Realistic Crossdresser Female Mask – May Mask

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$370.00 $204.94

  • Perfect for a disguise
  • Highly stretchable and easy to wear
  • Mouth can be opened for talking, drinking and eating
  • Makeup applied and implanted eyebrows in new color
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Weight 1 kg

Caucasian, Natural


Coquettish (+$199.00), Girlish (+$199.00), Mature (+$199.00), Normal


Careful Crafting Service, None

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  1. Anonymous

    It is the best mask I ever bought! You will not be disappointed when you look in the mirror and see a beautiful woman staring back at you!

  2. Anonymous

    This mask is unlike many others on the market. The material feels good. a very comfortable feeling on the skin and the special effect that I never sweat under this mask. just great. very easy to care for and the material is unique, you have the feeling that it also cools your skin. I can only say to all of you out there in the crossdresser world: TOP material and it’s worth every penny. I also have to say that the service is more than helpful and I am more than thrilled. I haven’t found anything comparable in the last 30 years and I’m a passionate mask wearer who has worn this mask for a long time. highly recommended and beautiful.

    Realistic Crossdresser Female Mask - May Mask
    Realistic Crossdresser Female Mask - May Mask
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