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Protogen Antro


Protogen Antro2024 just like the years before will always be a good time to express yourself in whatever way seems real enough for you. The strive for inclusivity is the propaganda being pushed. There is no better time to choose to reveal your protogen identity and interests than now. Being a part of the furry community; specifically, a protogen is no new thing. It is commonly known that Furries are individuals who identify with or embody animal or hybrid-human characteristics. Trust us when we say the world will surely cope with the addition of one more member to the community.



What does being a Protogen mean?

Protogen AntroBeing a protogen or identifying as one simply means that you enjoy dressing up as a protogen and that you are an active member of the protogen community. Most furries just cosplay as their chosen characters and wear fursuits to enhance the fun experience.  The furry fandom is full of all kinds of people and the major focus is on promoting three main aspects; creativity, art, and self-expression!

All you have to do to be a protogen or any other furry is choose to be one. It isn’t a delusion, and it’s not an attraction to animals (many misconceptions that exist online would say it is). It is instead a group of people who have a hobby of dressing up in costumes for fun and enjoy creating character designs. A lot of hate seems to be going around for the protogens as they are considered “weird” and “cringe”. But regardless of the baseless hate, there isn’t anything legally or morally wrong with being a protogen.

Understanding the protogen Identity

protogen identityChoosing to be a furry comes with a need to fully understand the character and community you want to be an active part of. Protogens first came to be by the original creator of their predecessor (the Primagen), Malice-Risu(coolkoinu). Primagens weren’t as widely popular because that wasn’t the initial intention so in turn a more open series the Protogen was created, which we have all come to love. Protogens have since then gained popularity among online communities, particularly on platforms like Twitter,  Fur Affinity, and Tiktok.

Protogens are really distinctive characters. Once you can identify them, they become really hard to miss. They are the perfect fusion of organic and mechanical elements. Even though this detail doesn’t apply to life-size fursuit’s it is still important to note. Different variations exist yet the prominent aesthetic is the one depicted with a cyborg-like, futuristic look.

Their body is made up of parts such as LED lights, screens, fur, antennae, and other captivating mechanical features. Another notable feature of protogens is their digitigrade stance. This means they walk on their toes, similar to many animals. This particular posture adds to their overall charm and sets them apart from other anthros.

Challenges and considerations of Being a protogen.

Being a protogenWhile the concept of identifying as Protogen is primarily centred around creativity and other fun factors like role-playing, there are still some challenges that you can potentially face. Not strictly, but in most cases, challenges are faced. And sometimes it’s the kind you wouldn’t expect, like when a loved one stands against you becoming a protogen or even joining the community. Other challenges can include:


Lack of Understanding and Acceptance:

Protogen AntroSince Protogens are very much fictional some people may have a hard time understanding and accepting the whole idea in the first place. This can lead to misunderstandings or dismissive attitudes from them. You have to try to make them understand the concept if you love them enough but never try to force them or anyone else to accept you. That should come naturally.


Social Stigma and Misconceptions:

yes stigma or misconceptions can come from others who are not familiar with the furry community or the concept of the protogen species. This can result in negative judgement as a result of a lack of understanding as stated above.


Being Victims of Online Trolling:

Get ready to be trolled a lot just for choosing to be a protogen. But trolls are last season and much easier to ignore these days but still a heads-up is needed.


Trouble Balancing your Identity with Real-World Activities:

Protogen AntroFor the folks who strongly identify as Protogens, there may be a need to balance fictional identity with real-world activities like jobs, school, or religion. This could involve deciding when and where to wear a fursuit and which online platforms to use. Find a supportive social network that understands and respects creative expression. You’ll be just fine.


Not enough Representation:

The niche has been a thing for years but is still relatively new knowledge for many people. Protogen has limited representation in mainstream media which can make it challenging to find relatable characters or role models.

Coming out strategies

Coming outConsider coming out like you would do it if you were gay. It can be that serious if it’s really important to you. Coming out is a personal decision, and the strategies for doing so can vary depending on different circumstances and the level of comfort you feel. Before coming out, take time to reflect on your own identity as a protogen and fully accept it yourself. This self-assurance will help you communicate your identity more effectively and confidently. Then you move on to choose a safe and supportive environment to come out in. This could be opening up to a close friend, a trusted family member, or an online community of furries where you feel comfortable sharing your identity. The timing for these things can sometimes be crucial. Choose the right moment to have the conversation. Lastly, be open to questions as there will be many. Fingers Crossed you’re not one to get icky when too many questions are asked.

Joining the fandom

Here’s a spoiler for you. Nobody is going to throw you a welcome party when you join the community but of course, that’s not why you’re joining one, or is it? To join the community your best bet would be to start by researching and learning more about available platforms before finally picking one or more to be a part of. Then you move on to engage with the community online. Platforms like Twitter, Fur Affinity, and Discord often have dedicated protogen communities, groups, or hashtags to follow. Follow artists, join discussions, and participate in conversations to connect with fellow enthusiasts and stay up to date with the latest news and artwork. And if you’re an artist consider creating your protogen character or commissioning artwork of a protogen that you like. There is also the option of attending conventions and events and participating in role-play and storytelling segments

Sourcing for protogen gear

Smitizen protogen gearWhen it comes to sourcing protogen gear, there are several avenues you can explore. If you’re financially up for it as these things can be a little pricey you can reach out to fursuit’s makers within the community to create a custom fursuit’s that brings your character to life. You can explore DIY( check out our blog post on how to make a protogen visor here). Online platforms like Etsy, FurBuy, and The Dealers Den feature a wide range of furry merchandise, including protogen-themed items. Explore these marketplaces and search for protogen gear such as art prints, enamel pins, clothing, stickers, and so on. Ensure to make it a habit to check the credibility of sellers and read reviews before making any purchase. You can also source your gear via art commissions, convention art alleys, and social media.

Protogen do’s and don’ts

Protogen Antro 

The DOs

  1. Treat fellow protogen enthusiasts and members of the furry community with kindness

and respect.

  1. Contribute to the existing welcoming and supportive environment.
  2. Show appreciation and support for artists within the protogen fandom.
  3. Take the time to research and learn about the species you identify with.
  4. When participating in online communities, conventions, or events, adhere to their specific rules and guidelines.
  5. If you have artistic or creative talents, feel free to create and share your protogen-related work.


  1. Steer clear of harassing, bullying, or acting maliciously towards other protogen fans or furry community members.
  2. Do not claim or use other artists’ work without permission or proper credit.
  3. Avoid spreading rumours, false information, or stereotypes about protogens or any other members of the furry community.
  4. Refrain from participating in or fueling drama within the protogen fandom or the furry community.
  5. Respect the boundaries, preferences, and comfort levels of others.


It is important to recognize that every coming-out story is unique, and individuals may face different challenges and reactions from those around them. Prioritize personal well-being and safety when deciding to come out as a protogen. Only do so when you feel ready and comfortable, and remember that your journey is valid, regardless of the timeline or the responses you encounter.