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Most of the time, society requires us to wear clothing to look appropriate. However, sometimes you like to be in the nude and go all the way by not wearing close. For some people, nudity is a sensitive subject, especially in public. 

A nude body is attractive

Whether you like it or not, a nude body is attractive. Science says that you become more attractive when you are in the nude. However, “perfect nudity” means being visually appealing to people. Beautiful, naked bodies are not only visually pleasing for yourself but also other people. 


On the other hand, others view nudity as an art form because it depicts the natural beauty and reality of the human body. Over the centuries, paintings, sculptures, and other similar artwork of nude people can be seen and are still popular today. 

If you’re someone who likes to be in the nude but is not happy with your body, you are not alone. The good news is that there are many ways for you to create a fake naked body. You can use photo editing apps like Photoshop. Or you might resort to using a piece of clothing that will give you that look of being in the nude. 

If you want to know more about nudity and how to perfect the nude look for comfort and aesthetic purposes, then continue reading. 

What does nude mean?

Nude is not wearing any clothing – not even any type of undergarments. Even before nudes are appreciated for their beauty, most old Renaissance statues show a naked human figure.

Why do people like nude bodies?


So aside from the fact that people like to be nude for aesthetic purposes, there are other reasons why people want to be in the nude.

It turns you on. 

One of the biggest reasons people like to be in the nude is because it sexually arouses them or turns them on, especially if you get to be naked with your partner. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be your significant other. 

Looking at nude pictures of people that you find attractive will always turn you on, and being aroused sexually makes you feel a lot happier and, in turn, more positive in most things. 

Nudity is a work of art. 

You might find this debatable, but to be in the nude is an art form. If you think about it, most painters or sculptors will work on nudes to show off the natural appeal or beauty of the human body. Nudity is a visual art form that is celebrated all over the world. 

Nudity now reflects changes.

Nudity now reflects the changes you can see in social structure, gender roles, and, most significantly, sexuality. You can see how many people now celebrate their body and gender without being ashamed of it. If self-acceptance was hard to do, things have changed for the better. Many people are more accepting of changing gender roles and embracing a cultural attitude that fits the modern world. 

It’s fun and liberating.


Perhaps the most significant benefit of being in the nude is that it is fun and liberating. You were not wearing anything when you were born into this world. That might not make sense, but being in the nude makes you feel free like no other thing. And when you’re free, you can experience more fun and enjoy life more.

Nudity helps you dress better. 

The moment you accept your vulnerability as you go nude, you’d find yourself choosing clothes that complement and accentuate your body more so it’ll look good – if not better. When you do this, you’ll begin to love your curves and everything else in between and enjoy dressing up.

It’s comfortable. 

There are times when pieces of clothing can feel constricting. When you go in the nude, you feel a kind of comfort because you can move freely without any restriction at all.

How to fake a nude body?

Of course, not everyone has the heart to go all the way and be in the nude for the simple reason that their body is not pleasing to look at. You might be just one of those people. The good news is that there are several ways how you can fake having a nude body and achieve that perfect look. 


Of course, photo editing software like Photoshop is one of the easiest ways to fake having a nude body. 

With this tool, you can get anybody you want at random and edit yourself, whatever your preference may be. The only disadvantage to this approach? Your nude body may not look very realistic. Add to that the fact that it might be challenging to meet all the standards you want for your posture and body. 

Printed fake nude tops

These are just torso print tops of a nude body that you can wear, whether male or female – it doesn’t matter. 

But just like Photoshop, this method only expresses an attitude for a bit and creates a visual impact for a short while, which puts you at a disadvantage. At the same time, it’s easier to achieve this look because printed torso tops are available everywhere, including online, so you can order them easily whenever you like. 

Muscle suit


Saving the best for last, you also have the option of going for a muscle suit.

Compared to photo editing software or printed torso tops, muscle suits give you a realistic appearance of being physically naked. Another advantage of muscle suits is that you can wear them just like another item of regular clothing. You can put it on or take it off any time you want – that’s how comfortable muscle suits are. Besides, muscle suits allow you to get the different body shapes and sizes that are right for you. 

Two types of muscle suits

Now there are also two choices of muscle suits that you can wear if you want to go nude. 

First is the bodysuit. With this muscle suit, you can quickly get the perfect body look. Because it’s a full bodysuit, you can go and parade yourself and be proud of all the dips and curves that some people only dream of having. Of course, this is only ideal if you want to go all the way. Smitizen’s bodysuit also comes with a front and anal hole in five realistic colors: black, caucasian, dark, natural, and tan. 


Next is the half-body suit. The half-body suit will give you a perfect-looking upper torso than the bodysuit. Same with the full bodysuit, the half-body suit is available in different colors except for black and has the muscle chest hair option if you want. The best part? It comes with a perfect-looking dildo, just in case you want to feel more confident about yourself or have some fun. 


Whether you want to take some pictures or maybe go out in the nude and feel confident, the full and half-body suits from Smitizen are good choices to get you that perfect body shape with the muscles to boot.


It’s not easy to go nude, especially when you don’t have the confidence for it with a perfect body. But with the right clothing choices, like muscle suits that make you look ripped instantly, you can go nude and experience fun and liberty with your body without any problem.