Are you wondering, when does your penis stop growing? Most gay men ask this question with the thought of sexually attracting and satisfying their partners. We’re here to provide essential information about your penis growth, the factors that affect it, and how to make it bigger.

when does your penis stop growing?

Factors About Your Penis Stop Growing

There’s a common discussion connected to the gay community where a gay man with a larger penis length should be the “top” and his partner with a smaller size plays as a “bottom” during anal sex. It’s not just passing gay talk.

This topic was supported by scientific evidence when the National Library of Medicine published a study claiming that larger penis size directly correlates with masculinity, power, and stamina.

when does your penis stop growing?

Although gay people are not rattled much by this news, it is no secret that penis size is a big deal to the gay community. It is of great importance to know about it, not only for the sake of sexual pleasure but also for sexual health as well.

Penis growth can vary from person to person. Although it is a biological process, it is still affected by various factors. Here are several factors that affect your penis size and may cause your penis to stop growing:

Hormones, Puberty, and Age Limit

when does your penis stop growing?

The size of your penis is affected mainly by your testosterone level. When you reach puberty by the age of 9 to 15, your body releases testosterone, a sexual hormone produced primarily in your testes and is responsible for sexual development.

The higher your body’s testosterone level, the larger your penis is. It peaks in your late teen years or early 20s, which also means the end of puberty. You can expect that your penis will reach its maximum natural size at this stage.

Puberty can also bring changes that affect the overall size of your penis, such as:

· Growth of pubic hair around your penis

· Growth of your testicles

· Release of semen at night, or as gays call it, “wet dreams.”

· More frequent erections and ejaculation

Chemical Intakes

when does your penis stop growing?

Some chemicals, like endocrine disruptors, can disrupt your body’s testosterone levels. These substances can be found in foods, cosmetics, plastic bottles, and medical devices. Although it’s hard to identify which food products contain such chemicals directly, it is crucial to avoid them to reduce their harmful effects on your penis size.

Smoking And Penis Size

penis growth

It is already established that smoking adversely impacts our health. Still, it’s not common knowledge that it can also reduce the size of your penis. Smoking clogs your arteries, which reduces the blood circulation in your penis.

Once blood flow is restricted in your penis chambers, it gradually stops growing and could cause erectile dysfunction.

Masturbation, Erect Penis, And Penis Growth


It’s hard to break, but masturbation cannot make your penis larger. It can only lead to erection for a temporary time, and the testosterone level also increases during this time. But everything will go back to normal once you’re done masturbating.

This breaks the myth among the gay community that the more frequently you ejaculate, the higher the chance of increasing your penis size.

What is the Average Penis Size?

when does your penis stop growing?

Many gay men are curious about what really is the average size penis. Knowing can either validate their size or be a challenge to beat. Peer-reviewed studies from BJU International suggest that the average flaccid penis length is 3.61 inches and an average girth of 3.67 inches.

At the same time, the erect penis length is 5.16 inches and 4.59 inches in circumference.

Does Size Matter?

when does your penis stop growing?

Gay men like to play with penises more prominent than the average. There are several aspects of penis size that they are concerned with, such as:

Sexual satisfaction

when does your penis stop growing?

Gay partners enjoy playing with big dicks.

They believe they can do many things when faced with a larger penis in bed, such as sexual satisfaction associated with anal sex and sex toys like vibrators, fleshlight, cock rings, prostate stimulators, and other pleasure-inducing toys.

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Most gay men lack confidence in sexual matters when their penis size is smaller than usual. Others even lie sometimes so that they will feel valued. Generally, gays are more proud of themselves when their penises are huge, especially when compared to friends and hookup partners.

Dictates Scene Roles

scene roles

Higher penis length trumps smaller ones, meaning you get to be dominant. In scenes involving anal sex and BDSM, roles are important to elevate sexual ability.

How To Make Your Penis Bigger

when does your penis stop growing?

You have a greater chance of improving your penis size if you’re still young. When you’re in the 20-30 age range, you can still increase your testosterone levels, especially when you’re a late bloomer. But if you’re already in your early 30s and above, there’s little to no chance of adding to your testosterones.

You’ll probably need to undergo penis enlargement, which only professionals can do. Either way, we are here to give you helpful tips to promote penis growth that will satisfy you.

Tips to Promote Healthy Penis Growth

Lifestyle Choices

when does your penis stop growing?

If you want to enhance your penis size, develop routines and lifestyle changes that can last. Although some life choices have no systematic review and cannot absolutely guarantee penis growth, it’s better to follow them and try for as long as there’s no harm in return.

You can start with these four key points:

· Losing Weight – The presence of fats can bury a layer of your penis, making it appear shorter than before. We suggest you lose weight to avoid this.

· Shave Public Hair – Pubic hair can also obstruct the base of your penis, leading to a shorter size when viewed by your partner during sexual encounters. Make a habit of trimming these hairs regularly so that you won’t have a problem when someone asks you right away to hook up with him.

· Good Physical Fitness – Regular stretching exercises are proven to improve blood circulation all over the body. When matched with a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, and lean protein, it can promote hormone balance.

· Avoid Smoking – As mentioned earlier, smoking can block your blood flow which leads to prohibiting the penis from growing. Try quitting smoking and avoid alcohol and other harmful substances to help your penis grow.

Pills, Creams, and Devices

when does your penis stop growing?

Gay men apply creams and take testosterone supplements for hormone treatment. Hundreds of brands are already in the market, claiming their products are effective testosterone supplements that can increase penis length.

However, do not easily fall for it. It is still essential to consult a healthcare provider and get recommendations regarding the pills that are best for your sexual health.

Secondly, penile traction devices have caught the attention of numerous gay men because of the claims that they increase penis length. It involves wearing a device daily within a specific time, and you must do it for a few weeks to straighten your penis.

Hormone Therapy


Testosterone Replacement Therapy is often administered to individuals with low hormone levels due to late puberty and other medical conditions like micropenis. These conditions often cause the penis to be smaller than average.

Penis Surgery

when does your penis stop growing?

A board-certified Urologist and a plastic surgeon commonly perform penis surgery. This surgery aims to elongate your penis for an improved quality of life and more satisfying sexual intercourse.

Many gay people are involved in this surgery mainly because they’re not satisfied with their penis size. However the procedure may be effective, but this penis enlargement process involves risks and complications. We recommend considering other options first before undergoing this surgery.

Potential Complications of Enhanced Penis Growth


There is no shame in wanting your penis to grow larger by undergoing hormone therapy or enlargement surgery. However, you must be ready for the complications after the procedures. We’ve listed below several risks involved in these enhancing treatments.

1. You can encounter adverse reactions with anesthesia, inflammation, infection, and erectile dysfunction.

2. Unnecessary pain during sexual intercourse.

3. Having difficulty during urination.

4. Other procedures can cause tissue damage and scarring.

5. Difficulty achieving orgasm.

Suppose you have any of these complications after undergoing therapy or treatment. In that case, it’s best to consult your Urologist or healthcare provider.

Penis Stop Growing Final Thoughts

when does your penis stop growing?

Penis growth occurs as testosterone levels increases during puberty. The maximum natural penis size is reached when puberty ends in the late teen years or early 20s. However, with the presence of research and technology, people find other solutions to make their dicks bigger.

This is especially important for gay men who want to experience better sexual satisfaction.

These procedures include lifestyle choices, testosterone supplements, treatments, and surgeries. Gay people must also remember outside factors affecting their penis sizes, such as chemical intake and substance abuse.

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