Silicone Tiger Muscle Petsuit Set

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  • New Tiger Costume Set
  • Realistic Tiger Pattern
  • More Compact Muscles
  • Careful Crafting Service
  • None
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Unleash Your Inner Fierce Tiger

● New Tiger Costume Set

● Realistic Tiger Pattern

● More Compact Muscles


Captivatingly Wild, Exude Individuality

Breathable Freedom: ensuring comfortable wear

Attention to Detail: enhancing realism

Silicone material: Soft, comfortable, and form-fitting


Tiger suit perfect combination

  • tiger
    Tiger Mask

    Perfect fit

  • Tiger Muscle Suit

    Wildly fierce

  • Tiger Muscle Pants

    Powerfully muscular

  • Tiger Gloves

    Sharp and fierce

  • Tiger Feets

    Complete ensemble coordination

Product Details

  • tiger
    Silicone Material

    Comfortable and snug

  • Realistic Tiger Pattern

    Wildly alluring

  • Unique Mask Design

    Breathable freedom

  • Muscle Definition

    Exude wild beastliness

All the Looks You Love

Powerful Transformation!

Embrace Confidence and Presence.

Striking Muscle Definition.

Realistic Tiger Texture.

In our Tiger Muscle Suit."


Careful Crafting Service

Remove mold lines from your tiger muscle suit

A seamless look within just 7 days

Customized Chest Hair

Manual chest hair implantation

15-day creation of lifelike chest hair


Additional information

Weight 21 kg

Mask+Muscle Suit+Muscle Pants+Gloves+Feet, Mask+Muscle Suit+Muscle Pants+Gloves, Muscle Suit+Muscle Pants+Gloves, Mask, Muscle Suit, Muscle Pants, Gloves, Feet, Mask+Muscle Suit, Gloves+Feet

  • Careful Crafting Service
  • None

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  1. Anonymous

    Uh oh…. The transformation is complete! Now how the hell do I take this off by myself??! Help! Awesome silicone tiger suit by

    Silicone Tiger Muscle Petsuit Set
    Silicone Tiger Muscle Petsuit Set
  2. Randolf

    Love the Suit
    Took me forty five minutes to Put on Myself did not what to rush maid sure to prep all the pieces with powder and used J lube with baby powder on the chest piece so that it would slide off
    The powder J lube turned to pure lube with sweet and makes the top slide off . I am 6 feet 2 inch tall 195 lb medium built .light baby powder on the feet hands legs none on the head and J lube with baby powder on the upper muscle suit

    Silicone Tiger Muscle Petsuit Set
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