makes them sexier, doesn’t it? 

The sinister nature of demon dogs fits well within BDSM scenes, allowing for the exploration of themes like obedience, temptation, and punishment, making it an excellent choice for those seeking intense and edgy experiences.

Where to buy costume: 

· Silicone Black Puppy/Dober Muscle Petsuit Set

· Red UV I-Glow Colored Contact Lenses


Godzilla costumes aim to capture the essence of this colossal creature, with attention to scale-like details and a feral expression. This mighty creature’s origins lie in Japanese cinema, becoming an iconic symbol of destruction and power.

Godzilla represents overwhelming dominance and control. Choosing to be Godzilla in your intimate moments means you’re after the intensity of your BDSM experiences. 

Where to buy costume: 

· Godzilla vs. Kong Adult Godzilla Full-Head Mask

· Silicone Beast Paws + Black Silicone Monster Gloves

· Upgraded Muscle Suit with Arms + Long Muscle Pants


Slenderman is known for his faceless, tall figure, donning a crisp, black suit. This presentation creates a minimalist yet eerie look. A mysterious aura that leaves many astounded. 

Although Slenderman emerged from internet lore, captivating horror enthusiasts, his mystery spills over the BDSM scene, too. His enigma adds an element of suspense and anticipation to intimate encounters. Partners can engage in roleplay scenarios exploring control and psychological dominance, keeping the thrill alive.

Where to buy costume: 

· Adult Slenderman Skin Suit Costume

Bai Hu (White Tiger)

Bai Hu is depicted as a majestic white tiger, symbolizing purity and strength. In Chinese mythology, Bai Hu is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinse constellation. He represents war, decay, and punishment.

In astrology, he’s also the symbol of autumn and the West. This powerful creature’s importance can’t be overstated. That’s why roleplaying as Bai Hu can inspire you to draw out your passionate and animalistic characteristics. Be sensual, dominant, and untamed.

Where to buy costume: 

·Silicone White Tiger Muscle Petsuit Set


Vampire costumes often feature pale skin, fangs, and an air of timeless seduction. They have been a staple of literature and cinema for centuries, with Dracula being a quintessential example. Although many have experimented with vampire’s allure, there is more to realize from their erotic undertones.

Aside from the D/S of being a vampire and the prey, the foreplay of biting and clawing will tap into your forbidden desires.

Where to buy costume

· Adult Vampire Costume

· Adult Vampire Fangs

The Devil

Devil costumes include red horns, pitchforks, and a wicked grin, symbolizing lure. He appears worldwide in various mythologies and religious texts, often as embodiments of evil and temptation.  Getting into the devil persona lets you succumb to every sin you’ve been wanting to for as long as you can remember.

Give in to the temptations. Provoke the devil and make a pact with him for an experience you won’t forget.


Where to buy costume

· Black Silicone Male Mask – Thor

· Red Devil Prosthetic Horns

· Silicone Beast Paws + Black Silicone Monster Gloves

· Upgraded Muscle Suit with Arms + Long Muscle Pants


Alien costumes can take numerous forms, ranging from classic gray creatures to imaginative extraterrestrial critters.  Encounters with these out-of-this-world beasts have been a source of fascination and conspiracy theories, captivating sci-fi enthusiasts, and many others.

This is no wonder since aliens introduce an element of cosmic curiosity to anything they influence.  Roleplay scenarios involving aliens are endless – you can be an astronaut stuck in space, a simple man abducted by a UFO, etc.  Aliens offer a unique twist on BDSM dynamics.

Where to buy costume: 

· Male Alien Costume

Special Mentions and Other Moster Costume Ideas

Here are some special mentions and additional monster costume ideas that might just tickle your fancy.


A monstrous sea creature with enormous tentacles rising from the depths, ready to drag you into the watery abyss. The legendary Kraken is a Norse Mythology creature known for terrorizing sailors, first recorded by Norway’s King Sverre.


Wrap yourself up in ancient bandages, with just enough skin showing to make things intriguing. Mummies hail from the tombs of ancient Egypt, where they were carefully preserved for the afterlife.


Embrace the mystery of the Chupacabra with a costume that blends reptilian and alien features. This monster is perfect for those who crave a touch of the unknown. The Chupacabra is a cryptid creature from Latin American folklore. It’s also called the “goat-sucker” because it has bloodsucking tendencies.



Channel your inner seductress or seducer with these demon-like entities, featuring sultry attire and irresistible charm. Succubi and incubi are mythical demons known for seducing and enticing their victims in folklore from various cultures.


Not up for being a Medusa? No worries. Gorgons like Euryale and Stheno had snakes for hair, tusks, and bronze hands, making them intriguing and exotic costume choices.


Kappa (Kawatarō/Komahiki):

A mischievous creature with a dish-like head and a hollow on top filled with water. Kappas bring a touch of Japanese folklore to your roleplay and are water-dwelling creatures from Japanese mythology, known for their love of mischief and cucumbers.


Until Dawn gamers know this one! Embody the spirit of the Wendigo with a gaunt and emaciated costume, complete with ashy skin and antlers. The Wendigo is a creature from Algonquian folklore, representing the primal fear of cannibalism in harsh winter conditions.

· Kitsune: Kitsune costumes capture the spirit of Japanese foxes through striking masks and traditional attire. Kitsune are fox spirits from Japanese folklore, known for their cunning and magical abilities.

Try Monster Costumes Now!

In the grand finale, we’ve journeyed through a monster mash of epic proportions, unveiling the top 10 monster costume ideas to ramp up your roleplay game. But remember, it’s not just about the costume – it’s about the thrilling stories you create together.

So, what’s your monster persona of choice? Don’t wait for Halloween to roll around; unleash the beast within and make every night a night to remember.

Get ready to roar, seduce, or terrify your way to an unforgettable adventure in roleplay. It’s time to make your fantasies come to life, one monster at a time!