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Monster masks_ The sexual allure of creature fetish


Monster masks_ The sexual allure of creature fetishMonster masks in sexual scenes can be considered a fetish style that stands as a representation of masculinity and a show of interest in more kinky styles of sex. It is often seen as sexy, cool, alluring and mysterious. Wear a monster mask in the right setting and you’ll be triggering and creating sexual tension you didn’t even know could exist.  It can be considered a style that symbolizes masculinity and toughness. Masking has always been a kink for many gay men. From masked bdsm scenes, to roleplay involving gas masks, latex/leather masks, hoods, and fantasy creature-themed masks. The fun of it all is in the fetish feel of restraint and deprivation. There’s also an undeniably bizarre element to a mask. A monster mask is a big turn-on when worn during sexual scenes. In more intimate settings and adventurous hardcore scenes. It can help create moods and settings you wouldn’t even think possible. We’ll deep dive into the various ways and types of monster masks and why they are so alluring for gay men.



What are monster masks and why are they sexualized?

Monster masks_ The sexual allure of creature fetishMonster masks are simply fetishized headgear typically used in gay bdsm and roleplay scenes. The major idea behind its popularity is the sense of intrigue and mystery it creates. With monster masks, you can be anything quite literally. What it does is it creates a longing for the unknown and adds spice to any sex scene. Masking in the gay community is as old as leather fetish history goes and can be traced to the practice of masquerade parties. From parades to full-blown bdsm practices. Monster masks and roleplay can be fun sexual activities that allow gay men to freely express themselves and their sexual interests. See its origin as a rebellion to preach free expression and sexuality. So now you can find mask designs that exaggerate animal features or fantasy creatures to fit every fetish interest.

Types of monster mask

A monster mask can be sexy and a big turn-on. It could in turn be scary if that’s the theme you and your partner(s) intend to go in. To give off the mysterious stranger or sex god vibe, there can be a whole lot of designs to explore. A monster mask can be used by gay men in different scenes and the most obvious events are creature-themed events. Yes! Creature fetish events can be held outside of the Halloween season. The most common creature types you would expect to see are werewolves, demons, and dragons. On our website, you can find our collection of different types of monster masks available. These designs Monster masks_ The sexual allure of creature fetishallow you to immerse yourself in the world of role-playing and the power dynamics that can come into play when exploring sexual fantasies.


How to use a monster mask; when and where

Monster masks_ The sexual allure of creature fetishIt is a common stereotype that the creature fetish is very much associated with the LGBT+ community and some of the time that stereotype fits just correctly.  Monster masks can be used in sexual roleplay, BDSM scenes, pet play, and many other fetish-related scenes. This could be in more personal and intimate settings or an organized event like a party or a planned link-up. The where, when, and how to use your fetish mask is really up to you and the men you’re involved with. As long as you show up in kinky-appropriate places and settings you should feel confident enough to freely be expressive.

Monster masks and role-play scenes

Monster masks have the power to change the vibe you give off. They have the power to influence how your partner perceives you. When these masks are worn a sense of anonymity is created behind your chosen character. And it can come in handy if you’re low in confidence. Monster masks_ The sexual allure of creature fetishMonster masks can be used during erotic gameplay and BDSM. With heightened sensory stimulation especially with sight, monster masks pair quite well with the submissive role allowing a sub to be controlled and be dependent on his dom’s directions. During roleplay, the dominant partner can dress up his sub as a part of the fun. Common gears that pair up well are straps, harnesses, collars, leashes, and leather/ latex clothing.

Role-play themes you can explore

  • Daddy-son creature fetish play
  • Explore voyeurism as a Dom while your sub role plays in his monster mask
  • Stranger pet play
  • Puppy play

Getting the right monster mask for you Where to buy

The factor that matters the most here is your personal preference. There are various designs to choose from and many materials in which they can be made. From silicone to latex and even leather. All are made for specific purposes and diverse interests. Monster masks can be worn by both a Dom and a submissive partner and sometimes this can be differentiated easily by design.

How to maintain and store your monster mask

Monster masks_ The sexual allure of creature fetishWhen you do have sex with a monster mask on as a top, bottom, Dom, or sub, breathing heavily cannot be avoided. There’ll be a lot of sweating and movement that you’ll not be ordinarily used to except if you’re experienced. Things can even get spicy enough to have other bodily fluids sprayed all over your mask. But if all is done right and enjoyed it will all be worth it. So with all the sweating and contact with skin and body, it’s only proper to clean it as often as it is used. Now that begs the question, how? Without intense usage, a simple swipe cleaning will work. A clean cloth and soapy water swipe will do. But with more intense and prolonged use cleaning the insides and outer part with mild soap will be needed. After cleaning, leave it to air dry and store it in a cool place away from sunlight. Speaking of the nature of the designs we have; we recommend having a special headstand for silicone-based monster masks.


Monster masks_ The sexual allure of creature fetishPlaying dress up has always been a cool thing. And with the influence of more adult gay themes in roleplay things keep getting more and more fun. You can dress up in whatever fantasy creature theme you choose and escape into the world that brings utmost pleasure. Keep in mind that no matter how eager you become with anticipated pleasure you should always seek consent in every situation and practise safe sex. As dominant and submissive partners you can enjoy different perspectives of the creature fetish experience. There’s a role for everyone, whether for innocent fun, roleplay, BDSM sex, or extreme sexual scenes. If you don’t have a clue where to start, getting the right mask is always a good place. Check out our collection of monster masks on Smitizen today.