Male Silicone Feet

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Do you want to cover up your feet without making it obvious? If you wish to go out looking like you’re barefoot or make your feet look more prominent, we’ve got the perfect product for you. The Smitizen Silicone Foot Cover is a sock-like silicone piece that looks like a foot. It’s the long-awaited silicone gear many Smitizen users have been asking for.

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Features of a Silicone Foot Cover


The Silicone Foot consists of high-grade and skin-friendly silicone material. No matter how sensitive your feet’s skin is, it’s perfect for everyone who wants to cover their feet with a second skin. Because it uses stretchable silicone material, the foot cover is easy to wear and fits over each toe. Wearing and adjusting the foot cover takes only a few seconds.


The best part about the Silicone Foot is that it looks realistic. The product features a realistic skin-like texture and veins. The toes also have natural wrinkles and skin tone variation in all the right places. Plus, the foot cover goes beyond the ankle. You could cover its end with long pants.


You don’t need to worry about the silicone tearing up when you use it for walking “barefoot” for an extended period. But remember that the foot covers don’t have heavy-duty soles like regular shoes, so don’t use them as shoe alternatives.


Ways to Use a Silicone Foot Cover


What will you need a silicone foot cover for? We can think of some situations where you’ll enjoy wearing a pair of foot covers. It’s the best item for all who want to gain big masculine feet. Use it for photo shoots with a focus on the feet. Another use of the silicone foot cover is to cover up any tattoos, birthmarks, scars, or other markings on your feet you don’t want people to see. You can even cover any rough callouses with a pair of smooth, perfectly textured silicone foot covers!


Do you need to cosplay a character that is always barefoot? Don’t let your sensitive feet keep you from playing that character! The same applies to any barefoot costumes, like Halloween werewolf costumes. You could even incorporate some of your creativeness by putting makeup on the silicone to add other details to your costume. For example, the character has a foot tattoo or colorful pedicure.


Kink activities are also ideal occasions for users of silicone foot covers. Whether you enjoy kinky activities with feet or wearing full-body costumes, we’ve got you! Our Smitizen silicone pants and full-body muscle suits are excellent combinations for a pair of foot covers. They’ll have the same colors, textures, and look. Get a pair to complete the set if you don’t like the feeling of your feet staying exposed while you wear muscle pants or a muscle bodysuit.



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