Silicone Snow Dragon Mask

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Our new silicone monster mask is a Snow Dragon Mask. The Silicone Snow Dragon Mask looks like an anthropomorphic dragon. It has a snout structured to assimilate a lizard-like nose with slightly side-facing elongated nostrils.

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Silicone Snow Dragon Mask

Product Introduction

Flex your pure inner self with our new addition of Silicone Snow Dragon Mask made with all-white surfaces. Cold as snow yet hot as a dragon, this mask has distinct features of cone-shaped horns and ears, an enlarged nose and eyebrows, a complete set of sharp teeth, and a pinkish tongue. The contours and edges are crafted in detail to make all facial parts distinguishable.

Product Description

The mask radiates different emotions as you view it from different angles. Flashing it through in front view, the snow mask looks like a happy dragon. But when viewed in left or ride side views, it gives off an emotion full of rage and fury. Viewing the mask on the top front, the dragon looks calm with a hidden agenda waiting for its prey to attack.

Upon looking at the neck, you’ll notice the two semi-diagonal border lines surrounding the anterior triangle. The overall neck and the regions connecting to the upper shoulder and jaw lines are molded to personify a muscular-built man. A canal is built between the collar bones protruding downward to the bottom edge of the mask to form a chest that flawlessly suits your body.

The two horns are placed right at the top and slightly backward head position. As you can notice, the horns are not directly connected to the skull. Instead, they are embedded in cylindrical craters as if the horns are planted to fit them. It is the same with the design of the ears, except that each ear is made of three horns combined with a thin layer of fins.

The rear portion of the mask is covered with thinner sheets fitting perfectly in your skull and neck down to the upper back shoulders.

Material and Product Use

If you’re into pure products with an imperative mood, you’ll enjoy wearing our Silicone Snow Dragon Mask. You don’t need to worry about skin irritation and unease. Our product in Smitizen is tested with comfort to anyone using it, passing the standards against skin allergies. Made with high-quality silicone, you can use this mask as often as possible without fearing tearing it fast.

Whether you’re into live-action BDSM role plays or character plays, like the Dungeons & Dragons, our Silicone Snow Dragon Mask will not disappoint you. Level up your game and showcase your blending dragon-like emotions. With its default white color, you can match it with any of our Muscle Suits and other Smitizen accessories.

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