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Masks are conventionally used as a protection measure and sometimes a fashion statement. But for some, it can be an object of sexual desire and fascination. This article provides a comprehensive overview of mask kink while also giving tips on how you can explore this kink in the bedroom.

Defining the Kink: What is a Mask Kink?

mask kink

Masks have been around since time immemorial. But the mystery surrounding the unorthodox attraction of some people towards people wearing masks remains intriguing to many. What is mask kink, and how did it come to be?

Simply put, mask kink refers to this very sexual attraction or desire directed at people who wear face masks. As a kink, those who have a mask kink often prefer having sex while their partners are wearing a mask. Mask fetishists pertain to individuals who have this kind of kink and preference.

mask kink

Mask fetishists feel more sexually aroused when they observe someone wearing or removing a mask. All kinds of masks are acceptable here. The mask must be present for a true mask fetishist, for they consider masks the driving force behind sexual desire.

The Origin of Mask Kink: Where Did Mask Kink Come From?

The roots of mask kink are traced from the early traditions and practices of masquerades. The masquerade balls had their origins in medieval times. They were a part of Europe’s Carnival celebrations: a series of open events held during Shrovetide where devout Christians were encouraged to eat, drink, party, and generally indulge in all the pleasures they were supposed to give up for Lent.

The Origin of Mask Kink

Pageants, parades, and grand balls were all part of the Masquerade, where participants donned elaborate costumes and used masks to express themselves more freely. Many donned masks that purposefully resembled the grotesque, from enlarged noses to exaggerated animal characteristics, because carnival was frequently a period of social turmoil and mayhem.

The Masquerade was the ideal way to throw off one’s chains entirely and, frankly, go fucking bananas if the carnival celebrations were meant to liberate the mind and body from the restrictions of the social norm. Thus, the eccentric attraction toward wearing masks emerged until it became a sexual preference.

The Sex Appeal Underneath Masks: Why are Masks So Sexy?

What is it about masks that turn some people on? For starters, wearing masks has also been linked to fetish and kink communities. Constricting masks like gas masks, full latex face covers, vacuum masks, Hannibal Lecter-style facial restraints, and so on are all about the constricting nature.

Why are Masks So Sexy

Thus, masks resemble the power dynamics and imbalance involved in BDSM plays. Below are other factors that add to the sex appeal of wearing face masks.

Masks can Accentuate Your Best Facial Features.

Masks conceal parts of your face, thereby giving extra emphasis on the features that are still revealed. There are also instances where masks can somehow alter how you look, making you appear sexier in a mysterious and reserved manner.

mask kink

The features on our faces set us apart from one another; thus, taking them away wholly sends your mind into a tailspin.

Masks Can Make Your Voice Sound Erotic

Something like a gas mask has a beautiful evil quality to it and the way it alters not just your appearance but also your speech (we see you, Darth Vader fans, and we respect it). Depending on the quality and material, masks can add layers and reverberations to the wearer’s voice, often making them more arousing and provocative.

Sexual Tension in Anonymity Behind Masks

The combination of sexuality and anonymity appeals to many people. According to some theories, sexual violence is a remnant of man’s evolutionary past and a testament to his fallen nature on opposite ends of the spectrum as a concept free of moral responsibility.

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Masks to Add to Your Kinky Wardrobe: What are Common Types of Masks (Kink)?

Mask fetishists, for example, may like seeing someone wearing a diving mask, a gas mask, or a masquerade mask, among others.

Gas masks


You can wear a gas mask to protect yourself from dangerous airborne chemicals. It removes impurities from the air before they may enter the user’s lungs. However, in BDSM, a gas mask has a very different function.

Slaves are not given gas masks to assist them in breathing but instead to regulate their breathing by putting gas masks on their heads by their masters. Furthermore, they are powerless since they cannot see their dominant partners’ faces. They can’t tell what their dominants will do to them until something pierces or touches their most vulnerable areas.

Full latex face-coverings

BDSM players are enamoured by Latex material’s scent, wet appearance, and glossiness, primarily when used as masks. You can sense its sexuality and mischief as soon as you see it. Moreover, this material is adored for its suppleness, which is why it’s so popular. A latex face mask restricts the submissive’s facial motions because they are too tight to fit comfortably.

mask kink

By mimicking their features, many resemble animals, such as rabbits, cats, puppies, and even wild hounds. Other designs are pure and uncomplicated for individuals who want a more understated appearance.

These all include holes in the mouth area for the user to breathe, allowing for effortless inhalation. Some have full head-to-toe coverage, while others only partially cover the face. When concealing one’s face, there are many ways to go about it.

Vacuum masks

mask kink

Vacuum masks are known for an exhilarating, rubbery sensation! Rubber and breath play fans will enjoy different variants of rubber vacuum masks. Only a tiny hole in the semi-transparent face panel allows for ventilation. A rear zipper makes it easy to put on and remove this high-quality rubber hood, which is bonded together for a more natural fit. It’s both sensual and quite comfortable!

Silicone masks

Silicone is a popular material for creating lifelike and durable masks. Although synthetic, it fits well with the wearer and resembles a second skin. But note that you can only experience such quality if you purchase silicone masks from trusted sex shops such as Smitizen.

Smitizen offers a comprehensive arrangement of silicone masks, including black, female, male, and dog masks. This broad collection is guaranteed to cater to almost every mask kink out there. The silicone used is renowned for its premium-grade quality. Thus, it is ideal for sex gear such as masks and hoods because it is versatile.

In addition to being watertight, sturdy, and long-lasting, silicone is easy to clean. In addition, the material is impervious to virtually all forms of damage. Extreme temperatures, UV radiation, toxins, and many other things do not match it.

Tips and Tricks: Other Considerations When Doing Mask Kink Plays

It’s steamy until your sexual play drags out, and you have the following hindrances that can degrade the quality of your sexual experience. If you wear masks, face sweating, ear pulling, and constant steaminess are part of the deal.

Below are some tips on addressing these concerns and other suggestions to spice up your mask kink.

● Are you concerned that your masks will come loose during the performance? Don’t worry! The zippers provide the locking mechanism on some of these masks on masks.

● Costumes for parties and fairs can be made out of this headgear. All of these, however, are aimed at enhancing the sexual tension between partners during sex acts.

● These masks can be paired with sleeping and body bags, harnesses, and straps. Adding ropes and cuffs will amp up the suspense in your games. Such sex gear can be found in Smitizen as your one-stop sex shop.

Final Thoughts

Mask kink continues to grow in popularity in several sexual and deviant communities. It is almost apparent why, given that it strongly resembles the power dynamics and power play involved in BDSM. It may be an eccentric preference, but mask kink’s mystery and constriction can be undoubtedly hot.

No kink is terrible so long as moderation and boundaries are firmly established. It’s dangerous to experiment with restraints like BDSM masks and hoods, especially for those new to this. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the boundaries of the play. A safeword, also known as a triggering word, should be assigned.

If the submissive player believes the dominating player’s action to be too much, this word or statement should persuade the dominant player to take a breather. It’s a great way to keep your game safe and enjoyable!