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Have you always wondered what it would be like to be an animal, whether a cat, dog, cow, or horse? Have you thought about pretending to be the animal you’ve always wondered about? Role-playing is the key if you’ve always had a strange fascination with becoming one of these animals. To be more specific, the role-playing kink you’re interested in is pet play.


Pet-play is a kink that involves role-playing as a dog, cat, cow, pony, or pet/pack owner. It provides an extra layer of understanding and a deep bond between you and your partner that goes beyond words. After all, one’s relationship with their cat or dog can exist without verbal communication. On top of that, it’s a safe and fun first kink for those who are very “vanilla.” Please continue reading below to learn more about pet play, the mindset needed for it, how to get started, and things to consider before embarking on your kink-filled journey.

What Is Pet Play?

Pet play is a kink that falls under the animal play umbrella. It is a type of role-playing that involves the partners taking the roles of pet and owner. The animal that a person can choose to embody or become can vary widely. It doesn’t limit the animals typically associated with sex, like rabbits or kittens. Role-playing as a domesticated or wild animal or owner can arouse many people.


However, the activities involved in pet play don’t always need to be sexual. Sometimes, these activities are as simple as the owner stroking the pet’s head or neck, as anyone would do to their pet. Pet play can also be completely free of sexual activities.

Why Do People Enjoy Pet Play?

Many people joke that pets, specifical cats, are the rulers in the house. Owners provide food, shelter, care, and love to these pets without expecting anything in return from them except loyalty and cuddles. Other people lament how being a pet is bliss because they don’t have human responsibilities or stresses. This is the same reason some people enjoy pet play. They want to be free of human duties, pressures, and expectations.

pet play

Other people are into pet play because it provides a way to express themselves. Pet play is common and widespread in various BDSM circles because it allows people to use bondage gear like a leash, mask, and collar. Leather and spandex are also prevalent garment materials used in BDSM. The humiliation kinks and the idea of being in ownership of another person are also BDSM principles that can lead to an interest in pet play.

What Is Done During Pet Play?

Imagine the activities that you’d often do exclusively with a pet. You train it, feed it, cuddle with it, groom it, play ball with it, and provide a litter box for it. Your pet will also communicate with you nonverbally or through animal sounds. These are the things that people often do. You’re doing it with a person role-playing as a pet instead of an actual pet.

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Pet Play Is Different for Everyone

Your pet play preferences will not be the same as your friends’. If you don’t have a humiliation kink, you may not like being ordered to walk on all fours, eating from a bowl on the floor, or using a litter box. You may prefer to practice pet play before and after sexual activities through cuddling and petting. Or you may like playing with a ball or stick as a cat or dog would. Other people like incorporating their BDSM submissive side into pet play and enjoy the pet training or punishment process.

pet play

Because pet play is different for everyone, you should ensure that the participants know the activities involved and are okay with them.

Types of Pet Play

pet play

Pet play comes in a range of forms, and they often vary depending on the type of animal or pet chosen by the person who plays the pet role. Below are examples of pet play to try for the moment.


Puppies are playful, energetic, and very affectionate. They also have many things to learn globally, so they need a lot of training. Different canine breeds also have a range of personalities and traits. These are the aspects that puppy play revolves around.

pet play

Partners who want to live a pup’s life can learn and explore many things as a human puppy in the puppy headspace. You can look at the world from a different perspective. Other ways include taking walks in nature and alerting your handler of approaching things. You can also undergo the training and obedience process that many other pups go through to become good dogs.


Horses are magnificent, powerful, and strong. It’s no surprise that many people want to emulate being a horse or pony. Ponyplay is less about carrying someone on your back and more about training as a horse. For others, pony play is all about dressage and presentation.


While riding is an everyday activity between a real horse and its rider, it can be detrimental to the back of the person doing the horse role-play. There are carts or carriages designed for pony role-players which they can use to carry or transport their humans.


kitten play

The adorable, curious, playful, and friendly kitten is another famous role popular among pet play fetishists. As a kitten, you can imitate the typical actions that young felines do, like play-biting, pouncing, playing with balls, and mewing. Many kittens enjoy petting and receiving treats, as well. Kitten role-play provides a way for you to be more playful and curious about your surroundings. It’s a great way to see the world differently, like pup play.


Piggy play

Piggy play is a little raunchier and has a vibe closer to BDSM. Many piggy play enthusiasts use a more relaxed Dom/Subprotocol and combine it with the pleasure of extreme kinks. Some of these raunchy kinks may include fisting, piss play or watersports, dirty talk, and scat play. The activities depend on the people participating in the role-play. It can be as messy or vanilla as you need it to be.

How to Get Started with Pet Play?

You are ready to enter the pet play scene. Now, the question is, how do you get started? Here are some steps to take to get into pet play.

Discuss the Limits and Get Consent From the Parties Involved

Sit down with your partner and open the subject of pet play. Let them know that you’re interested in it and want them to consider it. Discuss and review the activities you expect to do. Draw a line on the things that you aren’t comfortable with.

Prepare the Required Props and Clothing and Dress Up

pet play

Gather all the necessary props that you want to incorporate into your pet play scene. Latex or leather clothing is a standard part of their collection. Some people enjoy pet play in nothing but a muzzle and leather underwear, while other community members prefer wearing a full calico-patterned latex bodysuit and hood.

pet play

An excellent item to add to your pet play is a muscle suit. The trained pet and owner could wear it to add some excitement and visual shock. People who wear harnesses over their muscle suits will look enticing to their partners. For some, muscle suits paired with collars are symbolic of the power and trust are given to the owner/dom. A muscle suit also adds visualized authority for the pet owners.

dog mask

Learn Some Tricks and Animal Behaviors

Figure out how you want to emulate animals. Do you prefer walking on two legs or four paws? If you’re going to walk on all fours, read or search for resources to teach you how you could do it safely, specifically if you plan to go for walks. Learning pet behaviors will also help you feel more like you’re embodying the role-playing animal. It includes actions like play-biting, pouncing, wagging the tail, and licking your body.

pet play

Pet owners should learn how to give commands confidently. They should also know how to take care of their pets properly. This includes knowing how to groom, bathe, and feed them. You should also know the right way of talking to your pet, when to give a treat, and read their barks or whinnies.


Pet play is a fun way to explore your more animalistic side, even if you’re role-playing a house pet. It gives you the joy of shedding your responsibilities and stress and caring for handlers. Pet play involves using specific gear and garments, like butt plugs, toys, hoods, tails, and muscle suits.