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Lost in the Kinky Jungle? Unleash Your Inner Pet with Pet Play BDSM! What would you do if you stumble upon a wild jungle of kinks? Will you choose what you’re familiar with or try something else?


Ever thought of pet play? Many curious souls like you are eager to unlock the door to pleasure. But they also find themselves trapped behind a fence of uncertainty. Fret no more. We have the fitting key to set you free!

Join us on a thrilling roundabout through pet play and everything about it. Get ready to explore and learn. You’ll positively enjoy this kink-tastic ride!

What Is Pet Play?

petplay-what is petplay

In a nutshell, pet play is a unique form of role-playing. It’s where consenting adults channel their inner (pet) animals and scout different personas. Here’s a rundown of what pet play is all about:

Animal Personas Galore

petplay-Animal Personas Galore

Woof! Meow! Roar! Pet play lets you pick from a zoo of animal personas. From playful puppies and feisty felines to majestic horses and cunning foxes, the possibilities are as vast as the Savannah itself!

Embracing the Animal Within

petplay-Embracing the Animal Within

At its core, pet play is all about welcoming the wild and untamed aspects of ourselves. It’s a chance to break free from societal norms and let your instincts guide you.

Safe, Sane, and Consensual

Pet play is about cultivating trust, consent, and open communication between you and your play partner

Pet play is about cultivating trust, consent, and open communication between you and your play partner. It’s essential to set boundaries, agree on safe words, and ensure everyone feels comfortable and cared for.

Pet Play ≠ Beastiality

Let’s get one thing straight – a resounding NO to beastiality! Pet play involves human beings exploring role-play as animals. It’s entirely different from any harmful or illegal activities.

From Soft Paws to Claws Out

The beauty of pet play lies in its versatility. Some enjoy the gentle, affectionate side, like playful pets yearning for cuddles. Others unleash their wild side with fierce and dominant personas. 

No Right Way to Pet Play

Here’s a secret – the secret to pet play is that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach! Every individual’s journey is unique. You get to decide how to explore your desires and fantasies best.

Why Pet Play?

So, why do people choose pet play? 

To Explore S and M

The most obvious reason stems from the sadomasochism mindset. In particular, masochists enjoy the dependency pet play offers. They also relish the humiliation and pain that comes with it. For doms or sadists, pet play is a way to dehumanize subs.

In pet play, pets can’t do human things, like talk or eat at the dining table. Doms can use pet play as a punishment or another way to elevate pleasure.

To Connect Within

Pet play participants may naturally connect to a pet’s attribute and, thus, want to embody it. For example, a human who has pup-like qualities will love to be cuddled, praised, or petted all the time. This liberation lets them unlock their inner psyche and understand themselves better.

To Display Vulnerability

Some enthusiasts of the play just want to be vulnerable without any repercussions. They see it as an escape from the real world, where they can let go of any ambitions or societal pressures.

Pet Play and BDSM

Like peanut butter and jelly, pet play and BDSM make an excellent combo. Doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a veteran; this play is surely something you can handle! Why?

To start, power exchange is the focal point of pet play. It demands a Dominant/Submissive dynamic. One partner willingly gives up control while another guides and disciplines.

Pet play can also intertwine with other BDSM kinks, such as impact, restraint, and sensory play. Like BDSM, pet play also highlights sub-training and is bound by respect and trust between partners. Contracts are also common between participants. Remember that not all activities inside pey play are sexual. 

Pet Play and Pet Space

One door you should try to enter when doing pet play is the pet space. Like the BDSM subspace, pet space is the ultimate escape. Imagine your endorphins reaching the max levels – like an orgasm so intense you forget who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing all at once.

Pets vs. Subs

Before we delve deeper into the realm of pet play, here’s one thing to understand: Subs and Pets aren’t the same. For one, submissives are humans; pets love not to be humans. They want to play fetch, go on walks while on tight leashes, and eat out of dog bowls.

Not all subs want to be pets. Think about it — subs can wear pet costumes and still do human things. They can dance or run after their dom on two legs. Pets can’t. They are mimicking animals. If subs can sing you a love song while strumming a guitar, a puppet can just bark at you lovingly. 

Lastly, not all subs want to be trained. Pets need to be trained. This is so they can accommodate their hander or owner’s lifestyle and do the things they are expected to do.

Pet Play Roles

There are many roles within pet play, but the main ones are handlers, trainers, and pets. Although participants don’t need to label their roles, what they do bolsters their parts. This can be through training and other activities.

Handlers or Owners

Doms in pet play often take the role of handlers or owners. They discipline and guide the pets to point out what they are doing right or wrong. They give rewards and punishments. It’s akin to a Master/Slave relationship. They are responsible for their pets and give them the love and care they deserve. 


Trainers can also be the owner of a pet. But they can also be just that – trainers. Like their label, they instruct or train the pets so the pets can do their owner’s specific bidding. They are crucial for pet play’s structure.

Through them, the pets can differentiate good from bad behaviors. Imagine training a house pet so they don’t pee on your expensive sofa or carpeted floor. 


Pets are pets. Think of your favorite dog or kitten. What do they do? They act cute, alleviate your stress, and wait for you to come home from work. In pet play, your pet can do all that and more. But take note that a pet can be an alpha pet, a submissive pet, etc. 

· Alpha pets are assertive pets. They can show new pets the ropes and are often the head of the pack. Don’t get it wrong, though; they are not bullies; they are leaders. 

· Young pets are excited – very excited. They are usually too much for their trainers or owners to handle. They are fun, playful, and need lots of supervision. 

· Old pets tend to be calm and well-behaved. They can still play tricks but don’t expect them to be jumping up and down when you mention walks. They might also have call-of-nature accidents.

Types of Pet Play

There’s a menagerie of pet personas to choose from. Pet play comes in a variety of flavors, each with its unique charm and allure. 

Pup Play

This woof-tastic adventure will let you unleash your inner canine. Pup play is all about embracing the spirit of loyal and playful puppies. From tail-wagging to fetching toys, pups revel in the joy of receiving belly rubs and barks of approval.

In pup play, you’ll also find a strong sense of community. Pups often form packs, bonding over shared interests. They love going on playful escapades together.

Kitten Play 

If you’re up for graceful moves, kitten play allows you to channel the sensuality and independence of our feline friends. From cute meows to gentle headbutts, kittens captivate their handlers with their wits and elegance.

Kittens adore lounging on their handlers’ laps, basking in the warmth of their affection. After all, there’s no better place for a kitten than in the loving arms of their human.

Pony Play 

Time to giddy up and trot into the realm of pony play. Pony players are the embodiment of glamour and discipline during training. Horses often don bridles, hooves, and even tails to complete the look. Ponyplay enthusiasts also have the opportunity to engage in equestrian activities. The pony world is a playground of equine delights, from dressage to pulling carts.

Bunny Play

Bunny play is for those who adore the cute and fluffy dazzle of rabbits. Bunnies wiggle their noses and hop around, bringing a touch of innocence to the pet play world.

Bunnies have a penchant for crunchy carrots, so bunny play often involves delightful feeding scenes. Bunny pets can showcase their adorable munching habits during these instances.

Mythical Pet Play – Dragon  

For those with a flair for the fantastical, dragon pet play offers a chance to embrace the power and mystery of these mythical creatures. Roar and breathe fire with pride!

Mythical Pet Play – Unicorns

Unicorn pet play lets you prance with enchantment and embody the beauty and magic of these legendary beings. A sprinkle of glitter and a unicorn horn complete the enchanting look.

Beyond Imagination

The world of pet play knows no bounds! Some adventurous souls venture into the realm of mythical creatures beyond dragons and unicorns. Phoenixes, griffins, and more — let your imagination soar!

How to Start Pet Play

Now that you have a strong foundation of what pet play it’s all about, are you ready to get into pet play yourself? To start this adventurous journey, here are some steps to follow:

Find your pet persona.

First and foremost, find out what pet you connect to the most. Please think of the pet’s behaviors and compare them to your personality. What feels the most natural for you? What speaks to your instincts the most?

If you’re already a sub with a partner, you can let your dog choose what pet you’ll be. Switching pet roles is also okay if you don’t identify with a specific pet.

Experiment with costumes and props

Test out the pet animal you decided to be. Examine what role you feel safe in and enjoy the most.

Try donning costumes or buying props and toys to immerse yourself in pet play further. Some things you can consider are:

· Headbands with pet ears or clip-on ears

· Tails that are also anal plugs 

· Animal makeup or masks

· Petsuits

· A cage or pet playpen

Look for a great handler or owner.

When you already find the pet animal and get up you’re most comfortable with, it’s now time to find a suitable dom. You can skip this step if you already have a trusted partner who’s well-versed in this realm.

But if you don’t, you can scour through mediums like trusted social networks to find a knowledgeable partner. Be careful to choose someone who knows how pet play works.

Go through training

Pets need to go through specific training. For this step, your dog will take care of the list of things you should follow. The only thing you need to do is to obey your hander, owner, or trainer’s commands. 

It’s also right to add self-training to your routine. You can study how your chosen animal acts or watch pet play porn to get more ideas on acting while you’re in your animal persona.

Prioritize safety

Of course, the most important is always to be safe. Don’t forget to discuss safe words, boundaries, and other concerns before starting the pet play. 

Pet Play BDSM: A World of Endless Possibilities

In a world of endless possibilities, pet play is a playground of pleasure and self-discovery. We’ve taken you on a journey through the untamed jungle of kink, exploring the different animal personas and the power dynamics that make pet play truly magical. 

Communication and consent are the leashes that keep this adventure safe and satisfying. Happy pet playing!