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Protogen knot



What is a protogen Knot?

The word “knot” is used as slang to imply an erection on a protogen or an insertion of one sexual part to another protogen’s (that’s speaking lightly). A protogen knot is simply a protogen erection or protogen sex in certain contexts.

Its inference is from the shape of a dog’s penis right before it ejaculates. When animals mate; specifically, canines, the penis enlarges during climax and remains enlarged to the point where it is stuck inside the female for as long as the mating process goes on.


Protogen knot


This happens to ensure that the male can ejaculate several times before he shrinks down small enough to unmount. It’s the same idea with protogens. When protogens knot you find them in a locked position for as long as the process lasts.

This is a kink in hybrid fanfiction. Protogen knot can also be used in specific contexts as a term to refer to a protogen’s sexual arousal.

It could also refer to the context of solo masturbation, gay sex, straight sex, or sex outside the protogen species. Knotting is simply… anthropo sex.

Why are protogens attractive?

Simple answer? Their design and their knots! It’s common to have a thing for protogens these days especially now that they are getting sexier by the minute. Protogens are quite distinctive creatures. They are often considered cute and can easily be sexualized.


Protogen knot


The fetish world grows by the day and even more fetish interests are being added to the scene. It’s no surprise that Protogens are beginning to gain that kind of attention and they are now seen as attractive and sexual characters.

It could be their design or the futuristic vibe that their look comes with. Whichever it is, this anthro species has surely captured the hearts of many. Imagine seeing this cool-looking creature, visor on and cyborg parts, with a sex toy-like or dildo-sized cock. Just imagine that.

Protogen Attractive Features

One thing that’d be sure to turn heads when a protogen works into a room is how they look. Their robotic features are usually adorned with LED lights that show their expressions and emotions.

These electronic parts are easily fused with their biological parts. And yes! The most prominent biological feature is the protogen knot. Smooth, warm and big! Not like your regular everyday furry character.


Protogen knot


To each artist his own and to every owner his choice of attraction. You can see some characters being more colorful than others. Or, more muscular, having larger boobs, curvy bases, and knots beyond what is considered average-sized.

Protogen Sex Appeal

Beyond how cool and appealing protogens can look, the lore and backstory contribute to their charm. It appeals to our intimate need to be with something mysterious and new. Most people find the theme of advanced technology, futuristic vibe, and fun possibilities for sexual interactions very attractive.


Protogen knot


They are easier to talk to than most people if you ask us. Protogens can easily fit into roleplay scenes like Cyberpunk and other genres and mystical themes or people can just outrightly wear their protogen suits during sex. Sex play can only get all the more interesting with protogens.

Sex Play with Protogen  

There are several ways to incorporate protogens into sex scenes. You could explore using protogen masks as a kinky spice during sex or go full-on protogen suits.

You, your protogen suit, and an erection ready to be pleased. It could be Solo, with a partner, threesome or gangbang. Another way would be using protogen-inspired dildos, strap-ons, and sex toys


Protogen knot


All these are ways to explore your protogen kink. You can find yourself pleasing to the background view of protogen porn as that is a thing too. Sometimes it beats watching regular porn.

It’s new, it’s hardcore just like your regular NSFW content. If you’re into more subtle interest and unconventional foreplay actions you could settle for protogen erotica or galleries and mechanical stimulators.

Of course, let’s not forget how satisfying it can be to incorporate protogen masks and suits in roleplay scenes.

What are the rules for being a Furry?

  • To be a furry is solely by personal choice. However, there are some general unspoken guidelines and principles that most furriers follow.
  • You first have to identify as a furry and that can happen simply by saying you are one.
  • Furries usually find creative ways to express themselves. It could commonly be through art; by creating these characters or living them out, or other mediums. But in all creative expression across all furries is an aesthetic addition.


Protogen knot



  • The use of a fursuit is not quite a requirement but you’ll find it a common thing. Enthusiasts often choose to wear costumes that represent their furry persona. Foxes, dragons, wolves, and of course protogens… you name it.
  •  The joy of the furry community and one thing many find to be a bonus natural feature is the social engagements they can get within the community. Communication between furries seems to be the most natural thing.

Whether it is via social media or physical meet-ups, it is never a dull moment. It can be quite fun and it is usually expected for all furries to engage in that manner.


Protogen knot


  • The furry fandom expects respect and no discrimination from all its members. As a furry, it is a known rule to accept everyone regardless of their diverse identities, backgrounds, and interests
  •  It is important to respect others’ boundaries and when needed seek consent before starting something that wasn’t agreed on initially. It could be sexual interactions or your every day online or offline talks. Either way, always seek consent in these things.

As we said earlier, there is no specific checklist or criteria to be a furry. The community is an open one that welcomes everyone to join and explore.

Being a furry lets you express yourself in the freest way possible and it gives you the chance to connect with other furry/protogen enthusiasts out there.

So be out to have fun always to whatever degree that feels comfortable to you.

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Protogen knot


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Who can be called a Furry?

In the furry fandom, there is disagreement sometimes as to what the requirement for being called a furry is. Some people say that being a furry requires you to think and speak like one.

Even if you attend conventions, wear a fursuit, draw art, write stories, and so on, but do not use furry jargon, you are not a furry.


Protogen knot


Others claim that simply having an interest in these creatures makes you one of them.

You may not be aware that the furry fandom exists or have even heard of a furry convention, let alone attended any but simply appreciating the space makes you a furry.

Our thought on this though is that, whether or not you consider yourself a furry is purely personal.

Rise of Sexual Furries

We have become a sexually liberated society and though the numbers are still crippling, there’s a small number of die-hard enthusiasts who have taken what most people consider a hobby and have added a little bit of spice to it.

Ordinarily, most furries are folks who you would encounter at work/school, randomly on your way to/from the mall, or anyplace else.

But right now, that’s not the only case anymore. You find furries in porn hubs and as vixens ready to bring your sexual desires to life.


Protogen knot


The people who are bold enough to express their sexual side are getting noticed first. And in the furry community, we love to see it.

The internet allows you to be anonymous to the degree you want. So on some furry-friendly sites, people can engage in sexual actions (even if just virtually) that they would never consider in real life.

Fetishes if you might want to call it. The furry community for many is a fun and harmless space to showcase one’s love for furries. It has also become an acceptable platform to express sexuality.