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How to Prepare for Gay Circuit Parties in 2024


When you think of the queer community, what easily comes to mind is self-expression, stand-out fashion, circuit parties, and kinky sex. This is what Smitizen is all about. We are out to help you explore your sexuality as widely as you wish to. Circuit parties play a noticeable role within the gay community. They are always a good place for freedom and expression for newbies just embracing their coming out journey and old timers(if we can call them that) in the community.

How you turn up for a circuit party is quite important even if in the end there’s a lot of skin that would be seen and felt. You can still choose to attend in the most stylish way possible. In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about circuit parties and tips for you to get the most out of your experience.



What happens at a circuit party?

How to Prepare for Gay Circuit Parties in 2024Since it has the word ‘party’ in it, it’s only normal to expect a fun experience and that is exactly what goes down. Expect loud music, sexy gay men in harnesses, tank tops, and jockstraps, dance parties with EDM and themed music, strippers, drag queens, and the most liberal space for gay sexuality. Think of it like the much bigger version of a themed nightclub event, only this time the attendance is packed and loaded with gay awesomeness. Aside from the crazy fun that goes on, circuit parties foster interactions and love among gay people and that can help take away the pressure some might feel in their everyday lives. Popular circuit parties have been known to also be an avenue for HIV/AIDS awareness and fundraising for the homeless.


Why is it called a circuit party?

How to Prepare for Gay Circuit Parties in 2024History tells us that the concept of circuit parties came to life in the late ‘80s. It started being hosted by Black and Latino Men, in an underground gay club in both Chicago and Detroit in the US. At that time the word ‘circuit’ was used to describe a type of dance music that only played at these parties. Hence it was called a circuit party. This form of expressive stance began as a way to promote Peace, Respect, Love, Unity, and the gay movement. That is what birthed what we know and love today. Now circuit parties refer to a large gathering where gay men can dance together often for fundraising and specific good causes and that is not far off from the original intention. The word circuit was used to simply refer to the network of underground nightclubs where gay men could dance together. The earlier parties were much smaller but one common thing among a few others is that both times(past and now) were a means to bring the queer community together and make everyone feel like a part of something worthwhile.


What are the stereotypes of the circuit party?

How to Prepare for Gay Circuit Parties in 2024It’s not uncommon to associate circuit parties with the idea of a party scene that encourages hard drug use and unsafe sex practices. It would be unfair of us to discredit that stereotype but that is seldom the case. People attend circuit parties and have good fun. They get to dance, have a few drinks, and have a good time with other participants at the venue. And if sex comes into the scene during and after the party it is often consensual. There are rules against sexual harassment during these events. That goes against the idea of these parties so it is always frowned upon. Another stereotype would be the notion of seeing only muscled-out guys and toned men. That has never been the case. The gay community is a body-positive community and you’ll find everyone well-represented at circuit parties as long as they want to be there. The negative stereotype that stands out the most is the use of drugs. Always playing it safe is best and a few tips for that would be to always know what goes into your mouth and go to these events with friends.


How do you prepare for a circuit party?

How to Prepare for Gay Circuit Parties in 2024With your ticket secured it can be very exciting to prepare for a circuit party especially if it’s your first. Get the details right (dates, venues, reservations, or any other accommodation plan) and if it is a themed party, stick to the theme with your outfit for a more inclusive experience. If it’s a circuit party without a theme then common outfit items that will make you feel your sexiest are tank tops or crop tops, harnesses, jockstraps, bike shorts, and of course shoes you’re most comfortable in. If you choose to bring a little extra spice to your look you can have your outfits colour-coordinated and add in some form of comfortable leather accessory. Note that you’ll only be wearing all of these at the venue so carrying a backpack would suffice in this situation. With all the fun you’ll be having you most likely want to show as much skin as you wish to so just go for comfortable breathable fashion items.  If you need a few circuit party outfit ideas and items, check out our collection.


Circuit Events Coming Up

How to Prepare for Gay Circuit Parties in 2024In the past, these events have successfully raised funds as well as created an avenue for gay men to have the best kinds of fun. These successes have given rise to more and more circuit party locations. You’ll popularly find locations in the US, across Europe, Canada, and South East Asia. The list includes International and Local themed parties which attract people from across the world.


From southeast Asia

  1. How to Prepare for Gay Circuit Parties in 2024G Circuit Songkran –Bangkok, Thailand
  • Date: April 12 – 15, 2024
  • Recommended Hotel: Novotel Sukhumvit 4and Bangkok Hostels.

G Circuit attracts a massive crowd and is hosted in Thailand during Songkran (Thai New Year celebration) in April.


  1. Circuit Asia Weekend – Pattaya, Thailand
  • Date: June 7 – 9, 2024
  • Recommended Hotel: The Zign Hotel

Hosted by The Matinée Group. It is held just outside of Bangkok and it is a very popular gay event.


South America

  1. How to Prepare for Gay Circuit Parties in 2024H&H (Hell & Heaven) Festival – Brazil
  • Date: Nov 14 – 17, 2024
  • Recommended Hotel: Villa Galé Resort

H&H Festival is one of the biggest gay circuit parties in Brazil. You should expect to see men in all varieties ready to have fun till they drop.



  1. How to Prepare for Gay Circuit Parties in 2024Black and Blue – Montreal, Canada
  • Date: 2024 Dates Not Announced

Black and Blue is a circuit party specially hosted to celebrate the unique style of the gay community within and outside Canada.


United States

  1. How to Prepare for Gay Circuit Parties in 2024Folsom Circuit Parties – San Francisco, California
  • Date: Sept 28 – 29, 2024
  • Recommended Hotel: Gay-Friendly San Francisco Hotels

It is one of the largest themed circuit parties within the community. It is a leather fetish event that is hosted in San Francisco.

  1. Gay Days – Orlando, Florida
  • Date: May 30 – June 3, 2024
  • Recommended Hotel: Margaritaville Resort and Wyndham Orlando

Gay Days has kept attendees always anticipating the next event and this year promises to be even more fun come May.

How to Prepare for Gay Circuit Parties in 2024

  1. Pines Party – Fire Island, New York
  • Date: Aug 9 – 11, 2024

Fire Island Pines is a popular LGBTQ hotspot and every year one of the biggest gay festivals is hosted there.


  1. Purple Party – Dallas, Texas
  • Date: May 2 – 6, 2024
  • Recommended Hotel: Dallas Marriott Suites Market Center and Dallas Gay-Friendly Hotels

It is geared towards charity. A non-profit charity event hosted down south in Dallas. It is arguably one of the biggest gay events in the Southern USA.



  1. How to Prepare for Gay Circuit Parties in 2024Circuit Festival Barcelona
  • Date: Aug 10 – 18, 2024
  • Recommended Hostel: NH Gran Hotel Calderón, W Hotel BCN, and Axel Hotel Barcelona

Expect to see men beyond count. Barcelona prides itself in hosting the best gay events and the Circuit Festival in previous years supports that claim.


  1. XLSIOR – Mykonos, Greece
  • Date: Aug 22 – 28, 2024
  • Recommended Hotel: Andronikos Hotel, Riva Suites, Kivotos Mykonos, Nimbus Mykonosand Mykonos Plum Guide Listings

A gay party on an island? Yes, please. This is one of the most popular international circuit parties in recent times and it’s understandable why. Good music, good people, perfect location. Check out other Circuit parties coming up in 2024


Circuit Gear

How to Prepare for Gay Circuit Parties in 2024Things you should typically look out for with outfits include bold colors, breathable clothing, and accessories.

  1. Show off skin with a harnessand jockstrap combo. There will be a lot of skin contact and bumping. You’ll be glad you have enough skin to sweat out with this combo. Gay underwear and harnesses are a staple look for good reasons.
  2. Wear a Tank top and Biker shorts. The goal is to be as comfortable as possible. Shorts high up enough to show off your legs and tops that fit just right are the way to go.

smitizen suitsIf it’s a themed party you can accessorise following the theme’s specifications. Common theme accessories include monster masks, Neon body paints and stylish menswear, BDSM-themed gear, and specific fetish headgear like Fantasy Creatures and Latex. Our circuit party outfits include items for specific fetish interests such as male masks, monster masks, and harnesses. We aim to make you stand out right from the moment you walk in till it is all over.



How to Prepare for Gay Circuit Parties in 2024Whether it’s a themed party or one without a theme, the goal should be to show up as simply as you can but yet very stylishly. Simple yet stylish outfits make up the perfect circuit gear. Browse our website Smitizen.com for specific items to find the pair that’s just right for you.