A beard can make a man look distinguished and influential. If you’re a gay man who likes to grow a beard, you need to know how to take care of it and style it in the best way possible. In this blog post, we will discuss the best ways to grow and take care of your beard and some popular styles you can choose!



What is a beard, and why are gay men mad with beards?




A beard is one of the most personal grooming choices a man makes from the onset of his teenage years. A beard is considered a powerful statement of a man’s masculinity. In some circles, a bead symbolizes male masculinity and power, so males with facial hair are perceived to be dominant and leaders. So, what exactly is a beard, and why is it important?



Beard growth is the hair around your neck, lower lip, upper lip, chin, cheeks, and jaw, found in adult males or boys going through puberty. Beards are slowly gaining popularity in the gay community. For a long time, a clean-shaven chin and youthful look were the stereotypical images of gay men. Today, gay men are liberal with facial hair styles, using beards to create favorable impressions. Your beard style and length develop beliefs about who you are. 


What does a beard represent?




Beards are essential because they symbolize the following:


A beard is a symbol of male dominance and masculinity. 

A beard makes you seem more mature, male, aggressive, and muscular. A full beard can make you seem wiser, kind, menacing, and potentially wealthy, qualities that fit the modern-day definition of a masculine man.




You become more attractive with a beard.

A common misconception among gay men who wish to change their facial appearance is that cosmetic surgery is the only option. You can enhance your appearance with a beard style that matches your face shape, a grooming lesson, and a small investment in beard oil. It may become your best feature if you let your facial hair grow naturally and groom it with care.




Gay men with thicker facial hair make better longer-term partners.

Could the reason your relationships don’t work be that you choose partners without thick beard hairs? Nope, I’m not joking! Men with thick facial hair make the best life partners. If you want someone to share your life with, consider choosing one with full facial hair to be on the safe side.




What types of beards are there for gay men?


Your beard creates a solid first impression on the people you meet. Whether you are gay or straight, a beard enhances your facial features, improving your overall attractiveness by drawing attention to your face. First impressions are long-lasting, so you can’t afford to mess up your appearance. Fortunately, there are various beard styles you can use to enhance your look, including:



Verdi beard

You may know Giuseppe Verdi from his famous opera compositions, but did you know there is a beard style inspiration named after him? You can’t go wrong with the Verdi style if you are looking for a beard style that gives you the 19th-century classical look. To get this beard, you must let your hair grow for about four months. You can use beard trimmer scissors to style the beard around and give it a round shape.



Scruffy beard style

If you are looking for a beard style that makes you look like you walked out of GQ, a scruffy type may be ideal. The ragged style is similar to the stubble beard but with a longer beard length. Whether you have a patchy beard or thick hair, a scruffy style may take between two to three weeks to grow.




Short rounded beard

A short rounded beard style is ideal for you if you have a round-shaped face because it enhances your look without bulking up your cheeks. The trick to keeping a classy round-shaped beard is to let your beard hairs grow to a uniform length.




Stubble beard style

A stubble beard style or 5 O’clock beard is one of the most common beards for young adults. You can develop a stubby beard within two to six days, depending on how thick and dark your facial hair is. If you have a chiseled jawline, a stubble beard style is ideal because it accentuates your jawline.



Faded beard style

A faded beard helps you keep the thickness of your facial hairs on the chin, making your face appear slim and elegant.



Hollywoodian beard style

The Hollywoodian beard style aims to make your chin area more prominent by drawing people’s attention away from your cheeks.



Short boxed beard style

This beard style is ideal for someone with an oval face shape. If you want to rock this beard, let your beard grow for around three months, and then use a beard trimmer to shape your sideburns and chin area.




How to grow a beard


When you are ready to start your beard journey, you can use the following tips to grow a healthy beard:



Make your beard even and cleanse your skin.


Before you start growing your beard, ensure that your skin looks healthy and that your hair growth is conducive to the type of beard you want. You can provide your beard is healthy and looks fantastic by:



Shaving your facial hair until your beard evens out.

It may seem unorthodox to shave your facial hair when you want to grow a beard, but this step is necessary, especially when you have a thin, weak beard that won’t look good. Shaving allows you to study how your beard grows to make adjustments where necessary. Once clean-shaven, you can regularly learn about the stubble as it grows to check whether your facial hair grows evenly.




Boost your testosterone levels.

There is a direct correlation between facial hair growth and levels of testosterone. If you don’t have facial hair, you can stimulate hair growth by increasing testosterone levels in your body. You can boost testosterone production by increasing your Vitamin D intake by taking supplements or basking in the sun. Exercises can also help boost your testosterone levels, which help stimulate your hair to grow.




Maintain a healthy skin

While growing a beard is important, ensuring your skin is healthy and looking good is equally important. Maintaining a healthy skin routine enhances your appearance and addresses issues that may prevent your facial hair from growing. Simple tips for taking care of your face include:

  • Wash your face regularly with clean water.
  • Use a moisturizer to keep your hair hydrated.

If you have acne or other infections, visit your doctor or dermatologist to get the proper medication.




Start growing out your beard.


Before you start growing your beard, consider visiting a barber to give you a clean shave to ensure your beard will grow evenly. Let your facial hair grow for around three to four weeks without washing it. Your beard may become itchy as it grows, so consider buying a beard oil to soften the itchiness.




Styling and Shaping Your Beard.


Once you have achieved your beard’s desired length, start shaping it to your desired style. You can trim your beard once or twice a week, depending on the thickness of your facial hair and how fast it grows. If you want a short beard style, use a beard trimmer to keep it in shape every 2-3 days.




How to groom your beard


A beard enhances your appearance as long as you take good care of it. Simple grooming tips that work on all grooming styles include:


Wash your beard

Clean, warm water, soap, and a general or beard shampoo will leave your beard clean and smelling amazing.




Don’t forget to comb your beard.

Get a beard comb to help you layer your beard against your skin. Use your beard comb to brush your facial hair downward, making it look neat and allowing you to measure whether you need a trim.




Use balm or lube to soften beard itchiness.

If you are experiencing itchiness, get a good beard lube to help you reduce the itchiness.




How long does it take to grow a beard?


Depending on how long you want your beard to grow, it can take between two days to over four months. A short beard style takes two to five days to grow, while a long beard takes two to four months.




How to grow a beard fast?


Growing an impressive beard can be frustrating when your facial hair grows slowly. Fortunately, there are steps you take to make your facial hair grow faster, which include:


Change your lifestyle

Eating a balanced diet, drinking lots of water, exercising, and reducing stress can help you grow a healthy beard.



Start taking vitamin supplements

Vitamin supplements help to boost testosterone, which is responsible for facial hair growth.


Wear a face mask

Sometimes because of genetics, lifestyle, or other reasons, you may not be able to grow a healthy, even beard naturally. Does that mean you give up on your dream of having a beard? Certainly not! Luckily, a gem somewhere thought of face masks. From a goatee, chinstrap beard, band hole beard, corporate beards, whiskers, long sideburns, a short stubble to Hollywoodian beards that can rival the likes of Johnny Depp and Hugh Jackman, face masks ensure you have a wide range of beard styles to choose from. With a silicone face mask, you get your dream beard and a perfect disguise to keep your identity hidden when you are out and about living your best life.


Masculine mask




Beards are sexy, and the ability to grow a healthy beard can boost your confidence. By living a healthy lifestyle, taking supplements, and maintaining your skincare routine, you can grow a healthy beard that can enhance your overall appearance.