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Fursuit Etiquette

Discover what you should and shouldn’t do when fursuiting, plus how to attend conventions in your fursuit. Read this article to learn the proper etiquette.

Your One-Stop Guide in the Fursuit Community


Fursuiting has gained much traction and attention over the past five to ten years. Thus, it has become one of the most popular and well-awaited activities at fur conferences and throughout the furry fandom.

Hence, the annual Anthrocon fursuit conventions are always celebrated mostly by members of the LGBTQ+ and furry communities. Going to these conventions should definitely be included on your bucket list. But before even attending these events, certain etiquettes should be observed.

Read ahead to learn more about fursuiting and some rules and standards that you should observe once you explore this community.

A Look into Fursuiting

The furry community is one of the most active and creative in the world of costuming and cosplay. Furries, also known as “fursuiters,” are persons who like cosplaying as anthropomorphic animal characters, many of which are original creations that combine features of different animals.


Although the creatures may seem like actual animals, many fursuiters draw influence from anthropomorphic animal characters in cartoons and anime. Therefore, the costumes frequently have a bright color palette and a cartoonish style.

Furries often get together at conventions dedicated to the fursuit community, though some may also frequent more mainstream events like comic book or anime conventions. However, most first-timers tend to forget fursuiting etiquette or need to learn it.

The Do’s in Fursuiting

Below are the attitudes and behaviors you should embody to have an enjoyable and safe fur convention experience.

Give Out Genuine Compliments


The fursuiter deserves your praise. A simple “I love your suit,” and genuine curiosity in their outfit (inquiring about the designer, etc.) will brighten anyone’s day.

Consent Is King

consent is king

Be sure to get permission before getting too close. Some fursuiters may have trouble hearing, so it’s essential to communicate both orally and nonverbally (for a hug, this would mean spreading your arms wide).

Just because someone is wearing a fursuit does not mean they want to be hugged or touched. Fursuiters may also choose to wear conspicuous badges expressing their comfort level with physical touch or photography.

Do Basic Respect

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Being respectful should not be too complicated. Wait patiently if you want a fursuiter’s attention while they’re talking to someone else. If you allow them time to wrap up with others before engaging with you, they will be delighted to do so.

Be Extra Gentle Around Fursuiters


Despite the highly cheerful and festive spirits of conventions, try to act as gently as possible when around fursuiters, especially those with heavy and intricate costumes. Some costumes only allow fursuiters to see through the tear ducts, thus severely impairing their eyesight.

If a fursuiter doesn’t respond to your high five or attention, it’s probably because they couldn’t see you.

Give Enough Space to Breathe

Provide room for fursuiters to move about, particularly in confined spaces like elevators. It is customary, for example, to open elevator doors for those wearing fursuits before anybody else. This act of kindness is much appreciated.

The Don’ts in Fursuiting

We’ve gone through the to-do’s; now it’s time to talk about the don’ts. Avoid the following practices and activities so as not to spoil everyone’s experience in fur conventions.


No Sneaking Allowed

Do not sneak up on a furry or “glomp” on them in a bear hug. Always keep the interaction in front of the performer, where they can see it.

Don’t Be Too Clingy

clingy bear

Avoid tugging on any component or accessory of a fursuit. Otherwise, it may be hazardous for both you and the person underneath the suit. For example, a dragon’s wings or a deer’s antlers can be extremely fragile and prone to breaking.

Food Isn’t Allowed


If you are holding anything edible or drinkable, DO NOT approach fursuiters. It only takes one misstep or an unfortunate collision to do serious staining damage to a fursuit, regardless of how careful you are. Also, before touching a fursuiter, wash your hands if you’ve been eating or if your hands are dirty.

Don’t Open Your Flash

When taking a photo, ensure that your flash is turned off. Flash photography shouldn’t be used unless given permission. Fursuiters could be at risk if they experience a severe reaction to sudden, intense light shining in their eyes. Remember, their costume is severely blocking their eyesight.

Don’t Wreck the Convention

Things might go wild, but don’t act too recklessly.


Convention facilities and hotels that often host furry gatherings will not stand for this and may decide to stop hosting them altogether. Simply use the same level of decorum that you would in any public setting; remember that your behavior at a conference reflects on the event’s organizers and the larger community.

Don’t Spread Negativity

It would be best if you did not make fun of or otherwise insult someone else’s fursuit. Bear in mind that many fursuiters, frequently with little to no skill, sewed their costumes. It’s also common sense behavior to always be respectful and keep the bad thoughts to yourself.

The Etiquettes When You’re the Fursuiter


We’ve been discussing the etiquette for guests at fur conventions. Now, we’ll be delving into some etiquette if you’re the one underneath the costume.

Don’t be a Copycat


Don’t adopt someone else’s fursona as your own. It is considered furdentity theft to take someone else’s fursona or simply alter its appearance in any way to make it your own. The most common forms of furdentity theft include using a different set of colors on the same fursona.

Always Keep your Head On

keep head on!

You should never dehead in public or remove your head costume. In cases of emergency or if you feel like passing out from the heat, there are typically headless rooms at furcons equipped with ventilation and cold water.

That’s the only place where you are allowed to get your head off, chill off, and then re-enter the world once you’re good to go. The thrill of a fursuit performance stems from the fact that its wearer gets to live out an elaborate dream. When you randomly remove your head costume, the “fourth wall” is broken, and you are no longer able to pretend to be a furry.

Have a Handler Around


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A handler is highly recommended unless you have extensive fursuiting expertise. Your handler is there to make sure you don’t bump into anything, don’t fall any steps, and don’t have to deal with any unwanted physical contact (such as hugs, kisses, or tugs) from strangers.

Furries Don’t Say Much

In the past, fursuiters seldom spoke while in character. Instead, they rely on hand gestures and occasionally make animal noises or adorable squeaks. Characters like Mickey Mouse, who can really talk, have never spoken to guests in the Disney mascot tradition.


Most fursuit heads also lacked jaw joints, making it unnatural to speak while wearing one. While this is less of an issue these days because of developments in costume design (Grubbs’ jaw moves, for example), it’s still important to stay in character wherever possible.

Maintain Fursuit Aftercare

Carefully maintaining a fursuit’s cleanliness and hygiene is no easy task. Maintaining good hygiene is very important for fursuiters. Regularly clean and disinfect fursuit parts, including the head, paws, and other attachments.

Combining Kink with Furries: Furry Kink

Furry kinks are those who see human qualities in animals. Some people may find these qualities appealing in this situation. In the furry fandom, the term “kink” may mean either a sexual desire or a profound infatuation with anthropomorphism and role-play.


Taking up a fursona or appreciating furry artwork is more than simply a hobby for many people. It’s a way to express oneself, learn more about oneself, and connect with others.

Exploring Furry Kink


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The Wrap Up



The furry subculture is well-known for its welcoming and diverse atmosphere, which honors and celebrates all sorts of uniqueness. It is important to learn the proper behavior and practices when engaging with their community. It is a must to accept and uphold the new reality and mindset established by fursuiters.

Respect cultural differences, don’t use slurs, and don’t do anything that may be seen as promoting prejudice. Take on an attitude of openness and gratitude for the varied people that make up this community.