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 Gay Men Transformation with Realist


A lot of times these three concepts; cross-dressing, gender identity, and sexual orientation, are commonly interchanged to mean one or the other. That narrative needs to change as that is not the case. You can Gay Men Transformation with Realist 2already imagine the shock it brings to the minds of many when they finally meet a gay man who is also a crossdresser after an assumed thought that they are the same. Crossdressing traditionally is a term used to describe the act of wearing clothing intended for the opposite gender but in recent times it has moved past clothing and into the concept of transformation. With cross-dressing, you get the chance to change into a whole different person. The reason why gay men do it varies from person to person. This article aims to enlighten you on those reasons and to let you in on important tips for rocking a female mask as a gay crossdresser. Pushing you one step forward into confidence.



How female masks empower gay crossdressers

 Gay Men Transformation with Realist 3Some gay men crossdress. They like how they look while others crossdress because they find it sexually arousing for themselves or their partners. The idea of wearing a mask while giving a satisfying blowjob to a gay partner is a turn-on. Some do it because they find it comfortable to be in female clothing and a custom female mask just seems more befitting to pair with that persona. To every man his own and whatever kink rocks his boat. Dressing up and looking feminine can create a new sense of sexiness and boldness not quite common to many and that is one of the many reasons gay men wear female masks.

Using the female mask for the ultimate gay crossdresser experience

Gay Men Transformation with Realist 4Nothing boosts the confidence of a gay crossdresser more than wearing a custom-made female mask with makeup baked to perfection. Most times these masks are worn to avoid the contrast of a masculine and bearded face with a feminine outfit. It is common for gay men to not feel confident enough in public with their real identity before coming out and that’s normal. Wearing a female mask in this regard allows them to put on both identities as they please. The makeup, the wig, the silicone masks, and all other things serve as tools for true self-expression.

Benefits of Wearing Female Masks

Gay Men Transformation with Realist 5Incorporating female masks into crossdressing is a way to add an extra layer of feel-good magic for those who require it.

  1. You get your desired feminine
  2. Makes you more confident in your identity.
  3. It increases the chances of you becoming more attractive to the opposite sex.
  4. Experience the pleasures of being with men and women.
  5. You’ll notice positive changes in your sexual arousal
  6. Better orgasms.

Yes! You read it correctly. Better orgasms are assured. This works best if your female mask originally serves a purpose as a kink in your sexual life or between you and your gay partner. Female masks let you unleash the side of you that may have been suppressed by society. The bedroom is always a safe place to let loose.

The Beauty of Female Masks

Gay Men Transformation with Realist 7A feminine Mask is one made to create a female appearance. These masks are usually made of silicone, latex, or other similar materials that make them look as realistic as can be and in most cases when worn correctly you can hardly tell the difference. With the many different options available in the market there is always a variety of choices to make to get you the desired look. These designs can be as elaborate as the ones that allow you to wear masks that carry the facial and chest features of a female. Or simple ones that are plain and let you customize as you wish.

Enhancing your appearance with grace

Gay Men Transformation with Realist 8Feminine masks are a very important add-on for a gay crossdresser because they have the potential to change the aura you carry when you walk into any place wearing one that properly fits. With your beards and other facial hairs covered up and make-up laid correctly you’ll be turning heads more than you’re ordinarily used to.  You get to walk in grace and confidence with your realistic and feminine masked appearance.


A silicone mask is always the best choice when selecting a female mask. These come in different sizes and variations so it’s always best to get the right fit and one that suits your aesthetic. Silicone masks are often recommended because they almost always suit any look you’ll go for.

Redefining beauty standards through transformation

Gay Men Transformation with Realist 9Nobody can dictate what beauty is and what it isn’t anymore and that is the gay man’s power. Choosing to be gay and a crossdresser is as beautiful as beauty comes. There is no norm to what you can and can’t wear and as long as it isn’t sexually inappropriate with the wrong audience there is no law that guides against the freedom to express. You can choose to wear a full-face mask or a half mask to give you a realistic or more natural look. All of which can be custom-made or bought ready-made.


Natural-looking features that bring your fantasies to life

Gay Men Transformation with Realist 10When it comes to female masks the aim is usually to look as real and as beautiful as possible. The features mostly influenced include the nose, lips, and chin, and for advanced designs, the inclusion of female breasts. These masks are all available in your skin tone of choice. So if you choose to go for a skin tone other than one that is originally natural to you, it is all possible.


Choosing the Perfect Female Mask

Gay Men Transformation with Realist 11You should have answers to questions like What purpose do you intend to use this for? Do you want a close to natural look or are you looking to change your appearance? More questions you should have answers to should include the kind of materials you want your mask to be made of and if you want it to be a full-face mask or one that just covers your lower face. You should also take into consideration your budget for all of these as some sets can be pricier than others.


The ultimate criteria for choosing the right feminine mask should be the right fit. Make sure that the type of mask you choose fits properly and is comfortable above all else.

How to find the perfect Mask for you

Gay Men Transformation with Realist 12A few helpful tips to find the perfect mask for you include: choosing the right skin tone unless otherwise required, choosing the right material for you, having a mask that fits correctly; not big and not too small, choosing the right style of mask and finally opting for the best quality.


At Smitizen we have all the right choices of silicone female masks for your feminine transformation. From a simple choice to choosing to be a red-lip hot femme. Check out our website via the links and options below:



Real People Using Female Masks for Their Transformations

It is always best to see things you can better relate to. You get a glimpse of those who have embraced this journey and are living their truth and expressing themselves freely. Here are a few people who have used a female mask as a part of their journey of self-expression. Real men having fun with realistic female masks.


  1.  Gay Men Transformation with Realist 13The process of disguising with a female mask

@ikumiko1 is a YouTuber who has found a niche in experimenting with female masks. With the 15.4K subscribers he has gathered over the years; he creates content by exploring the many different ways he can include his female mask designs in his daily life. So far he has incorporated it into cosplay and some of his most explored characters are Spider Girl and a Zentai plug suit character named “Sakura”. Of Course, he shows his users the many ways he chooses to disguise using his female mask.


  1. Bestan_Masking

smitizenIf you’ve ever felt like you’re the only man who has developed an interest in masking then you should think again because there are a lot of people like you all around the world. Here is @bestan who is a proud French female masker. In his words, he says “I’m just a guy who likes to look like a girl”. And you’ll see that clearly on his Instagram page content. He has quite a unique collection of realistic female masks which he proudly shows off whenever he chooses.


  1. Male-to-female transformation

Smitizev@Alena_mnsk is an open-minded individual who loves to wear female masks and all the other accessories that can be paired with them like pantyhose, wigs, eyelashes, makeup, long nails, push-up bras, and so on. He enjoys his time putting up content that shows step-by-step the process of how he transforms his look from male to female on several occasions. He says it’s a fulfilling experience for him and he is always open to ideas that can be beneficial to his look.



SmitizenAt Smitizen.com our silicone masks are made from medical grade silicone and are designed to resemble the appearance of human skin making it believable enough for you to flaunt. The ideal finishing touch for any cross-dress look being put together is a good feminine mask. These masks can help you look your best whether you’re going for a sensual or more elegant look or something neutral enough for you to blend into the crowd with. Realistic feminine masks come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Make it a choice to go for the very comfortable ones and begin experimenting as you wish.