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While walking around in your favorite queer bars, it would not be unusual to see a cute puppy held by its handler. The only thing is, the puppy is not a domesticated pet but a person wearing mitts and a leather hood with dog ears. 


Pup play has become popular and widely fascinated over for a reason. It is a very worthwhile and exhilarating experience for those seeking exquisite and exciting kinks in the dynamics of BDSM. This guide will provide everything you need to know before plunging yourself into pup play.

Being a Sex Animal: What is Pup Play

Pup play is an emerging kink where one person assumes the role of a puppy (usually the submissive) or the owner (usually the dominant). Hence, pup play means role-playing as a dog, down on all fours, and barking. It is a subsection of pet play in the kink community.

pup play

It is worthy to note that pup play does not involve real animals, nor is it bestiality. For many, it is an avenue for willing participants to surrender themselves to their primal, animalistic side and enjoy a dog’s simple pleasures.

Because of this, pup play can be a form of group relaxation among participants in a BDSM scenario. It can be an external manifestation of your deepest, unconventional fantasies and an avenue to escape oneself and reality.

Roles in Pup Play: Who’s who?

pup play

Pup play also follows the power dynamics and imbalance within BDSM. There are varying roles participants may partake in when performing pup play. You can be the pups, handlers, companions, and stray within the pup community.

Turning Into A Pup: The Human Pups

pup play

Do you want to be the one to get down on the floor and behave like a puppy? Then you can be among the human pups. They may be on all fours, performing as a puppy through barking, etc. Human pups wear puppy masks and insert butt plugs and paws to play with their master.

Caring for Human Pups: The Handlers

pup play

Handlers may also refer to the pups’ owners and masters. They remain humans who take care of the pups and ensure they’re safe, hydrated, fed, and trained. Handlers may be exclusive to one pup. But commonly, handlers tend to many pups.

Observers and Bystanders: The Companions

pup play

Companions do not do much in a pup play performance. They are participants who sustain their personhood (meaning they do not turn into animals), and can still interact with human puppies, only in the way they would with real puppies.

Uncollared and Unbounded: The Strays

Do you want to be a human puppy open to anyone and everyone? Then you can be among the strays or human puppies who are not collared and do not have a handler.

pup play

Why Some Crave a Good Pup Play: Why Does Pup Play Get Popular?

The purpose of kinks such as pup play is to let participants enjoy unique sexual fantasies and even non-sexual experiences.

Is Pup Play about Praise or Humiliation?

In BDSM, pup play sustains the power imbalance between a dominant (handler) and a submissive (pup). Some people in the community seek a pup-handler dynamic that inspires feelings of humiliation, though this is not the same for all.

Some also prefer a pup-handler dynamic that is built on love and affection. Pups can be affectionate and loving and share themselves with their handlers. Passionate cuddling and praise are also vital components.

Having their dogs look up to them with absolute, unconditional affection and a willingness to please may be just as satisfying for handlers.

Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D., and host of the Sex and Psychology Podcast, explain that “the dog and owner get the same the thing out of pup play as people who engage in other forms of BDSM, including an escape from self-awareness and change in the headspace.”

Pup Play can Help You Relax.

This can be a great avenue to relax and surrender yourself to animalistic tendencies without inhibitions—no real inner monologue. Puppies don’t plan for the future or ruminate on the past, and so for that reason, going into pup space can be a huge stress reliever.

The feral and anonymous aspect of the whole pup play can also help you relax and immerse yourself in the scenario.

Your Perfect Pup: Types of Pups

Human pups also have varying traits and personalities. ‘Breed’ can loosely define a pup’s personality, dynamic, and identity in pet play. Below are some common breeds to choose from.

● Poodle: They are typically viewed as ‘snobby.’ Hence, poodle pups only wear the best and high-quality gear on the market.

● Nuzzle Pups: When a pup rubs itself on its owner, s/he is nuzzling. This is a way for pups to say hello or express affection.

● Playful Pups: These pups infuse extra mischief and fun during pup play. They have incredible energy, which makes the experience all the kinkier.

● Wrestler: They are often associated with big muscular arms, great for rough plays.

● Sheepdog: This breed often refers to human pups who like to play coy and naughty with their handlers.

different types of pet play

Getting into the Pup Headspace: What Do You Need to Start Pup Play

Pup play is not simply performative; it primarily deals with headspace. Being in a pup mentality is necessary, especially if you are a human puppy. Your world is bounded within four feet of the ground within the pup’s headspace. You are reconnected with your primal and playful side.

Pup Gear is a Must

Once you immerse yourself in the pup’s headspace, securing the appropriate gear should be the next step. Premium-quality equipment helps maintain a good headspace and build a fantastic overall pup play.

Hoods and Masks

The mask or hood is one of the most visible equipment you can have. Hoods offer a lovely sensory deprivation effect that can make it easier to get into the appropriate headspace. It may even improve your other senses for certain people.

While crafty persons can make their masks, it is better and more convenient to outsource ones from the market. Many online options are constructed of high-quality materials to help build a strong headspace.

Among the go-to products for hoods is the Smitizen Silicone Puppyman Mask, which is well-known for its superior, realistic-looking puppy mask. The mask is black, with alert dog ears erect and pointed up and outwards. It also features a long snout that pup play community members ultimately love.

pup play

It is highly recommended to pair the mask with Smitizen muscle suits for maximum effect. They come in all black and other features that can spice up your pup’s play.

pup play


There are two fundamental types of tails, each with its variations. Show tails that clip into a harness or belt and do not puncture the body are available. If you’re not into butt stuff, these are what you’d wear to a mosh (meet-up with the local community of puppies).


Paws keep a puppy’s hands bound, preventing them from being used as humans and protecting them during play.

Collars, Leathers, and Harness

A dog’s collar may be the most vital piece of equipment. Wearing a collar helps considerably put a puppy into the appropriate headspace and offers a location to put a leash and a tag.

Collars also establish one’s ownership over a pup and strengthen the overall power dynamics in a BDSM pup play. Simple dog leashes that link to your collar or a full-body harness are both options. If you don’t have breasts, finding a harness that fits your body is much easier, but with the popularity of bondage gear, there is a limitless variety of harnesses!

Knee Pads and Paws

A good pair of kneepads will help keep your pup’s knees from being chewed up and allow for more extended playtime. Paws also help bound pups’ movements, thereby adding greater tension to the pup play.

Some other Actions to Bring Into your Pup Play

● Attend to Gay Leather event. Widen your horizon and meet potential pups/handlers.

● Stay curious and observe how you react to the different elements

● Learn to communicate through body language, woofs, and tail-wagging

● Lick, nuzzle and tackle each other as pups and handlers.


If you are someone who seeks new and eccentric experiences, this is a great time to explore pup play. Get in touch with your animalistic and playful side while turning yourself into a human puppy or taking care of a human pup as a handler.

There are also plenty of people looking at getting started with pup play. Following the actions prescribed in this guide can jumpstart your journey towards this kink. Also, remember that having the right gear and equipment can significantly help.