Upgraded Realistic Muscle Body Suit – Small Size

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Our upgraded realistic muscle suit is the perfect costume to show your masculinization. The muscle suit is small, making it ideal for helping an individual with a skinny or lean build gain muscles immediately.

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Unlike the previous versions, the upgraded realistic body suit has thicker and more defined muscle mass, making it the fastest way to increase your body size and shape. The upgraded version also contains an elastic neck that you can trim, a realistic skin texture on the back, and believable wrinkles around your armpits to give you a realistic tome up to enhance your appearance.


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Comfortable fit for lean persons


With this muscle suit, you can escape the endless hours in the gym, dieting, or using weight gain pills to develop huge muscles. Whether you want to build enhanced chest muscles, ripped abdominal muscles, get a perfect belly line, or gain chest hairs, wearing a small muscle suit is ideal, especially if you are a lean person. Because the product is relatively light-3714g, it’s comfortable for a skinny person.


The upgraded body muscle suit is ideal for a skinny or lean person who wants to build large muscles. Because of its small size and compact muscles, the muscle suit is perfect for someone weighing 88.18lb-110.23lb and 5ft3-5ft9 in height.


The muscle suit hugs your body like a second skin, giving you the confidence to walk around with your new muscles.


Realistic appearance


The upgraded realistic muscle suit has more prominent muscle mass than an ordinary muscle suit. The product has thicker and more defined muscles, giving you a more toned-up appearance than any other muscle suit. The muscle suit contains more enhanced muscle groups with enhanced abdominal, chest, and upper arm muscles.


Highly elastic material


This product is made from skin-friendly silicone, which is highly elastic. The muscle suit can stretch six times its original size, ensuring you can put it on or pull it off without busting the seams or tearing the costume. The silicone material is skin-friendly, meaning you can wear the muscle suit for extended periods without worrying that it can harm your skin.


More prominent muscle gain


The product’s perfectly lined belly line, wrinkles of the armpit, realistic skin texture at the back, and an elastic neck you can trim per your preference give you an ideal way to gain huge muscles quickly. For a small charge, you can add chest hair or remove the mold lines on the muscle suit to make it more visually appealing, enhancing your appearance.


The upgraded muscle suit has more prominent muscles, enabling you to quickly gain thicker and more compact muscles. The muscle suit has a perfectly defined belly and ribcage line, making your muscles appear more ripped and masculine. You can wear this product to blend in with bodybuilding enthusiasts, photo shoots, Halloween, cosplay, or audition for a masculine role.


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Weight 3.7 kg

Caucasian, Dark, Natural, Tan


With Chest Hair, Without Chest Hair


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