Realistic Muscle Body Suit

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  • our product:tight,not loose,invisible,highly stretchy
  • can extend 6 times than the original product
  • one size for all,easy to wear

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Weight 3.5 kg

caucasian, natural, tan, dark


without chest hair, with chest hair


none, Careful crafting service

4 reviews for Realistic Muscle Body Suit

  1. Anonymous

    Totally love this! I bought it for my Inosuke Hashibira cosplay, but can be used for so many different things! I’ve received so many comments on how real it looks, and I agree, it’s very realistic. It’s heavier than I expected, but it’s not so noticeable when you’re wearing it. Plus it’s just a positive nod to the quality of the item.


    This is amazing! You won’t regret buying it. It’s pretty heavy when you hold it, but once you have it on it doesn’t feel that heavy. It’s difficult to get the neck to blend in with your face, but you can trim it to get the shape you want. When you wear it under your clothes it gives you a perfect body shape and proportion. The shoulders blend amazing and give you a broad upper body. It also feels like a muscular body would, so if someone hugs you or touches your body they will be mine the wiser. Best purchase I have ever made. I feel really confident and attractive when I wear it.

  3. A***h

    Fast delivery. Good workmanship. Very realistic

  4. Anonymous

    The product is just as described! It does sweat, common with low quality silicone, but not unduly. Use anti-bacterial powder. the structure is expertly molded with great texture! though the nipples are poorly painted. Unlike the nipples, the veins are well painted with a slight blue tint! the product is certainly built for a man. the neck and shoulders are both a little loose on me, and the shoulder is mostly hollow, unlike the pectoral muscles that are about a centimeter thick. it expects you to have broad shoulders. if you dont, suggest the smaller size. Though the mid and lower section fit me perfectly. you can see the loose fit on the last picture! I’m somewhat tan and the "ivory" color fit me perfectly. This product also blushes great with regular powder makeup. Also the pectorals are a little low on me, though that may be because I am 5"5, and it expects the wearer to be taller as well.

    Realistic Muscle Body Suit
    Realistic Muscle Body Suit
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