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There are certain instances when we think about invigorating our manliness. Perhaps you’re a man who’ll be going out to dinner with the hottest date in town. Or you want to emphasize your authority in the workplace to finish significant tasks and achieve impressive feats. Or you want to take on more complex tasks to challenge your capabilities.

Whatever reason one may have, it is essential to also pay attention to improving one’s masculinity. Giving your masculine energy room to flourish can give you a surge of motivation and engagement, not to mention a boost in your libido.


Read this guide to know more about masculinity and how it can help you navigate your life and become the man you always wanted to be. Learn concrete steps on how you can reinforce your masculinity and capitalize on it. Before delving into how to increase your manliness, let’s first discuss what masculinity is all about.

Defining Masculinity: What It Means To Be THE Man

What does masculinity mean? Masculinity, often known as manhood or manliness, refers to characteristics, activities, and responsibilities typically expected from men and boys. Thus, improving your masculinity can make you appear manlier.


Masculinity also separates men from women because it is the counterpart of femininity. Although masculinity is generally associated with men, it is not exclusive to that gender alone. Bisexual women and lesbians can also act masculine as long as they have certain traits and behaviors radiating masculinity.

Traits That Exude Masculinity

● Commanding or Dominant

● Strong and Athletic

● Confident and Assertive

● Self-Directed and Independent

● Dauntless and Bold

● Smart and Innovative

Towards Becoming an Alpha: Practices To Elevate Your Masculinity


Below are eight ways how you can increase your masculinity.

Realize Your Goals and Claim Them

A real man knows what he wants. Unlike femininity which is often fickle and ever-changing, masculinity banks more on rigidity and certainty. Masculinity is stiff and unyielding. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are. A man needs to know his path and continue down it to stay in touch with his manliness.

Sharpen Your Brain and Become Smarter

There’s something seductive and magnetic about intelligent men. Studies revealed that physically attractive women choose wise men as their partners. Manly men are more than simply appealing, muscular brutes; they also possess a high level of intelligence. While “book smart” isn’t required, a lifelong curiosity for knowledge is.

Connected to this is one’s capability to assert oneself while being open-minded to the opinions of others. Interpersonal skills can make you a great conversationalist while improving your masculinity in the intellect department. 

Get as much education as possible; it will help you at work, at home, in decision-making, and, most significantly, living a complete and satisfying life.

Create and Live Out Your Authentic Self

Despite their admiration for others, real men look up to no one except themselves. Do not follow the crowd; instead, strive to stand out. Establish and project a unique style and personality for yourself. The impression you give through your appearance, demeanor, and interactions with others is significant. Make it something people will never forget.

muscle worship

Get Ripped Like a Gym Rat

Almost nothing will bring out your inner man more quickly than a punishing workout full of heavyweights, bodyweight exercises, and other kinds of physically taxing activities in your body. Hardcore exercises can help your body release endorphins, increase testosterone production, and sweat off your worries. 

It benefits your physical well-being, sexual drive, and sense of personal pride. For peak manly vitality, it’s best to concentrate on compound and body weight workouts such as squats, push-ups, pull-ups, and deadlifts.


Dress Yourself Up

Appearances are important. While having a good heart and a bomb personality is advantageous, a manly and sexy appearance is what initially pulls in potential partners and admirers. Carry yourself with pride, get dressed up, and feed your body and soul.


A man who doesn’t care about his appearance, lacks personal hygiene, and behaves like a savage is the most diminutive desirable partner a woman could have. Focus on your needs if you wish to improve to your highest potential. You should stop acting carelessly and start working more like a gentleman if you want to attract high-quality partners.

Here are some ways by which you can groom yourself and improve your appearance.

Growing a beard


Beards have made a massive resurgence in the last decade, and an increasing number of men proudly display them. A bearded man is demonstrated to look more menacing than a clean-shaven man. Many theorists agree that wearing a beard was part of an evolutionary progression to show dominating survival-of-the-fittest features. If you don’t know how to take care of your beard, then check out our previous article.

Shower care and routine


It isn’t enough to look good; you must also smell good. The bare minimum requires you to shower regularly. But if you want to be an irresistible man, consider paying closer attention to your toiletries and shower products. Also, ensure that you can clean and maintain every inch of your skin.

Bulge up with padded underwear


Although we are past the obsession over penis size, having an average-sized wiener can still be quite intimidating. Social norms often see a more prominent bulge symbolizing masculine strength and virility. Padded underwear can boost a man’s sexual allure by creating the illusion of a larger and more impressive penis.

You can view our complete guide here on how to use padded underwear and make your cock appear larger and more enticing.

Add muscle suits to your wardrobe.

A chiseled physique is a good display of strength, discipline, and manliness. But you won’t always get the toned body of your dreams instantly. Good thing there are muscle and body suits that can immediately bring out the sex beast body in you.

Browse the Smitizen’s vast collection and catalog of Latex body and muscle suits. Manufactured from premium-grade materials, these suits can give you enviable abs, broad shoulders, massive biceps, and pecs to drool for. 

You can even check out some of the masks that can heighten the kink of your next sex play. 

Rock the Sheets by Being a Sexual Dynamo

Make yourself a sexual force to be reckoned with. Masculine men have a natural sense of sexual confidence based on how they carry themselves and the sexual encounters they’ve already had. They confidently approach attractive strangers and let their charismatic, outgoing nature lead the way in flirtatious discussions.

Masculine men state their desires yet aren’t obnoxious about them. They know how to have a good time while keeping in mind that the people they are attracted to are still people with feelings and desires of their own.

If you’re a beginner, the first step is to get out more. Don’t be shy around attractive people you meet; if there’s chemistry, you could make friends, and if not, you’ll still improve your conversational skills.


Always Challenge Yourself

It’s okay to feel content but never settle for the kind of man you were yesterday. There is always room for self-improvement and growth, which can only be realized by enjoying healthy competition. 

Go beyond your comfort zone and test the macho abilities you’ve honed—whether in sexual performance, speed dating workouts, or having intelligent discussions. Think about the qualities you have that helped you succeed and those that got in the way of your success. 

Don’t be a jerk if you end up losing, though. Quit moaning and apologizing for your actions. Instead, analyze your defeat to determine where you can improve and put in more work.

DBAA—Don’t Be An Asshole

A man knows he doesn’t have to be rude to assert dominance and authority. Instead, he knows how to treat people well to earn respect and admiration. Always maintain a pleasant demeanor and take pleasure in talking to new individuals.

Share information about what you do and how you got where you are now, but don’t forget to show interest in the other person’s passions and hobbies. 

Final Thoughts—Conclusion

Above all else, strive to be the most admirable man you can be. Even the manliest guys make errors and have to work through tough times. The struggle is not a reason to give up. 

Don’t give up on the idea of the firm, confident man, even if you have trouble achieving it. Keep in mind that macho qualities can be developed. Hard labor, hardship, and sacrifice are necessary to achieve it.