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Are you curious about rubber doll play? Are you interested in dressing up in latex or other similar clothing? Have you always wondered what it would be like to transform yourself into a lifelike rubber doll? If your answer is yes to all those questions, we’ve got good news: you came to the right place.

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A lot of gay men have a keen curiosity for rubber dolls. For some, becoming a rubber doll is more than a fetish and has become their lifestyle. Whether you’re only curious about rubber doll play or want to boost your experience in the activity, you found a great place to expand your knowledge. In this post, we talk about rubber doll play basics. We’ll also give you tips on how to become a rubber doll expert and how to optimize your rubber doll persona and play.

What Does the Rubber Doll Mean?

A rubber doll is a man or woman who enjoys dressing in rubber bodysuits and doll masks. In this context, we’re talking exclusively about gay men dressing up as rubber dolls. The activity of becoming a rubber doll is called rubber dolling. Rubber dolling is a reasonably novel fetish. It is a subcategory of the latex fetish focused on taking up the appearance of a mannequin or blow-up doll dressed in latex clothes. The most common costume is a full-body catsuit in skin tone, white, or black colors.

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On top of wearing bodysuits that make them look like they have plastic skin, rubber dolls also imitate an exaggerated Barbie-type figure. They have huge breasts, exaggerated hips and thighs, elongated fingernails, tiny waists, and excessive makeup. Others also wear female silicone masks to cover their heads and to match their clothes. Of course, some gay men also enjoy keeping a masculine figure. Some wear latex with silicone bits to enhance their muscles or full-body muscle suits.

Subcategories of Rubber Dolls

Like other subcategories of kink, rubber dolls come in a spectrum. There are four simple categories:

· Submissive dolls. 

These are individuals with an overlapping interest in BDSM. They often take the submissive role in a sadomasochistic relationship. Submissive dolls enjoy being objectified and being at the mercy of the dominant person. They may also have rubber bondage or encasement fetish.

· Sissy dolls. 

A sissy rubber doll is ordinary in the transgender and transvestite community. Others see it as a form of costume play or roleplay, wherein the scenario covers turning into a female doll or “forced femme.”

· Show dolls. 

Dressing up as a show doll is more for exhibition. This subtype of rubber dolling also has many overlaps in the BDSM and transvestite/transgender communities. The show doll strives to look as pretty as possible so their mistresses or doms can show them off.

· Art dolls. 

Individuals with a unique artistic sense may enter the rubber dolling scene for the statement it makes instead of as a fetishistic pleasure. An art doll can dress up and look like a rubber doll but not engage in sex or similar activities.

Why Do Gay Men Like Rubber Dolls?

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Many gay men into rubber dolling agree that the activity is satisfying and fun for them to express themselves. For others with a rubber doll fetish, becoming a rubber doll turns them on and provides sexual gratification. Often, they enjoy scenarios involving another person’s ownership or objectification of them. Other concepts they want are being submissive or the slave in sexual roleplay. As rubber dolls, they can pretend to be sex dolls at the mercy of their masters, doms, or owners. Some fetishists enjoy the idea of turning into a female beauty and living a scenario of being a forced femme.

Some gay men don’t use their rubber doll looks for sexual gratification. They may use it for art expression. Other gay men live a doll’s life. After all, dolls are forever. Sometimes, it is enjoyable for these men to dress up in their rubber doll persona and go shopping or walk on the street.

What Types of Rubber Suits and Masks Are Available?

Thanks to the internet and the quick expansion of fetish in recent years, it’s much easier to search for quality rubber suits and masks today. Below are the different types of rubber suits that you can search for and purchase online.

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Note that you can find costumes for rubber dolling that can create a masculine or feminine appearance. Whether you want to turn into a latex-clad Barbie or Ken doll, you can rest assured that you’ll find many options for both genders.


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Bodysuits are skin-tight suits covering the entire body. They include everything from catsuits to muscle suits. Most bodysuits used in the latex fetish scene are catsuits and close variations. Catsuits are typically made of shiny latex. Some are designed for gay men and come with breasts and wide hips. The spectrum is a muscle bodysuit at the other end of the bodysuit. Our Realistic Muscle Suit consists of high-quality skin-friendly silicone and portrays a chiseled masculine figure. It covers your body from the neck to the ankles and wrists. It also comes in black, perfect for gay men who enjoy looking like they’re wearing super skin-tight latex.

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Upper Bodysuit

If you already have latex pants, all you need next is a sexy top. Most of the tops used in rubber dolling consist of synthetic materials like latex, PVC, vinyl, and other similar fabrics. Some men get latex corsets with built-in silicone boobs to achieve a female figure.

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Do you need to make your torso and arms look bigger for your next BDSM session? Consider getting our Upgraded Upper Body Muscle Suit in black. It will look like you’re wearing skin-tight latex and have become more muscular and more chiseled in an instant.

Silicone Mask

Masks are integral to rubber dolls. They can make a person look more cartoonish or more plastic-like or give them an entirely brand new face. However, some people prefer becoming rubber dolls that still look realistic. This is where silicone masks come in. They have real male features and hair that can change your appearance instantaneously. Consider checking out our silicone male mask collection for gay men who want to become their ideal Ken doll.

Latex Mask

The latex mask is the following type of mask used in the rubber doll scene. This mask can look like a black fetish mask that covers the whole head and face with holes for the eyes and mouth. It can also look like a realistic face with a shiny flesh rubber surface. It can have different shapes, like a dog face or a gas mask.

What Makes Being a Rubber Doll Fun?

Rubber dolling isn’t for everyone, but it can be an excellent experience for the curious. It can be a fun experiment for gay men who enjoy objectifying their bodies. Becoming a rubber doll can also be an ideal alternative scenario for those in the BDSM community and those who prefer being submissive. The change of scenario can give you a different role without changing your submissiveness. You can also practice your dollface acting or character when you roleplay or dress up as a rubber doll. Finally, it’s for gay men who prefer to be silent during sexual intercourse, day or night. After all, sex dolls can’t make noises, so dressing up as one can make you feel less self-conscious about your quietness in bed.

Tips for Rubber Dolling

Being a rubber doll is all about transforming and enjoying yourself. Below are some tips to help new and old rubber dolls learn new tricks to improve their personas. 

Find Your Style

Not all rubber dolls are the same. Some prefer to wear a more aesthetically pleasing silicone face, while others like wearing latex masks with enormous eyes, wild hair, and cartoonish expressions. Some gay men enjoy tight-fitting catsuits that show off their figure, while others love using silicone bodysuits to become buff and more significant. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find the style you enjoy most.


Choose Comfortable and High-Quality Gear

Pick high-quality latex masks, silicone bodysuits, and other garments. Look for items that provide durability and comfort. Covering your body with synthetic materials for hours can be exhausting. However, you can easily forget it if you have comfortable, skin-friendly, and well-fitted items.

Explore and Enjoy

Getting into rubber dolling can be frightening for first-time dolls. Don’t hesitate to take things slow and educate yourself first. Enter safe communities with similar interests and meet with people with open minds. Better yet, look for other rubber dolls who can give you tips and tricks to ease you into it.