Silicone Doberman Mask

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This new dog mask is designed based on the brave and noble Doberman, a combination of angel and devil, a popular character in Puppy play. We believe you’ll love it!

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The Puppyman Mask has received a lot of praise since its launch, and some friends are looking forward to what's next. Therefore, we are developing a second dog mask, which is in reference to the shape of the Doberman Dog Mask. We believe many friends will love it!


The finished product is out and available to be shipped in 10-15 working days.


Already building the model!The details are perfect!

Your one chance special price: $229!


The creation has begun to beconceived and the prototypeis out, very handsome!

Early bird price of $209! Lowest price ever!


Let's look forward to the new product next!

Until it's on your head, stay tuned.

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Weight 2 kg

Careful Crafting Service, None

2 reviews for Silicone Doberman Mask

  1. Twitter@HimboInProgress

    It’s definitely a very good quality mask, feels perfect like a second skin, so much that I didn’t want to take it off.

    Silicone Doberman Mask
    Silicone Doberman Mask
  2. Twitter@FalloutSouthpaw

    The new Doberman mask is just as comfy as the original puppy mask with a few added bonus details like the fully hidden lips now.

    Silicone Doberman Mask
    Silicone Doberman Mask
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