Doberman Mask + Black Muscle Suit with Anal Hole and Front Hole

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Are you a pup play enthusiast with a penchant for latex? We have a new fantastic puppy play set that you’ll love. We offer a dog head mask and a black full-body muscle suit in this set.

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Make you a solid visual impact.


This new dog mask is designed based on the brave and noble Doberman, a combination of angel and devil, a popular character in Puppy play. The mask is all-black, matching the bodysuit. The bodysuit covers almost every part of your body, from your neck to your wrists and ankles. As a muscle suit, it can give you a solid and chiseled appearance.


The black color of the two items easily creates the illusion of latex from afar. The actual items are made of high-grade and skin-friendly silicone. Because of the strong visual impact it gives, you’ll feel powerful and excited the first time you see yourself or your partner wearing this set. It can quickly transform you into the pup you’ve always dreamed of being.


Where Can I Wear This Set?


Wear the set during your next pup play session to surprise your partner and increase your excitement. It’s even more fitting for you and your partner if you enjoy the sight of latex. If you participate in BDSM, you may also enjoy this product set. Add extra props like harnesses and chokers to improve the visuals and make it feel closer to a BDSM costume.


For those who like the roleplay of a werewolf, this set is the perfect costume to make your roleplay scenario a reality. Feel free to wear this set on the next Pride Parade, too. Thanks to its nature, you can easily walk on the parade, turn heads, and express yourself without getting recognized.


Save More Money with This Set


Like all other hobbies, interests, and passions, getting into the pup play community takes time and financial investment. You must invest in a high-quality set to have a beautiful puppy costume. It’s why we’ve put together these two products in a pack. It will save you more money than buying them separately.


You can also pay an additional charge for expert mold line removal. These mold lines appear during production. With this extra service, our experts can remove them, making you a more realistic puppy look.



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