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For some men, size doesn’t matter. But for some, a giant booty is a matter of feeling more confident in yourself and how other people see you. In this day and age, a fake butt is almost necessary for men.

Some men hit the gym to work on their booty to get bigger. Gone are the days when you could be content with a small and underdeveloped booty.

But getting sweaty at the gym may not be your best bet if you want to get bigger booty fast. The perfect solution? Use fake butts.

Why, even male celebrities – and many of them – are sporting fake butts nowadays. It’s no wonder that more and more men want to get in on the same action. If you’re thinking of getting a fake butt yourself, don’t worry.

Continue reading this post and learn how you can get a bigger butt fast without the added work of sweating it out at the gym.

Go for the simplest and cheapest option: butt pads. 

First on our list is the butt pad.

If you haven’t heard of it, butt pads are the easiest way to give your booty the shape and volume you want.

Butt pads are usually made of a concave round disc to match the natural curve of your butt. For more natural, butt pads are tapered thinly on the edge with a thick center to give your booty the volume it needs. As butt pads go, you have different options for sizes from small to double or triple large.

Butt pads give you more volume.

Most butt pads are usually made of foam. On the other hand, you can also look for a silicon butt pad that is more natural-looking. However, they are heavier to carry than foam ones.

This is the cheapest and most convenient option to get a bigger booty fast, but it can be uncomfortable when not worn right.

You need to choose the right type and size of butt pad for it to work for you. Also, you need to wear special underwear to accommodate the butt pads and adjust them accordingly to look natural.

Butt pads are cheap, but they also get deformed easily when not worn properly. Aside from looking weird and not realistic enough, it can sometimes become uncomfortable when you wear them.

The better option than pads: butt implants

Next on the list is butt implants. What makes butt implants a good choice is that they help make your booty look curvy in no time. There are many ways in which a butt implant works.

Different types of butt implants 

There are three types of butt implants: the Brazilian butt lift, Sculptra filler, and silicone or hydrogel butt injections.

A Brazillian butt lift works when fat taken from other body parts like the thigh or the abdomen is grafted into your butt to make it look more shapely and fuller. In some cases, a Sculptra filler is injected into your butt’s soft tissues to help form additional collagen to increase volume over time. This requires a few sessions, though, and can become expensive over time.

Lastly are the hydrogel and silicone butt injections. Compared to a Brazillian butt lift and a Sculptra filler, this injection is a much cheaper option for making your butt look bigger. But there are dangers to consider with this procedure.

Beware, butt implants can be dangerous.

Since silicone and hydrogel injections are not surgeries, they need to be injected in certain areas of your butt to create volume. There are some cases where unlicensed providers inject silicone and hydrogel, which can be dangerous.

First, the product and the injection can be non-sterile and cause infections that may prove life-threatening or, worse, fatal. Silicone and hydrogel are both soft materials. In turn, they don’t stay in just one place. They could also lead to hard lumps called granulomas due to infection.

But more than anything else, butt implants may cause severe pain due to excessive bleeding after the surgery, scarring, infection, allergic reactions, fluid or blood accumulation in the buttocks, skin discoloration, or worse, death.

The safest and easiest way to a bigger booty: wear a fake silicone butt

The good news is there’s another and much safer way of growing your butt without the pain and danger of surgeries. How?

You can wear a fake silicone butt. Compared to butt pads and butt implants, a fake silicone butt is like a combination of the first two. Fake butts are silicone with an entire ass appearance that makes them more realistic to touch and see.


Choose the best fake butt for you.

The best thing about fake butts? You can easily put them on and off!

So if you’re wondering which fake butt suits you best, wonder no more. Keep reading because we’ve put up a list of the best silicone fake butts that you can choose from and try.

Silicone shorts

First on our list is the silicone shorts.

Just like the regular shorts that you wear, this one is made of highly elastic and stretchable silicone. It also comes with a hollow cock, and a soft life-like dildo made bigger and stronger to accommodate your size.

You also get a realistic belly button and that perfect backside curve, thanks to the appearance of a volumized butt.

Silicone muscle pant

Next up is the silicone muscle pants. As a fake butt, this is the most popular choice among men like you.

The silicone muscle pant is the easiest way to give you that good and complete ass. PLUS, you get the added benefit of having instant bullfrog-like thigh muscles to look strong and ripped. This muscle pant silicone fake butt also sports realistic blood vessels and pairs well with this muscle suit to help complete your overall look.

Silicone muscle bodysuit

But then again, having the look of a volumized butt is not nearly enough for some men. You’d want to have that look of having firm muscles overall. If that man is you, then you’re just in luck.

The silicone muscle bodysuit is the perfect choice to give you that fake butt with just the ideal volume. More than having a fake butt, you get the perfect look of having the ideal body figure with ripped chest muscles and a well-defined belly line that you can show off by wearing tight shirts.

Like all the fake silicone butt options on this list, this is very easy to put on and take off, is highly elastic and stretchable, and will give you that perfect body without breaking a sweat.

Reasons to get a muscle bodysuit.

If you’re still on the fence about why you should get a fake silicone butt instead, here are some benefits that might help you decide.

They’re realistic. 

Silicone, especially high-grade silicone, looks almost as real as your skin. Because of that, silicone is the best material to use if you want a fake butt that looks realistic.

It’s highly stretchable.

What’s excellent about silicone is that it can stretch up to 100x its original size! That’s a real relief because then you don’t have to worry about your fake silicone butt not fitting you. Because of its stretchable quality, silicone remains snug and fit to your body while at the same time giving your skin room to breathe.

It’s durable.

Last but not least is the fact that silicone is highly durable. With proper care and maintenance, you can use your fake silicone butt for years before you have to buy a new one.


A more giant and volumized booty is having better confidence in yourself. While there are many ways for you to get that bigger booty, you have to weigh the pros and cons of each option for you.

If you want to get a fake butt fast without resorting to painful injections or surgery, choosing silicone fake butts would be your best choice.