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If you’re looking for a new style to try, why not go with the men’s bodysuits?

It’s’ not the same one-piece bathing suit that you’ve seen that women have been wearing for years.

What we’re talking about is the new man’s wearable style that has taken the world by storm. Want to look BOTH sexy and stylish? Then the men’s bodysuit is definitely the perfect outfit for you.

Depending on your personality and style of choice, there are many different types of bodysuits that you can choose from. Each bodysuit has a unique style that allows you to show off your body in the best way possible. Believe it or not, no simple clothing can do that for you.

So, if you’re curious and you want to know more, you’re just in luck.

In this blog post, we will discuss the different styles of bodysuits that are available for men. You’d also get the details on how to wear them and look your best in each style of choice.

What is a bodysuit?

A bodysuit looks similar to a one-piece leotard or bathing suit that is usually skintight or formfitting.

Bodysuits can cover your torso or crotch. Other styles sometimes cover the hands, legs, and feet.

Overall, bodysuits function differently depending on how it is cut and designed. The fabric matters, too. There are what you call a full bodysuit, a t-shirt like a bodysuit, and sexier options with a deep v-neck silhouette to show off your body.

But then again, a bodysuit is mainly used to provide comfort and support. The exact reason why this type of clothing piece is usually skintight or formfitting.

What makes bodysuits really sexy is that they hug your curves perfectly – the best way to show off your great body to anybody who’d’ be interested enough to look.

Can Men Wear Bodysuits?


A 100 percent YES!

Bodysuits are not just for women. They’re also perfectly fitted and suitable for men.

In general, wearing a bodysuit gives you a boost in confidence because it helps define your best features.

In short, it helps improve your appearance thanks to the fact that it gives you just the right amount of pressure to compress your torso and flatten your stomach to show it off at the best angle possible.

Given that, women are not the only ones who can benefit from wearing a bodysuit. You can, too, even if you’re a guy!

What are the different styles of men’s bodysuits?

As you’ve read earlier, there are many different types of bodysuits. You can filter them by style, cut, and even the fabric used.

For this part, you’ll learn about the different styles of men’s bodysuits that you can choose from.

Ready? Let’s start with the first one.

Men’s bodysuit shirt

As the name implies, a shirt bodysuit for men is somewhat like a t-shirt – but in bodysuit style. If you’re the kind of guy who likes comfort, convenience, and ease, the t-shirt bodysuit is perfect for you.

Why it’s a smart garment that lets you wear a top AND underwear in just one go, it’s also the perfect choice for added support.

The t-shirt bodysuit will fit you just fine, especially when you have to bend all the time, and you’re wearing those low-fitting and hip-hugging jeans.

Men’s singlet bodysuit

If you’re someone who likes to wear sexy things and has the body to show for it, the men’s singlet bodysuit will be just right for you.

Now, the singlet bodysuit is not for the weak or the shy type. It’s a fashion statement that is not only sexy but bold, strong, and fierce.

It’s the kind of bodysuit you’d wear if you need to do some sexy performance on- or off-stage, and it offers the perfect support for your crotch. Of course, there’s the fact that the singlet has more than enough room to show off your six-pack abs.

Men’s full bodysuit

Surprisingly, the newest trend that has taken the world by storm is NOT men’s bodysuit shirts or the sexy singlet bodysuit.

It’s the men’s full bodysuit. It wraps tightly around the body and makes you feel like you’re isolated while wearing it.

What are the materials of the men’s bodysuits?

Just like any other type of clothing, different bodysuits make use of different materials that are available today, including the following:

  • cotton
  • latex
  • nylon
  • silicone

…to name a few.

Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of these individual materials to help you make up your mind now that we’ve gotten the style choices out of the way.


Traditionally, bodysuits are made of cotton.

As a classic material, cotton offers the ultimate comfort because it’s hypoallergenic, it’s durable, weather-proof, and easily controls moisture. Cotton keeps you dry naturally because it absorbs moisture well, so it’s a good choice if you sweat a bit too much on the side.


If you have no idea how latex feels on the skin, think about stockings, leotards, gloves, and, of course, bodysuits.

Latex fabric is widely used in bodysuits because it makes your body look sexier and smoother, thanks to its natural ability to “wrap” your curves. Compared to traditional bodysuits made of cotton, latex is highly elastic, fits really well, and is very durable.


Almost similar to latex, nylon is another synthetic fabric material that is widely used in bodysuits.

Nylon has high water resistance, which makes it the best material of choice for swimwear. It’s also durable and is exceptionally elastic. What’s more, nylon is resistant to wrinkles and tears, which makes it a stronger and better option than cotton.


Last but not least are the silicone bodysuits.

Apparently, silicone is one of – if not – the best material for bodysuits, especially if you want to look all hard and ripped with muscles. Silicone muscle suits are taking the world by storm because they offer you the chance to get the “perfect” beach body without sweating it out at the gym. You get to wear a full-bodysuit with hyper-realistic muscles that you can look ripped even if you haven’t hit the gym in two years because of the pandemic.

Now that we’re done talking about the different bodysuit styles let’s move on to the different materials used on bodysuits. Just like cotton, premium silicone bodysuits are very comfortable to wear. They’re easy to put on and take off. They’re also highly elastic, very stretchable, and fit your body like a second skin.

How to Wear Bodysuits for Men?

Wearing bodysuits for men may look complex and complicated at first, but not really – if you know how to do it right.

Normal bodysuits have openings or zips, making them very easy to put on and take off, like the full silicone bodysuit, which is accessed through the largest opening in the body (the neck), usually on the neck part.

Almost is the operative word because there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, you need to make sure that you clean your bodysuit first by washing it. Once it’s’ dry, you need to apply baby powder on the inside and outside of the suit. The reason? It would be best if you made the bodysuit slippery enough to slide and fit into your body. Once you’ve done that, use the back of your hand to push apart the neck hole more than its usual size.

Then you can put one of your legs and another on the leg hole and just drag up the suit and adjust its position in your body. When you get the suit at your torso, just adjust the armhole and put it in your arm and the other. You’re almost done at this point.

Afterward, all you have to do is tidy up your bodysuit so it fits your body perfectly, and voila! Now, you have that perfect model body that everyone is working hard to achieve at the gym.


Is a men’s bodysuit something that you can really wear? Of course!

You just have to make sure of the style and the material that you want for your bodysuit for it to be perfect for you.

If you’re going for comfort, cotton bodysuit shirts will be your option. If you want to look sexy, the singlet bodysuit made of nylon or latex would be a good choice. If you want to look ripped without much sweat, then going for the silicone bodysuit is the quickest way to do it.

No matter your choice, there is always a bodysuit that would look perfect on you.