Silicone Candy Dragon Mask

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Our new silicone monster mask is a Candy Dragon Mask. The Silicone Candy Dragon Mask looks like an anthropomorphic dragon. It has a snout structured to assimilate a lizard-like nose with slightly side-facing elongated nostrils.

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Silicone Candy Dragon Mask

Product Introduction

The Candy Dragon Mask features a cute, cartoonish design with a pastel color scheme reminiscent of macarons. The main body is a delicate blend of pink and cream, creating a soft and soothing appearance. The dragon's protruding horns are also cream-colored, matching the patterns on the body and adding a touch of liveliness and cuteness to the overall look. The simple geometric patterns further emphasize the cartoonish style, making this mask a perfect addition to any fun and playful outfit.

The deeper shade of red around the eye sockets and face creates a visual focal point, enhancing the 3D effect of the mask and making it stand out even more. With its charming design and attention to detail, this Candy Dragon Mask is the perfect accessory for anyone looking to add a touch of whimsy and fantasy to their look.

Whether for a costume party or just for fun, this mask will turn heads and make a bold statement. Get ready to unleash your inner dragon and let your imagination run wild with this adorable and playful mask.

Product Description

Upon looking at the mask, you’ll notice the distinction of colors emphasizing the upper and lower extremities of the facial and chest body parts. For instance, the outer side of the nose is colored pink cream, while the inner parts are in light to dark red to establish the shallower and deeper parts of the nose. The dirty white stripes in the chest extended diagonally through the edges are matched with dark red contours underneath to make the crate more realistic.

The dark shades of red surrounding the two eyes were placed smartly to resemble a dragon’s fire ability. The color extends through the channels between eyebrows with numerous stripes symbolizing a splash of fire. The shade is distributed throughout the body to show that the mask’s power and strength are drawn in multi-dimensions.

Dragons are known to have sharp teeth. That is why we made sure that our Silicone Candy Dragon Mask has fine-edged teeth in white with two fangs at the upper portion to demonstrate power and dominance.

Material and Product Use

The Candy Dragon Mask is made of authentic silicone material tested for durability, elastomer stability, stain resistance, and temperature tolerance. You can expect that this mask is high quality, which you can use in costume plays or BDSM foreplays where you can become sweet like a candy yet powerful as a dragon-dominant partner.

The design and macaron colors of the Silicone Candy Dragon Mask blend well with other Smitizen products, such as the Realistic Muscle Vest with Red Dragon Tattoo. When you pair these two products, you’ll embody a robust and sexy personality that pleases your comrade.

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