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Please read our guide and enter the enthralling world of pet play! Learn the foundational basics, explore its benefits, and discover how to start your adventure!

Pet Play: A Beginner’s Insight

Pet play is a type of roleplaying where the members of the party adopt the characteristics and behaviors of a specific pet. It’s in no way a literal transformation, of course.  It’s about concretizing the spirit and traits of your chosen pet animal and imbuing them into your human experience.

So, why do people do it?

Discovery and Exploration: It’s about tapping into your primal instincts. When you do pet play, you let yourself be playful, mischievous, or even a little (or hella) wild. It’s about letting go of inhibitions and finding a different way of expressing yourself.

Power Dynamics: Here, one person takes the role of the “pet,” and the other person the “owner” or “handler.” But there’s one magic ingredient: pet play must always have consent, with a generous splash of clear boundaries and constant communication.

Pet Play: A Beginner's Insight-1

Variety of Forms: Go all out or start small with your pet playing. You can be a cute pup, a cuddly bear, or a majestic horse. You can even be a dragon or a nine-tailed fox! As long as you can draw out your inner animal, the choice is yours. There’s no right or wrong answer!

A Safe Space: Pet play provides a safe space to explore facets of your personality that you might not otherwise express. It can be therapeutic, liberating, and, did we already say — a whole lot of fun.

Props and Costumes: Often, pet play involves props and costumes, like collars, leashes, or even full-on pet suits. But these are by no means required, so it’s accessible to everyone!

Pet Play: A Beginner's Insight-2

Are you excited to discover what pet play holds in store for you? Read on!

Pet Space Explained: What It Truly Means 

Pet space is a mental state where you let your human self take a backseat and allow your inner “pet” to come out and play.  Let’s be clear: entering the pet space doesn’t mean you’re about to sprout wings or start meowing uncontrollably.

Think of it as the “subspace” of the pet play community. It’s the rush of endorphins you feel during play.

Pet Space Explained: What It Truly Means 

BDSM and Pet Play: What’s the Difference?

So, are they the same breed, you ask? Not quite. They’re more like cousins rather than siblings.  BDSM is a wider umbrella encompassing animal roleplay, where pet play technically belongs.

BDSM Elements in Pet Play

While pet play is a distinct facet of the broader BDSM spectrum, it does share some essential elements with its erotic counterparts.

Power dynamics are front and center in pet play, just as they are in BDSM. The Owner, often referred to as the Handler or Trainer, assumes a dominant role, while the pet typically adopts a submissive stance. This dynamic adds a profound layer of intimacy and trust between the participants.

BDSM Elements in Pet Play-1

Pet play can incorporate bondage elements. Using collars, leashes, or harnesses can enhance the feeling of being “owned” or “kept” for some pets. However, it’s essential to note that these elements are optional and should be used responsibly, with explicit consent from all parties involved.

It’s all about exploration and pushing boundaries within agreed-upon limits. It’s a space to indulge in fantasies and to express parts of oneself that might otherwise remain hidden.

BDSM Elements in Pet Play-2

Note, however, that the emphasis on pet play tends to lean more towards the playful, nurturing side of things, making it a unique, colorful creature in the BDSM kingdom.

Your Pet Play Roles

In the grand pet play scene, it’s not just about frolicking around on all fours.  There’s a bit more to it — scratch that — there’s a lot more! Let’s start with the most basic: roles.

Owners, Handlers, and Trainers

Here’s the top of the food chain, the alpha, the head honcho. Owners, Handlers, and Trainers take on the dominant role in pet play.  These are the ones guiding the session and setting the (stipulated) rules.

They’re nurturing and protective, providing care and attention to their pets. But don’t be too comfortable — they’re still in control!

Owners, Handlers, and Trainers

Submissive Pets

On the other side of the leash, we have the Pets.  These are the submissive participants who adopt the characteristics of a specific creature.  Pets are expected to follow their Owners; when they don’t, the Owners have the right to “punish” them.

For Pets, it’s an opportunity to let go of their daily pressures and slip into another persona.  To rely on just animal instincts and enjoy the care their Owner provides.

Submissive Pets


You can choose to be the Owner one day and pet the other.  There’s no harm in wanting variety in your pet play experience!  Like a cat chasing its tail, switches can rotate between their roles depending on their mood or their partner’s preference.

Just remember, it’s not about the role you choose; it’s about having a tail-wagging good time while playing safe!  So whether you’re a top dog Handler, a cute little chubby bunny, or an all-around switch, there’s a place for you in the pet play park.


A Walkthrough of Pet Play Varieties 

Let’s dive right into the zoo of pet play possibilities and explore the various forms this hobby takes.  If you’re thinking of being a Pet, here are some you can typify:

Pup Play

First on our list is pup play, and no, we’re not just “barking up the wrong tree” here.  This is a popular variety where participants emulate the behaviors of a man’s best friend.  Fetching toys, wagging tails, the occasional barking — you know, all the doggone fun stuff.

It’s a great way to let loose and be immersed in your playful, loyal, and sometimes mischievous persona. Or you can also be a fierce hunting dog with fangs on full display! You can customize your pet persona any way you want!

Pup Play

Kitten Play

Ah, kitten play is the perfect choice for those seeking to manifest the sultry independence of a feline.  Forget about “herding cats” here you’ll be chasing laser pointers, purring, and doing all sorts of catnaps.

But your Hander better get ready for those claws because kittens can be feisty!

Kitten Play

Bunny Play

In the bunny play, you can let out your inner Bugs Bunny or Thumper.  If you’re after the innocence and playfulness of a bunny, this one’s your match. Hop around, wiggle your nose, and munch on some greens.

But be warned; bunnies multiply fast… in fun and excitement, that is!

Bunny Play

Niche Pet Play

For those who prefer to venture beyond the conventional kennel, we present specialty pet play.  Ever fancied prancing around as a mythical creature like a dragon or the great serpent?  Well, you’re in luck! In specialty pet play, the only limit is your imagination.  Just remember to keep the fantasy fun, safe, and consensual.

Pet play is a vast safari of experiences. In the world of pet play, it’s not just about following your animal instincts but also about having a howling great time!

Niche Pet Play

Mastering Negotiations in the Pet Play Arena 

Mastering negotiations in the pet play arena is no walk in the park.  Or maybe it is, considering we’re talking about this play.  Jokes aside, communication can make or break your pet’s play experience, so let’s hop into it.

Speak Your Mind: You’re embodying a pet, not turning mute. Sure, you might be playing a kitten and prefer to purr, but remember, you’re not a cat! It’s crucial to keep the lines of communication open with your Owner. If you’d rather chase a string than a laser pointer, say it loud and clear. After all, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Speak Your Mind

Establish Boundaries: This isn’t the Wild West, and pet play isn’t a free-for-all. Set the playing field’s boundaries before you let your inner pet loose. Too much scratching? Not into the idea of munching on greens? Lay these cards on the table front to avoid any unpleasant surprises down the bunny hole.

Safe Word Is Key: Every game needs an “undo” button, and that’s where safe words come in. This is not just your backdoor out of any situation that doesn’t sit well with you, but also a sign of trust between you and your Owner. So pick a safe word that’s easy to remember (and pronounce) — like “Apples” and not something like “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

Safe Word Is Key

Check-In Regularly: Make a habit of having heart-to-heart chats about your pet’s play experiences. (Yes, even if you’re a dragon!) It’s not rocket science, but it can be the critical difference between a good playtime and a great one!

The key to a tail-wagging time in pet play is a good old chit-chat. So, don’t zip it — let the cat have your tongue!

Wrapping Up

Pet Play Wrapping Up

So, you’ve dipped your toes into the wacky world of pet play! Remember, it isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. Ease into it like a cat stretching on a sunny sill, not like a dog chasing its tail. It’s about fun, not winning the Westminster Dog Show.

Keep the chit-chat flowing boundaries clear, and always have your trusty, safe word at the tip of your tongue. And most importantly, whether you’re channeling a bunny or a T-Rex, always let your pet flag fly high!  In this game, there’s no room for caged birds. So go ahead, unleash your inner beast, and be happy playing!