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Nick-Wilde's-Wild Side-Top-7-Tips-for-Hot-Fury-Sex

Who’s That Attractive Zootopia Fox?

zootopia fox

Oh you mean Nick Wilde? If you catch yourself staring too much at him, don’t worry. Many of us do! He’s one of the most popular furry characters in pop culture.

Yes, even those who don’t hug the furry label find him irresistible!

Still, some may ask, what’s the attraction?

Nick Wilde’s Attraction: Based on Science

Animal characters like Nick Wilde are animated based on actual human body movements and expressions. His face and body language aren’t far off from those you see in any concrete jungle.

And so, even if you’re not a furry, as long as you have a brain, it’s totally normal to find Nick Wilde (and other animated animal characters) charming.

Nick-Wilde's-Wild Side-Top-7-Tips-for-Hot-Fury-Sex-3

Scientifically, your homo sapien brain (or just homo brain might I add) recognizes Nick’s cheeky expressions automatically.

It links it to patterns that make the brain go “Oh, attractive!” What species the attractive creature is comes second.

Nick Wilde’s Attraction: Based on Furry Theory

Outside of the scientific field, Nick Wilde is rather tamed when it comes to furry fantasies.

When people hear the word “furry,” most immediately imagine out-of-control animals that hump and breed anything they see.

The foaming-in-the-mouth for procreation type, you know?

furry theory

Realizing that Nick Wilde, as a furry character, is somehow “normal,” offers mere observers or curious cats a tame view of the furry world.

What I’m trying to say is that Nick Wilde is a good introductory furry.

He’s such a good character that he can even awaken “feelings” for those who might just be on their way to discovering their furry tendencies.

7 Tips to Transform into the Wild Nick Wilde

Whether you’re already into furry sex or are planning to, Nick Wilde is a great guy to test the waters.  How? Let me guide you through these 10 tips:

Tip 1: Nail that Sly Smirk

Nick Wilde’s cheeky grin is this character’s most iconic detail. It’s not easy to copy that foxy smirk.

But when you get that smirk down pat, oh boy — you won’t be needing any milkshake to bring all the boys to the yard!

This “I know something you don’t” smirk makes Nick so dang attractive. With that grin and playful vibe, won’t your heart skip a beat?

But how can you pull off that distinct Nick Wilde smirk?

Nick-Wilde's-Wild Side-Top-7-Tips-for-Hot-Fury-Sex

● Relax your face! Don’t be all tense. Nick’s face is void of any awkwardness or shyness — he’s just full-on confident in what he can do, and he lets you know it too!

● Take a page from Nick — squint a lil. Not too much, just enough so it still looks natural.

● The key part of this smirk? Lifting one eyebrow higher than the other. You’ll have to practice a ton, even take a video of yourself to see just how high.

● Master those half-lidded eyes. These eyes hone in on your target, showing you’re focusing all your attention on him.

● Give a half-smile. Focus on one corner of your mouth and lift it just slightly. The type that’s just enough to tease.

Nick’s smirk is like a magnet, drawing people in with a promise of mischief and excitement. It’s flirty without being too forward, playful without being childish.

Tip 2: Steal Nick’s Look!

Hawaiian shirts and ties? Sounds tacky, yeah? Not on Nick! On this fox, he looks sleek, sharp, and still very approachable.

His style is the right blend of “Heyyy, I’m ready for some fun,” but also “Hello, I’m ready to get down to business.”

Nick-Wilde's-Wild Side-Top-7-Tips-for-Hot-Fury-Sex

● Get that Hawaiian shirt – As I said, Nick’s got this rad green (more like avocado, honestly) Hawaiian shirt with palm leaves. It may look tacky on others, but not on a cocky (deservedly so) red fox.

● Striped, blue and white tie –Uhuh, the one he wears around his neck loosely. The trick is to wear it like you just threw it on. Not too tight, just hanging there. One that makes others think “Yo, that guy looks like he doesn’t care, but dang he looks good!”

● Beige or khaki trousers –This one’s non-negotiable. (Unless you plan to surprise your guy in the bedroom!) Nick’s a fox of Zootopia City, he doesn’t have the freedom Winnie the Pooh has in Hundred Acre Wood! Get a pair that’s well-fitted, but not too tight.

● Brown boots –Nick’s footwear is casual. He needs something he can move fast in case anyone catches him on his grift!

Tip 3: Be in Nick’s Skin

Do I mean “literally”? Kind of, you’re planning to transform into furry Nick, yes?

Since you are, talking about some props that will help you look and feel like a realistic fox is next on my agenda.

I’ll give you some pointers, and feel free to add your own spin to your Nick costume.

Nick-Wilde's furry costume

For instance, try ditching those boots and go for realistic beast paws instead. (Yes, you can literally walk in Nick’s shoes!)

Also, you’ll definitely need some fox ears and a fluffy tail. After all, you’re transforming into a fox.

While the ears can be a normal headband or clip-ons, the tail can also double as a butt plug.

If you want to go all-in, why not make your own red fox fursuit or buy a set?

Tip 4: Be Cool but Attentive

Although Nick Wilde is a chilled-out fox who has that IDC vibe, he’s sharp and always knows what’s up.

When you’re in control, whether you’re the dominant gay or the power-bottom one — you’ll want to channel that same energy.

Nick-Wilde's-Wild Side-Top-7-Tips-for-Hot-Fury-Sex

When the one who leads looks calm and collected, those who follow are at ease. In intimate moments, this is crucial to focus on the pleasure.

Remember, Nick’s charm is in his self-confidence, he always knows what to do. As a dom, you should too, so always be prepared without losing your cool.

Plus, what’s better than a dom who pretends not to give a f*** but actually does, and only about you?

Tip 5: Be Cunning and Sneaky

Go play around with your Zootopia script a bit when doing roleplay — but never throw any boundaries out the window.

Think about sneaking in some surprises that you know will blow your guy’s mind. Are there any toys he likes in particular?

Nick-Wilde's-Wild Side-Top-7-Tips-for-Hot-Fury-Sex

What about wearing a leather harness instead of Nick’s Hawaiian shirt? When you catch him off-guard, his mind will reel from the whiplash of excitement.

When you’re smooth like Nick, it keeps the energy high and the anticipation zizzing.

It’s all about keeping your man guessing, in the best, most delicious way possible. He thinks he knows what’s coming next, but you’ll prove him wrong!

Again, remember — nothing too crazy or out of bounds. You want him thrilled, not traumatized!

Tip 6: Stalk Your Prey

Foxes, though they may be smaller, are still predators. So, it’s only fitting that your man becomes your prey when you’re channeling Nick’s as your fursona.

Though you can just pounce on him, don’t you think it’s going to be fun if you stalk your prey before you go in for the kill?

fursona suit

Foreplay doesn’t have to start in the bedroom. Get him all excited before you even hit the sheets! With his thumbs-up for this adventure, you’re free to get sneaky.

Foxes aren’t caught easily, right? They’re also slick hunters. Channel that! Sneak up on him when he least expects it.

Maybe give him a playful “bite” while he’s grabbing a snack or lounging on the couch.

What do you think about blindfolding and tying up your prey after catching him? Not only does it make him tastier when you finally get to eat him.

But he’s also going to be more excited thanks to the anticipation. Through soft BDSM techniques, you’ll become his whole world. He’ll know who’s in command.

Tip 7: Be (Sarcastically) Funny

Nick-Wilde's-Wild Side-Top-7-Tips-for-Hot-Fury-Sex

“In Zootopia, anyone can be anything. And these guys? They be naked.” Yep, Nick said that — among other funny lines he had in the movie.

It’s one of his charms! And you can totally bring that sass into the bedroom. Humor can be a massive turn-on! When done right, it can make everything hotter and more interesting.

Nick Wilde is also the king of sarcasm. The way he’s always quick with a witty remark or a cheeky comment? That’s where the magic lies!

Laughter is an aphrodisiac. Being playful, quirky, and bringing that Nick Wilde sarcasm into your bedroom antics can really turn up the heat.

Plus, it’s a great way to show you’re comfortable and confident with your man. So next time, crack those jokes, be the witty fox, and watch your guy melt into your arms!

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