Upgraded Fake Shoulder Push-up Silicone Pads

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Get ready for Smitizen’s IMPROVED fake shoulder pads, perfectly made to accommodate those with bigger muscles, like fitness professionals and gym enthusiasts. You can now achieve a better shoulder form with more options.

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Get ready for Smitizen's IMPROVED fake shoulder pads, perfectly made to accommodate those with bigger muscles, like fitness professionals and gym enthusiasts. You can now achieve a better shoulder form with more options.

The Best Shoulder Pads To Enhance Your Shoulder Shape

1. It Matches With A Variety Of Clothing

Look forward to thicker shoulder pads and boost your confidence as you look your best in any clothes, whether a fitted t-shirt, polo, or suit! Smitizen's Upgraded Fake Shoulder Push-up Silicone Pads have breathable material that guarantees the utmost comfort and style.

2. It's Skin-Friendly, Soft, and Elastic

Smitizen's shoulder pads with soft silicone look and feel realistic. It also has a smooth surface and skin-friendly materials that immediately broaden shoulder width. You can comfortably wear the shoulder pads without the fear of them slipping or moving out of place.

3. It's Stretchable and Lightweight

You don't have to worry about the strain of wearing these shoulder pads. Its lightweight material makes Smitizen's shoulder pads ideal for all-day use.

4. It Doesn't Fall Off Easily

The shoulder pads are linked by a silicone anti-slip belt that goes to your back, so you can just easily slide the pads over your shoulders. They fit snugly on your deltoid and tricep muscles without the feeling of being strangulated. Feel free to move your arm around without doubting if your shoulder pads will be shifting or sliding off.

5. It's Reusable and Durable

This product is for you if you're seeking a pair of shoulder pads worthy of your hard-earned money. Smitizen utilizes a breathable silicone material that you can reuse whenever you want to. This product lasts longer, depending on your care and attention.

6. It's Very Realistic

Aside from effortlessly blending with your natural skin tone, Smitizen's upgraded shoulder pads are created with attention to realistic details and features.

High and Low Shoulders? No Problem!

Smitizen's upgraded shoulder pads are suitable for men, women, etc., and can be easily hidden under any garment. Women who want to adjust their shoulder size to create a proportionate body aesthetic can even wear these shoulder pads with strapless blouses or dresses without worrying about any accidental slip or fall.

Men who want that extra oomph in their body structure are more than welcome to use the item to recreate the form they've been dreaming of.

Who Can Wear Smitizen's Upgraded Shoulder Pads?

Professional Trainers or Gym Enthusiasts

There is nothing wrong with wanting to stand out among the sea of trainers and gym rats by showing off your hard work. However, your physique might translate better in real life versus in photos. A great solution is wearing a comfortable product that adds bulk to your upper body.

Trainers can also use the shoulder pads' features to show off their muscles more and get additional clients.


Animated characters often have impossible proportions, but that is not a problem! You can easily copy their physiques by adding a few fake muscles here and there.

Wear silicone shoulder pads or muscle suits and bring out your character's sexy or imposing persona by browsing through Smitizen's online store.

Average Joe with a Bigger Build

Not everyone is lean and thin. Some are naturally thick from the moment they are born. If you need more confidence about your size and want to add more centimeters to your shoulders, then click that cart, buy these shoulder pads, and enter your address for immediate delivery!

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Weight 3.5 kg
  • Caucasian
  • Natural
  • Tan
  • Dark
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  1. Fred

    These upgraded silicone pads are a wardrobe essential for me! They have made a noticeable difference in my shoulders, they don’t feel weird in my clothes, and the comfort is top notch.

  2. Steven

    So glad I got this product! The upgraded fake shoulder pads fit perfectly and the push up feature gives me a beautiful, natural shoulder contour. Very great product!

  3. Eddie

    These upgraded shoulder pads have become a must have for me, they give me the perfect shoulder shape. They feel great and the shoulder lift is exactly what I needed. Highly recommended!

  4. Alec

    Very impressed with the upgraded version! The shoulder pads feel great, are comfortable to wear, and the lift is noticeable and natural. Definitely enhances my look!

  5. Carmen

    I love these upgraded shoulder pads! The design is great and they give my shoulders a natural lift that doesn’t look out of place. Great confidence boost!

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